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Because AutoCAD is so widely used, its development and maintenance are managed by Autodesk. For release and update information, visit the AutoCAD support website.

Watch AutoCAD tip videos on YouTube

The most common uses of AutoCAD are modeling and drafting. Some users also use it as a drawing tool.

Included features

There are many features available in AutoCAD, many of which are customisable via a Preferences dialog.

Keyboard shortcuts can be activated to change the default command key sequence.

You can also assign commands to buttons on your mouse to speed up the process of selecting objects. The buttons are customizable in the Options dialog.

To view an AutoCAD Tutorial, go to

The following are AutoCAD commands. For a full list of AutoCAD commands, see the AutoCAD Help system.

In the following AutoCAD commands, uppercase words and phrases are reserved for user defined commands.

AA101 The Data Management Wizard dialog displays the Data Management Wizard.

AA102 The Data Management Wizard exits.

AA102 | AA103 You can open a Data Management Wizard or close it. This may be the last AutoCAD command you ever need to execute.

AA100 Selects a block.

AA101 | AA102 Selects an element.

AA101 | AA102 | AA103 You can select an element by performing an action on its parent. You can open the Data Management Wizard.

AA101 | AA102 | AA103 | AA104 You can select an element by performing an action on its parent. You can open the Data Management Wizard.

AA100 | AA101 | AA102 | AA103 | AA104 You can select a 2D object and open the Data Management Wizard.

AA100 | AA101 | AA102 | AA103 | AA104 You can select a 2D object and open the Data Management Wizard.

AA100 | AA101 | AA102 | AA103 | AA104 You can select a 3D object and open the Data Management Wizard.

AA100 | AA101 | AA102 | AA103 | AA104 You can select a 3D object and open the Data Management Wizard.

AA100 | AA101 | AA102 | AA103 | AA104 You can use

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With AutoLISP and Visual LISP, it is possible to write macros and scripts in AutoLISP or Visual LISP and to call those from within AutoCAD. AutoCAD also supports VBA, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. AutoCAD provides the ability to use VBA to automate its functions, to extend AutoCAD to perform custom actions and to create custom AutoCAD plug-ins.

A plugin is a standalone program, separate from AutoCAD, that can be attached to AutoCAD. Plugins are used to extend the capabilities of AutoCAD. Examples of plugins are DynaType, which enables drawing of polylines and splines from a dynamic database of line or spline path data, or the ADR product used to convert static data into a dynamic live database with customizable user interfaces.

AutoCAD has become popular with some 2.5 million registered users and over 2 million active users as of 2007. Approximately 60% of AutoCAD users are located in the United States.

Some features that are unique to AutoCAD include the ability to perform a random or grid search with optimization in 2-D or 3-D. This is performed automatically when starting the “Recent Options” list, or the user can run a command to activate the optimization dialog to perform the search.

AutoCAD contains a number of features to speed up drawing. These include:

Tools for Reversible Cut, Trim, Extrude, Loft, Revolve, Bend, Sweep, Modify, Copy, Roll, Rotate, Scale, Text, Plot, Model, Perspective, and Distort
Tool Commands (using the F1, F2, etc. keys)
Dynamic Guides
Reverse/Standard Pen
Axis-Aligned/Zero-Aligned/User Coordinate System/User Coordinate (UCS)
Protected Edit

AutoCAD also supports drawing in the following file formats:


Version history
AutoCAD is a mature product, currently running version 2015, which offers a large feature set.

First version of AutoCAD (1.0): May 1987
Second version of AutoCAD (2.0): July 1988

Third version of AutoCAD (3.

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How to use:
To install the software just open it and activate it.
To run the software follow the on screen prompts.

Compatible with:


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What’s New in the?

Are you generating a lot of paper-based feedback? The Import/Markup menu now offers an Export menu for saving or emailing feedback directly to you, even from mobile devices. You can also import and export feedback directly into your drawings in the external file formats BIMX and AutoCAD Exchange.

Feedback can include the entire drawing, comments about objects in the drawing, or the specific notes you want to save, such as field dimensions, text, images, and notes. The Save As command allows you to preserve any feedback you receive, so you can access it later to make changes or save it as a separate drawing.

In addition to paper-based feedback, you can save feedback from PDFs or new versions of your current files. When you import, you can choose to overwrite the current drawing with the latest version of the current drawing or import the feedback into your current drawing (in this case you will see a message saying that the current drawing is being replaced).

These feedback options can make the feedback process much easier, because you do not have to save the feedback as a separate drawing, or open the file in the Document and Review or other application.

The Import/Markup menu also allows you to export feedback or send it to colleagues directly from the command line.

With the Markup Assist feature, you can import or send feedback in parallel with a mouse. Just use the Select tool, click to mark a feature, and click anywhere on the drawing area to send the feedback. You can mark as many features as you want without needing to select the entire drawing.

Send To Word:

Send To Word gives you the ability to generate Word documents from drawings, easily create AutoCAD documents from Excel and PowerPoint files, or even email drawings as PDFs. It is one of the best features in AutoCAD 2023 to help you save the time and effort needed to create Word documents, and email designs or information you create in AutoCAD.

If you work in Excel, or create AutoCAD files in other applications, you can easily import these files into the drawing area and share the information in the drawing.

Now, you can also easily create and open Word documents from AutoCAD drawings. You can generate a Word document of your drawing and save it as a PDF or as an XWP file. (You can also save the resulting document as an XWP file.)

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7/8/10
1.6 GHz dual-core processor or better
3 GB free disk space
Recommended Hard Disk space: 2 GB
5.0 GB available space for installation
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, Radeon HD 6450 or better
1024×768 resolution or better
8 GB space available for installation
How to install?
1. Install the game and the expansion pack separately if you want to have the full experience.
2. If you want to install the game and expansion