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Published: November 21, 2022 (1 week ago)

Atomic Blonde (English) Eng Sub 720p Movies

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Atomic Blonde (English) Eng Sub 720p Movies

in the late 1980s, berlin is crumbling. the city is a showcase for cutting-edge art and design, but the citys future is uncertain. lorraine broughton (charlize theron) uses berlin as a base of operations in a mission to recover a list of undercover operatives working in west germany. what lorraine truly wants, for the most part, is a mystery, since she hides behind a chilly james bond-style persona, amplified by silver-grey camera filters, pulsating blue lights and lorraines favorite drink, vodka on the rocks.

the history-based elements are welcome, though they are thin and little more than a backdrop for the action. charlize theron gives a straight-faced performance as a modern espionage agent, but the picture is stretched with the long jump to the future of the 1980s. again, the spy genre has a history (in movies as well as books, magazines and television), but it seems that female-centered spy films are overlooked.

the fact that charlize theron, a female, plays a character with qualities of both a male james bond and a female lorraine broughton is a major selling point of atomic blonde. as a character, broughton has an intricate, action-packed, love-hate relationship with vodka. like bond, she keeps her cool under pressure, but she also has strong emotions and a sense of self-belief. she is a woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone, especially her male counterparts. when we first see lorraine, she is a woman who oozes cool—especially while drinking her signature stolichnaya vodka.

theron is perfectly cast as lorraine, bringing the character to life with her sharp intelligence, innate irony, and huge bravado. like many of her characters, she plays the character as a straight-faced badass, but theron brings an ironic humor to the role that makes her smart, tough, and seductive. teens will be able to identify with the character, and there’s some strong girl-power messages for young women to take from the film. the film gives a raw, gritty portrayal of berlin in the 1980s, showing that the city was in danger of being completely shut down at the time. while the action is cool and the film is fun, the story is thin and even lags at times. it is interesting to see how the 80s were portrayed in the film, but audiences wont be able to remember anything beyond the action or its cool action-girl lead.

the violence in atomic blonde is startling and unrelenting, and it’s hard to turn off the visuals in this lush, stylish, and well-crafted spy thriller. not only does it feature a huge cast of russian and american bad guys, it’s the kind of story that will turn heads because the bad guys are bad — they cut off people’s limbs and go for the jugular. although it’s not played for laughs, there are some terrific, manic set pieces, including a truly jaw-dropping aerial tumble from one of the most bizarre, action-packed openings in recent years. the way it grabs you is part of why it has become one of the most-talked-about new releases of 2017. it’s great.
tips & tricks: atomic blonde is rife with pop references (“call me crazy, but it feels like something is missing,” one character says in response to a particular situation), from the beatles to the clash to abba. the final head of mi6 is played by léa seydoux (who is married to x-men director bryan singer), and the man who takes over that position in the credits is played by x-men alum james mcavoy (who is the husband of x-men actress jennifer lawrence).
atomic blonde has only made $108 million worldwide so far. it’s a mystery why the female-led action movie, filled with big-name stars, received such a cool reception. critics and audiences loved it. the mainstream action market (which is essentially one of just five genres in the industry) is stacked with john wick and fast and furious movies. when you pair two such iconic action stars as theron and ford, who were both nominated for oscars last year, with another sleeper hit such as this, you have something special. with a much better marketing campaign, this could have been another big hit.