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Published: July 21, 2022 (4 weeks ago)


Name 1001 Jigsaw Detective
Publisher Administrator
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Sail through open ocean, discover islands and become the leader of a great fleet, or have your enemies defeat you. It’s all up to you!
~ Explore the Uncharted Ocean
~ Customize your ship with dozens of gun models, upgrade weapons and armor
~ Trade with ports, discover them to gain money, resources, crew, allies, goods, and even a name!
~ Fight naval battles in real time and turn the tide of battle.
~ Fight Pirates to earn the respect of the Pirate King.
~ Construct your own battleship, survive those storms and fortify your ports!
~ Customize your character, fight and befriend pirates, allies and enemies!
~ Discover collectibles and new locations to find more
~ Become the Pirate King and lead the crew in epic naval battles!
~ Sail the Uncharted Ocean and discover island kingdoms!
~ Change your original character appearance in-game
Known Issues
Below is the list of known issues. We will try to keep it short, but sometimes it can take time to fix them.

1 – Food in the Cities
– Luego de una actualización, podría haber un problema en la página de ingreso a las ciudades.
2 – Legend Lessons in the Waterfall City
– Después de una actualización, podría haber un problema en las lecciones del legado en la ciudad del viento.
3 – Achievement Unreachable
– En el juego de 2019, una Achievement puede no estar alcanzable.
4 – Who’s Going to Help Me?
– En el juego de 2019, una Achievement puede no estar alcanzable.
5 – I Need a Car
– En el juego de 2019, una Achievement puede no estar alcanzable.
6 – Freezing
– El juego puede tardar en actualizarse o puede tardar en liberarse. Si se puede, intente volver a ejecutar el juego.
7 – Annoying Animals
– Los cazadores animales en el juego pueden ser annoying.
8 – Camera
– La cámara de estar o la cá


1001 Jigsaw Detective Features Key:

  • The latest manic action-rhythm game with a new kind of gameplay
  • Global game with more languages
  • Anomaly Zone – Bear Mask


    ANOMALY SZONE – Berthtle Collection 4

    • Enhanced graphics and gameplay
    • Bolder anime
    • More Life Points and City production

    Fallout Shelter

    • Save the post-apocalyptic world
    • Fallout 4 Trademarks
    • The world is too loud. You need to keep the peace inside your Steel Maze.

    UI Layout Japan

    • Bigger font
    • App Name
    • Keyboard control

    UI Layout China, Hong Kong

    • Large font
    • Chinese version
    • Bigger control buttons

    Change Language



    • Can take advantage of battle
    • Pan.


    • Can take advantage of battle
    • Pan right.




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      The setting of this game is of a world of magic – or rather, the world is magic. Your story will begin once you awake in a strange, unfamiliar place. A tower; and a fresh garland on your head. This is your first day; the beginning of your journey. What will you discover during your journey? Will you have skills? Will you be able to protect yourself and others? Will you find friendship and adventure? You will have to face enemies, puzzles and tests of your magic!

      * I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported and commented on my Kickstarter project. I have been overwhelmed by the response, and I’m glad that I have the possibility to create something that I have been looking for, for so long. I thank you all so very much.

      I hope you’ll enjoy the game when it is released!

      If you have any suggestions and/or questions you can write me using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

      A black nebula filled the night sky, blotting out the stars as the dimmed moon peeked through. The rain pitter-patter of the water drops landed with a splatter sound against the tile of the floor as she stepped inside the door. Cold air brushed her skin as she saw nothing but a dark, empty corridor where her hand fell upon the doorknob. She opened it and stepped inside, shutting the door behind her.

      The house seemed far too big to fit into only one room. It was a high-ceilinged mansion with wide, cream-colored columns that crisscrossed the space above. It seemed to be a natural part of a small mountain, though she wasn’t too sure, as she looked upon the dark, twinkling eyes of the pillars, not letting her gaze fall upon them. It was still early in the night, which made her feel like time had stopped. The yellow glow of the fire torches placed on the floors to light the mansion gave out an eerie glow and turned even her mood into a gloomy one.

      A soft sound from the chair opposite to her made her turn to look at it. Her beloved, Stolick, was in it sitting with his legs folded, hugging himself. He kept staring at the fire in the fireplace. She took a step closer to him and asked, “What happened to you?”

      He looked at her with red eyes. “We were ambushed by those things outside.” He sighed as


      1001 Jigsaw Detective

      Straightforward and casual game “Puzzles Under The Hill” Gameplay – Solve jigsaw puzzles of varying complexity 40 images from the National Gallery of Art Come join the puzzle adventure of Pamela and Sammy.
      Join the Adventure To complete the journey through the forest, you will need to solve puzzles and reach the end.
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      What’s new:

      the Planetary Expeditions: part 2 Development Log

      Hello and welcome back to yet another development log of Blood of Titans the Planetary Expeditions. As you might notice from the beginning, most of the contents we wrote down earlier are less about updates, planning, coding and new concepts, more about day-to-day business and activities here at Planetary Expeditions. No doubt many of you, as well as the dev team, noticed that the log was somewhat empty for some time now. This site is not dead anymore, but only slowly and in a mostly unstructured manner. We have at least a few more paid and important clients, and we have made progress so far, it might even become an interesting read for those who are following our Journey in the months to come.

      The reason for this update is the fact that the biggest chunk of work we did this year, which was half of the total code base, is finally done and ready to be integrated to the build version, but we still need to add a significant amount of content to it, as the game has been in a development hiatus for a month now.

      Formation and Combat Systems

      First and foremost, let me say that the technology applied to this project is something we had never worked on before. And by the way, that’s how it usually starts, isn’t it? Anyway, we’ve done it now, and as you might also possibly notice, this is not even the first time the formation and combat is being developed.

      The main message I want to bring to the table is simply that working on these and any further technical aspects of the game when there are less than 3 months until release are just painful and will be time consuming so bear in mind it might get there quicker or slower, depending on your circumstances.

      If you are about the latter, our initial estimates for this quarter are something like 70% items/content/technical content and 30% management and back-office operations. It’s quite the impression because we think that will be low at the end of the day, but it will definitely get your attention.

      Anyway, at a later stage, such estimations are more then obvious to the management, that’s how it works: you take a small snapshot of the development and then expand the total amount required because your mind starts to add tasks, thanks to good and bad experience and your gut impulse.

      Player’s Home and Character


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      Following on the success of the award-winning “The Wicker Man”, the cult film noir atmosphere of classic 1940’s mysteries makes its return to games!
      A mansion on a remote country estate is home to a group of mysterious artifacts. Together, they hold the key to an ancient Egyptian curse, that has plagued the house for centuries. As the game begins, everything is peaceful, and the local villagers have begun to mysteriously vanish. When the body of one of these villagers is discovered, the disturbed body has been hideously mutilated. Someone was brutally murdered, and darkness is everywhere!
      Collect matches to shed light on the horrors that lie before you.

      A very great asset for this classic 2D-scroller, specially at its price range. Lots of weapons, collectibles and pickups for your survival, high variety of enemies, challenging levels and a final boss. On the other hand, even with the community and website, this game has little support on fan sites and forums.

      Antichamber is a fairly buggy 2D-scrolling game, with a focus on exploration, puzzles, and horrifying horror. The game was designed to be a total conversion of the original Descent engine, a now 10 year old engine. The emphasis here is on exploration, and there are a lot of puzzles to solve. I think the gameplay is pretty solid though, once you get into the groove.

      At times it feels like you are playing Myst in black & white, but with a horror twist. Where Myst has a relaxed pace, Antichamber is a much faster and more aggressive game, with a few puzzles thrown in to slow you down. If you are a fan of pixel-art and classic horror, this should be on your play-list. Check it out.

      2) Earthbound

      Eugene (Mario) becomes trapped in an alternate reality after an experiment with a time machine leaves him in the middle of a time paradox. With a friend by his side and a nuclear war looming, he must learn the lessons of Dr. Mario from the 50’s and take down the alternate version of the Mushroom Kids in his time to get back home. This is a very good FPS, and one of the best games of all time.

      Earthbound is an FPS that perfectly showcases the classic 80’s console look. There are very few games that hit this look as well as the 80’s / Nintendo Classics era. The game story can be a little long winded sometimes, but it’s


      How To Install and Crack 1001 Jigsaw Detective:

      • Unzip Game Using 7-Zip
      • Read Guide
      • TribeXR – Desert Lounge Environment Crack


      System Requirements For 1001 Jigsaw Detective:

      OS: Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
      Processor: Intel Core i5-3550
      Memory: 8 GB RAM
      Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560 (GeForce 610) / AMD HD 7970 (Radeon HD 7850)
      Processor: Intel Core i5-4570