by alavay
Published: November 21, 2022 (1 week ago)



Advanced SystemCare Pro Turkce Kat L Ms Z

An introduction of the previous sentence, not because I’m paid to write this review, but because I hope that you’d fall in love with Advanced System Care too. It has improved my PC’s performance so much since I first started using it.

Advanced SystemCare has a powerful optimization wizard that will let you to clean your system more thoroughly than ever before. Even if you use an advanced cleaning solution such as CCleaner, there will be more junk files than it can handle. System optimization is a necessity. Only the most powerful and most sophisticated cleaners have been programmed to clean all of the digital files and files that you may have on your computer.

Copy and paste suddenly stopped working last night on all applications including Notepad, Firefox, Word and command prompt. The laptop was not used for rdp sessions. Advanced SystemCare was not installed. There was no IE browser open. Avast reported no virus. No windows updates were recently applied.

I have been using Advanced System Care 7.3 for quite a while but lately I have faced serious problems.I have taken my system to the Computer Repair Shop and he has cleared out all temp files and reset all settings to factory defaults but when I tried to install ASC again I was getting the following message: “*TSS Service The requested service is not installed on your computer”. I fixed the problem by reinstalling ASC. But later the problem reappeared and I have tried some online fixes but it did not solve the problem. When I tried it again, I got this message again that “*TSS Service The requested service is not installed on your computer”…I have no clue now what to do.

I have used so many different programs to clean up my PC and Advanced SystemCare is one of the best! After cleaning my computer out I’ve gotten about a 20% increase in speed and responsiveness. I recommend this product to anybody looking to clean up and maintain their PC. I will be ordering Advanced SystemCare in the future and I will keep coming back for more!
Advanced System Care is a powerful PC maintenance tool that allows you to optimize and improve performance. Use the System Care feature to clean up junk files, invalid registry entries, and hidden processes on your PC. Boost your hard drive health, repair software registry issues, or remove unwanted startup programs. Scan your hard drive for bad sectors and find out if there is a spyware infection. Advanced SystemCare has tools to optimize your PC for running your programs, manage memory, enhance system performance, backup your files, and protect your privacy.
One of the most notable advantages is that it’s clean and simple. All you need to do is select a particular process to clean and the Advanced SystemCare will do the rest. There are many processes to clean, ranging from the simplest like cookies and temporary files to the advanced like memory leaks, invalid registry entries, and even monitoring your CPU usage. In addition to the cleaning and optimization features, Advanced SystemCare also comes with a number of helpful tools, such as System Health Report, Startup Manager, System Information, Startup Repair, Disk Defragmenter, Scheduled Tasks Manager and Privacy Protector. With more than 400 FREE applications included and a large library of free add-on utilities, you won’t be able to find anything more useful than Advanced SystemCare.