by eraayle
Published: November 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

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Akane Download For Windows

Akane then called Kotar and ask where he was. He was at his apartment with his roommate. He told her to call him when she is done with class. After class, she then called him again and told him she was waiting for his roommate to go home so she will call him. He agreed and he call her and he told him to go home. He told her he will be home soon. Akane and Kotar then both called a cab and they head to Kotar’s place. They both wait for the cab and when the cab arrived, they got in. Akane was on Kotar’s lap and she was on his arm. Kotar was happy he was with her. They both went straight to his place and when they were back to his room, he told her to change first. They both then change and then they went outside for some fresh air. After awhile, they sat on the bed. Kotar then ask if she was hungry then she told him yes. Kotar then ask her if he could go to get some food for them and she nodded. He then went to get food. When he came back, he was in a white t-shirt. Kotar then did something he never done before but he bought some chocolate. After that, he came in and gave Akane one. They both take one and eat them. Akane then ask Kotar if she is tired and he said yes. Kotar then said he will take her home. Akane nodded and she went to her room. After awhile, the he send a text message to her. Akane then got a phone call and she was surprise since she was at home. She was about to call him back but he was still in a phone call.

When the students are done, Hira starts to call for the fourth-years. Akane go inside with Hira and they both instruct the room. Hira then ask Akane if she want to plan the parade. She answered yes and watch the parade while sipping her tea.

i cannot wait to try out akane in the full game. the volume of graphics was a surprise, even though i sort of expected it. the quality of the graphics are beautiful! i can already see a great in game. i just have one thing to say: i think you should have at least an illustration for the early chapters to give a more realistic impression of the game; because as far as i can see at this moment (and by that i mean after i started to play the demo) it’s not at all scary. if you want you can add a few portraits from the game and a few of the soundtracks.but seriously i think you should have a new set of wallpapers or something for the early chapters, because apart from the music it’s a bit scary at first. it’s like when i was first playing the demo and i felt a little scared. but then i just got used to it and started playing the demo. plus you could tell more quickly what was happening (new characters, new items, new things) and i think that was a big part in getting me to understand what was going on. but if you want to leave it this way, do it anyway. i’m just going to say that this early section is very calm and like i said a bit scary. but as i said, it’s because i was at first playing the demo, not the full game. i’ll surely wait for the full version anyways, but i think it would be a nice change.
have been thinking about this really. this version of akane in the full game will have an english voice.. i don’t know if i like the idea but it’s something that will be delivered.if the english voice is not on time, i’m going to have another voice dub done, but it means that i will have to wait for the full game (maybe i’ll get it in may). it won’t be the english voice, i’m not sure yet. but i’m working on it, it will be a fun one.