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Assassin Creed Revelations Crack Only 1.03 366

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ezio then entered the room where suleiman died and found the hidden codes to the hall of spires, before escaping from the tower. there, he found a half-dressed sofia, and after rescuing her, told her to escape. afterward, ezio found a number of assassin corpses, and then encountered the mysterious “mother” in the hall of spires.
there, ezio discovered that the fourth code was hidden in the hall of lions, where he fought off the guards and then found the code. there, ezio entered the hall of lions and discovered the hidden animus, and then entered the animus itself. afterward, ezio used the animus to discover the last five hidden keys, and subsequently made his way to the top floor of the hall of spires. there, he found a galleon, where he discovered that the five keys were hidden. after that, ezio set sail to constantinople, but encountered a number of assassins and galleons, including omer’s assassin fleet, and had to fight them off.
ezio then found out that rinaldo had been captured by the templars, and decided to rescue him. he then reached the fortress of masyaf, where he discovered that the assassin den had been destroyed by the templars. he then defeated the templars in the fortress’ armory, before descending into the catacombs. after finding altair’s remains, ezio went to the nearby villa of the head of the assassins, the masyaf’s grand master. ezio then revealed that he was the chosen assassin of the assassin order, and requested that the grand master give him the remaining six keys. the grand master then revealed that the reason that ezio was chosen as a spy was that altair felt that ezio was his destiny, and that he was his son. after the grand master granted ezio the keys, he was then asked to create his own assassin den.