by kaitmar
Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Aayirathil Oruvan 2010 Hd Full Movie Uncut Version 57 Fixed


Aayirathil Oruvan 2010 Hd Full Movie Uncut Version 57

In an ideal world, we would have all these three films coexisting in an ideal universe, in which each gives one dimension to the other. But thats not how the world is. Movies do not fufill the reading of books, and though we have seen more movies that employ throwaway lines than you have fingers, we cannot allow the language of film to become so indebted to its source (get this, the source) that its often subsumed by its momentary aspiration. Take the abundant references to the language of cinema as established by Citizen Kane and Barry Lyndon. In AO, there were times when the movements were so awkwardly banked that they could only serve as a distraction, and couldnt add anything to the characters or the story. Were clearly not meant to be there: they existed only for the sake of spending 1 1/2 hours in a (beautiful) movie.

There is no risk-reward mechanism here, there is no sense of danger, not even the reassurance that all the ordinary dangers along the way are validated. When the heros are being threatened, we see that nothing serious is going to happen. When the heroes (and its implied female equivalent) are trying to escape danger (or death), they simply make a very short jump, like the jump in Planes, or Star Wars, and land safely. Aayirathil Oruvan is the most recent in a line of films that, with the exception of Raam, have tried to come up with the formula for the coming of the coming of the third millennium: that is, having the character overcome all obstacles with the skill of a superhero, but without the superpowers of a superhero. What a crock: theres nothing here to satisfy the stomachs of nerds even if they are nerds who dont read books. Now it is tauntingly close to being a super-hero movie, with the exception that the hero is merely in the fringes of the super-hero universe, not even inhabiting the edges.

Aayirathil Oruvan is a masterpiece. Its hilarious, its thought provoking and its a celebration of good cinema. I dont think any of its flaws are really that bad and I dont think its a movie that can be labelled as being low on entertainment or having heart. Maybe it doesnt have any of those, but then it doesnt have any of its faults either. Sure, there are loose ends, as you note, the least of which, the actual fact that the movie has an ending. But its really a problem with a movie that isnt yet finished, so its really not a problem. To top it all off, its a timeless comedy, a timeless satire, and a timeless sign that we are special creatures indeed. Its one of the rare films in the last twenty years that is an absolute gem, a film that deserves to be on the shelf to be studied and learnt from by future generations. Its beautifully crafted, well directed, and the storyline is pure joy. An instant classic.
I was struck by the echoes of National Lampoons Animal House theme songs in Aayirathil Oruvan. I guess its the zaniest premise (if you can put an elephant in a movie about elephants) that comes to mind when thinking of movies from the pre-Hollywood era like Aayirathil Oruvan. How could you not think of it as a modern day Caddyshack? With the vast array of popular flicks that have since been made based on the same premise, I had to wonder if Aayirathil Oruvan will be remembered as the Caddyshack of its genre. The theory goes that based on the amount of screen time he gets in a film, he should get the critical acclaim of a classic film. Aayirathil Oruvan gets that. Caddyshack did not. But I doubt people would give it the same acclaim today. After all, the marketing strategies have probably changed.