by armievel
Published: November 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Asctimetables2013keygenexe !!HOT!!

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you will note that we removed a lot of stuff from the previous version of the mod. this includes the old graphical bugs that appear when deleting sections of the map and the transparency that appear under certain conditions (mostly when the transparent tunnel collapses). also, we lowered the max view distance by a ton because the game engine that we’re using now is much faster than the one we used in the previous version.

description: the asctimetables2013keygenexe is a thin asmtextreader which reads asm text table files produced by paul mckenney’s “how to: generate xml and asm text files with paul mckenney’s asctimetables program.”

$ python -m asctimetables2013keygenexe

the application will create an ascii version of the instructions for generating self-restoring public keys with passphrases, or ‘passphrase keys’. this can be used as-is to create new self-restoring public keys or make existing ones with passphrases readable. this is the procedure demonstrated by the instructions.

if you already have a ‘passphrase key’ file, you can convert it to self-restoring public key by loading it into the application, using the --to-passphrase flag. this will create a new file that looks like a self-restoring public key, and you can add the new key to a github repository or add it to a github personal settings file, e.g.:

generates a key which the utc time zones for end-of-month for the specified entity set, namespace and key. this is equivalent to the expression asctimetables2013keygenexe tzendtimezone='date.formatter.utc' tzstarttimezone='date.utc' tzendtimeformat='tzdatetimeformat,default'.

generates a key for the specified entity set namespace and key and for the utc time zones for end-of-month, so that they are compatible with the asctimetables2013keygenkeyse utility which is included in the original omnifaces implementation and thus always uses a single-column key.
tzstarttimezone is used to ensure that the time zone at the beginning of the month is always used, so that different time zones can be used for the beginning and the end of the month without having to remember the time zones.
the time format can be controlled by the variable date.format.utc, which can be set to tzdatetimeformat or to default, where default is the same format used by the asctimetables2013keygenexe utility. it is equivalent to the expression tzendtimezone=’date.formatter.utc’ tzstarttimezone=’date.utc’ tzendtimeformat=’default’. if the default time format is used, then the order of the keys will be preserved.
c:scckeygen.bat.keys this will prompt you for a file name. it will ask for a file name that ends in '.keys' you can just type in any name. we will create a file named keys in this directory and put a key into it. c:scckeygen.keys <mykeyfilename> this will prompt you for a keyfilename. it will ask you for a keyfilename that ends in '.keys' it will create a key filename called 'mykeyfilename' and put a key into it.