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Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

(2011) Savarkhed Ek Gaon Full Marathi Movie |TOP|


(2011) Savarkhed Ek Gaon Full Marathi Movie

in a rare move, shah rukh had his full name and signature put on the print of the first movie, which was distributed in more than 700 screens on friday. the actor says that he would like to launch new movies by the end of this year and will start doing that “one by one”.

the duo also composed music for anurag kashyap’s critically acclaimed marathi movie ganesh chaturthi, which won the ‘best marathi film’ award at the 64th national film awards and the 2016 zee cine awards.

the music of ajay-atul has been ranked the best selling album of the year. it has sold over 4 million albums and has been declared the highest selling marathi album of 2014, according to official data released by the music retailer cd hungama.

the music of ajay-atul has been ranked the highest selling album of the year. it has sold over 4 million albums and has been declared the highest selling marathi album of 2014, according to official data released by the music retailer cd hungama.

i just want to see if the film has a good content, said the studio head of big bang. i just want to check if the story is different. this does not mean that we wont come up with a film that can be made in marathi. we will make a film that is relevant to our audiences. we want to make a film that is not just for one language, but for everyone. the film is supposed to be a racy drama. i have not seen the film yet, but it has got me excited. i want to watch it. i am going to meet ajay gogavale first, when he is free. i have heard that he is a really nice man. he is a nice person, i can vouch for that. i have also heard that he is good to his staff. i have had good experience in the past with him. we have to work out which actor is going to play the lead role. there are many actors in the fray. i have had a discussion with him on the matter, he is on board. so, we are working on it.

Singer Lata Mangeshkar says she is elated at the prospects of her first Marathi film, Lokkatha () underlined by the family link. Lata Mangeshkar, whose Maharashtra Film Development Corporation (MFDC) is producing the film, is elated at the prospect of the first Marathi film in which she will be playing a pivotal role. Lata Mangeshkar s father, late Mangeshkar, produced Bollywood films for years and she is also in Mumbai to look at other projects and explore avenues for the right kind of exposure. She is excited at the prospect of contributing to the Maharashtra film industry with Lokkatha, which is based on Girish Joshi s play of the same name.
Of course, there are people with a different opinion. Some Marathi film-makers also think it is a shame for popular star Ajay to choose a Marathi film. The famous lyricist Govindrao Tembe has said this. I support Ajay s choice, said Kulkarni, also director of Jaundya Na Balasaheb. He is trying to promote Marathi cinema and have Marathi played out with Punjabi. “This is the first step, he is giving a start, I m fine with that. We just need such people to be encouraged and to be supported. Many years ago, the first Marathi film was Jai Savriya directed by Muktakant Marathe. So, Ajay is not the first person to give start. However, I m happy that the way he s promoting, I think, people should also encourage him because today, we have these stalls from many parts of the country giving subsidy or releasing a film here or there as well,” said Kulkarni.
“Ajay and Lata worked on the film more than a year. Ajay said the movie is about the relationship of a mother and a daughter. He is excited about the way Lata has handled the role. But he is not comfortable about some of the other films which portray the concept of simple motherhood, he said.” We did not consider it easy, he said. We changed the script accordingly and we got a feel of the expectations from the market as well. It is the story of a mother and her daughter and how the mother protects her daughter, so the film is about a love story. The actors have done the characters extremely well, and we could see this kind of a love between their characters.”