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AngularJS watch

I’m a bit confused here.
I have the following code:
$scope.$watch(‘user’, function (user, oldUser) {
if (user!== oldUser) {
$scope.userid =;
$scope.user = user;
}, true);

I am watching for a user changing, and if a change is made, do something.
Now, since the user is an object, when a change occurs, $scope.userid and $scope.user are not changing at all.
Is there a way to make them change?


You may go with the function approach:
$scope.$watch(‘user’, function (user, oldUser) {
if (user!== oldUser) {
$scope.userid =;
$scope.user = user;

The first parameter is a function which is called when a change occurs. The second parameter is the old value.

Story highlights Victor Bennett: Dozens of people in West Virginia died in similar storms

Governor says cause of most deaths is not clear

Bennett: Political leaders have portrayed disaster victims as pawns

Bennett: Farmers risk death every year to protect their crops

Over the weekend, on CNN, the state’s Democratic governor gave an arguably misleading interview on his state’s recent deadly flooding. Those three words, I’d never heard them before. “Undetermined.”

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s response to a question whether the flooding deaths might have been prevented was a curious one.

“Oh, no question about that,” he said