2021 June 15 NCSPA Member Spotlight-Sarah Carmichael Red Barn Farm

June Fiber Farm Spotlight- Sarah Carmichael

To be a North Carolina Sheep Producers Association member, you do not have to own a large farm. You can be a member by just having an interest in sheep or if you only own two sheep! Sarah Carmichael is a geochemist and a professor at Appalachian State University. She has traveled from the tops of mountains in the Italian Alps to the Appalachians’ depths. Sarah currently studies how microbes make minerals. She came into sheep by land that she owns in Ashe County. Sarah met Charles Young (an NCSPA board member), who came to shear her sheep and encouraged her to join the NCSPA. Last fall, Sarah attended the 2020 Shearing Workshop to learn how to shear the sheep. This spring, she sheared her own sheep under the guidance of Charles and felt a huge amount of success in being able to shear her sheep and process her own fiber.

Please enjoy this video of her experiences.



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