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Name Artifacting
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Jump and bounce through 9 unique worlds in 5 exciting levels and try to make it to the finish line while dodging and jumping over traps.
Stunning graphics and a unique jumping mechanics
9 different worlds with 5 different levels
Countless traps and difficult jumps
All-new secrets and achievements
Unlocked after every world!
Crazy hard sometimes rage-inducing 3d first-person platformer!
Fast-paced parkour action
9 unique worlds with 5 levels each
Countless traps and difficult jumps
Hidden paths and secret achievements
The feeling of smooth and fast speed while bouncing through levels
Awesome soundtrack
Speedrun potential
Also Features:
The chance to share your score on facebook, twitter and by email!

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Artifacting Features Key:

  • Scene-Complete game
  • Plays great on both PC and Consoles
  • Can be played through as a single player or multi-player
  • Includes Steam Achievements and cloud save


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Pixel Pools: Ultimate is a puzzle game, based on set-piece puzzle patterns, with a relaxing visual atmosphere. It is inspired by the highest standards of jigsaw puzzle graphics, complemented by innovative algorithms that enable you to solve most puzzles with a single click.
The Goal of Pixel Puzzles:
The goal of Pixel Puzzles: Ultimate is to achieve a perfect puzzle by combining the presented puzzle pieces.
– All Pieces can be rotated or flipped upside-down as well as stacked onto each other. This allows you to get new perspectives on each puzzle.
– Display multiple solutions to each puzzle for various visual styles.
– Use multiple solutions at the same time – solve them in a row, in a zigzag, or even on different surfaces
– Save and restore puzzles in the file system
– Save and restore puzzles to the clipboard
– Supports all mods used in Pixel Pools
– Supports all jigsaw formats and ressources – use them in combination to solve the puzzles
– Puzzle hinting on mouse-over
– Support for multiple pieces for each pattern
– Support for multiple X and Y planes
– Support for multiple rotations and flipping
– Hand-painted graphics and original ambient background music
– Improved user interface for easy access to the settings and music controls
– Improved clock and clock animation
– Improved hinting for the most common patterns
– Support for resizing / cropping the pattern overlay
– Improved support for multiple ressources
– Improved support for multiple jigsaw formats
– Improved support for multiple shapes (rounded, square, 3D) and colors
– Improved algorithm
– Improved visual effects
– Improved user interface
– Improved hinting / display
– Improved mouse controls
– Improved filter options
– Improved video overlay settings
– Improved video overlay for patterns
– Improved functionality of share/quit buttons
– Improved jigsaw page / frame
– Improved support for 3D images and surfaces
– Improved support for container surfaces
– Improved support for map textures
– Improved support for hidden surfaces
– Improved support for X- or Y-planes
– Improved support for mirroring patterns
– Improved support for colors and clear textures
– Improved display of orientation changes on mouse-over
– Improved position of new frame / pattern / shape options
– Improved lag compensation for older computers
– Improved audio and video driver / preferences dialog / auto-run dialog
– Improved scrolling
– Improved fast game-start
– Improved performance


Artifacting Download [32|64bit]


Bus Tycoon ND, is really an awesome game! I like the interface and it’s very easy to understand. I love the graphics and the aspect of night and day too. I have several suggestions:

1. Could you add the option of assigning transport workers to buses? I mean, assign workers to go to specific bus stops and fix certain buses if they break down? It would be very helpful to keep traffic flowing smoothly as well.

2. The feature of upgrading stations to serve buses coming from other cities. After upgrading to larger bus stops, would we have to travel to other cities to pick up passengers from the bigger stations?

3. You mentioned you are working on expanding the game and adding other cities. Would this feature also include the option of creating a bus route to other cities so as to connect the bus stations with these cities? Would this feature work with cities that are way off the main cities?

Nope, sorry. So far, bus stops are local. I have no idea if that would be possible at all, so I can’t say for sure. You would have to try it out to check if that’s doable. I’m not sure where you are trying to place your stops, but I suppose it’s possible. The game can be expanded in many different ways; some are already planned. Do keep in mind that it’s a full-time job to develop Bus Tycoon ND and I’m already pushing the limits of the PC. So a major expansion of the game at the time would require me to reduce the development pace of some games. If you have any suggestions that you think will make the game better, it’d be great to hear those.

1. Bus stops are local, meaning, only one city. Would it be possible to build buses in other cities to the city of origin, if the passenger wants to travel to some other city?2. I think you are referring to ‘create a route’, in which case, I was going to say, that I have no idea, but I’ll make a suggestion. I’ll assign as many workers as I need to make a route.3. I think you’re referring to creating a route between two cities? If so, this has been implemented already. For example, there is a route between Berlin and Potsdam.

The advantage of upgrading the station to a larger bus stop is that it will become more stable, as you mention. The stations have a certain life-


What’s new in Artifacting: