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In June 2011, Autodesk announced the release of AutoCAD LT (formerly AutoCAD), a free version of AutoCAD which runs on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

The application is used by architects, mechanical, electrical, and construction (MEC) engineers, geologists, civil engineers, chemists, and other professionals in commercial and industrial environments to create and modify 2D and 3D diagrams, architectural designs, mechanical blueprints, and illustrations.

AutoCAD offers various output formats (printing and image output), as well as the capability to produce engineering-quality drawings. The application is also available as a mobile app and in the cloud, through the AutoCAD 360 Suite.

AutoCAD Basics The AutoCAD platform was initially used to generate 2D drawings. Today, 3D-related workflows are becoming more popular, with a variety of output and editing formats available, and the program’s features are able to make these workflow options available.

The main purpose of AutoCAD is to prepare drawings based on a model and 2D reference data. Other functions include: Drawing creation and editing, including drafter tools, 2D and 3D objects, and parameter automation.

Drawing output and output formats.

Creation of AutoCAD reference data files for 3D drawing creation.

Parametric modeling, with associated controls and options.

Production of 2D graphics on paper or as an electronic image.

The main functions of AutoCAD are divided into eight tabbed toolbars. Three additional toolbars are available for the drafter. The main drawing interface of AutoCAD provides up to six toolbars. AutoCAD enables you to drag and drop any tabbed tool or toolbar into a new location. For more information, see the menu items Toolbars & Drawing View Options → Toolbars & Drawing View Options.

Toolbar tabs are the controls or tools that compose a toolbar. The available toolbars, drawn boxes, and other drawing objects within an AutoCAD drawing are all controlled by these tabs.

The drawing interface is divided into several toolbars:

The DRAWING toolbar contains the basic drawing commands, such as STC (select, translate, and close), LIN (line), ANG (angle), PLN (polyline), RLN (rectangle), LON (arc), and POLY (polygon), and the drawing options.


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AIKS (Advanced Intelligent Kiosk System) is an all-in-one network kiosk management system that allows you to deploy and manage your network from a single environment. AIKS is based on the open source Autodesk Vault software.

ARX (Autodesk Reality Capture) is a cloud-based 3D model scanning technology that combines 3D model scanning and digitizing software with cloud-based cloud storage. The product was previously branded as MeshLab.

Autodesk Robotics is a robotics-based product that can be used to create and simulate physical robots, process the results of the simulation, and visualize the robot.

As a company, Autodesk’s strategy revolves around its software and services, products, and manufacturing partnerships.


Main products are Autodesk AutoCAD, an integrated 2D and 3D CAD system, Autodesk 3ds Max, a computer graphics application, Autodesk MotionBuilder, an animation software product, and Autodesk Dynamo, an industrial design product.

Autodesk Maya is an application for modelling and animation.

Autodesk Data Management Suite is a database-driven enterprise asset management software for enterprises.

Autodesk SiteCAD is a software product for site analysis.

Autodesk Video Repair is a video repair software product.

Autodesk ProjectOne software is used for collaborating on construction projects, creating construction documentation and providing reports.

Autodesk Vault is a desktop data protection and backup software product.

Autodesk Alias Key Services is a digital identity and access management software product.

Autodesk Imagine software is a desktop visualization product.

Autodesk Forge software is a cloud-based product designed for the software development community.

Autodesk Labs are an experimental software products.

Autodesk Customer Experience Software is a customer experience management software product.

Autodesk Motion Builder is a 3D digital modeler, animation software and a plug-in to Autodesk Maya and Cinema4D.

Autodesk Inventor is a computer-aided design (CAD) software product.

Autodesk Creature software is a desktop-based 2D/3D sculpting tool.

Autodesk Cleanroom is a software product for cleaning and sterilizing 3D printed prototypes.

Autodesk MyLibrary is an application to create collaborative work spaces for the information needs

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OEM keys (Autodesk)

What is OEM keys and what is OEM license key?

OEM keys for Autodesk are separate keys for your manufacturer. Manufacturer is a company that makes your product. These keys are the keys used to activate product for our customers. It is also a contract between our customers and your company.

What does OEM license key mean?

OEM license keys represent a legal contract between your manufacturer and Autodesk software. It is a contract where manufacturer grants Autodesk to develop products that they offer to our customers. We cannot change or update your product without your agreement.

What is OEM key in Autodesk?

In Autodesk product development process, there are some categories where a customer may order product. Some of them may be in early stage and they are waiting for final product. Final product will come as a fully ready for sale product that has Autodesk Products. It is the final version of your product.

OEM key in Autodesk is a part of this final product where you can activate the product with your manufacturer’s license. You may choose to activate the product on your own or you may choose to use the activation code we give to you in the package.

How to order OEM key in Autodesk?

Go to your Account.
Click Help > Contact Autodesk.
Write or call to your manufacturer. Tell them that you want to buy the product.
After we talk to manufacturer, they will send us the OEM key.
We will make a registration form for you. You can fill in the form and send it back. It is easy to send the form.
We will send you the activation code. You can activate the product with your OEM key.

What is OEM key?

OEM license key is the license key that your company gives to Autodesk for product development. It is a contract between our manufacturer and Autodesk. This product will be a fully ready to use product and it will be used for your business.

What is OEM key used for?

OEM key in Autodesk is used to activate the product for your company. You can use this product only on your computer and use it for

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Quickly find what you need to navigate to. Bookmarks, AutoCAD’s flexible and dynamic bookmarking system, can be managed and accessed in almost any way. In AutoCAD 2023, the system is even more powerful with new features and options to make your design process easier.

Improved graphic representation of AutoCAD drawing projects. New page templates, AutoCAD’s 3D drawing display style, and a host of drawing tools allow you to better manage your projects and simplify drawing workflows.

AutoCAD for Cloud: A New Way to Work:

Autodesk’s online cloud services, and, are the easiest way to work with AutoCAD. With new tools and capabilities, AutoCAD for Cloud is designed to help you focus on your work with less distraction. (video: 1:45 min.)

Quickly access and use tools available to you when you’re working on a web browser or mobile device. Enables you to work seamlessly across your mobile devices, regardless of what platform they use, and be productive wherever you are.

Building visualization and design visualization tools to help you see your projects on multiple devices.

AutoCAD for the Cloud and

AutoCAD 2D Web Graphics:

Renderings of your AutoCAD 2D models on can now be viewed in 3D. The 3D model can then be edited and modified in any way and downloaded for use in the cloud.


Bookmarks are a powerful tool for navigating your drawings. Bookmarks can be used in a number of ways: in 3D view, to keep track of the 3D view you’re working in; in the 2D view, to see the current drawing state; and in other AutoCAD applications, to navigate to the drawing state you are editing. Bookmarks are managed with the AutoCAD command B – to open a bookmarks window; H – to manage bookmarks; M – to delete selected bookmark, or L – to lock/unlock a bookmark.

Review bookmarks before applying them to a drawing. Reviewing your bookmarks keeps you in control of the drawing, even if you don’t have the command to view the bookmarks.

Work with bookmarks in various layouts

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Core i3-350 M, 2.5 GHz
Processor Graphics Intel Graphics Media Accelerator x3800, 725 MHz
Hard Drive: 12 GB available space
Additional Notes:
No in-game cheats, no in-game purchases.
Note to Valve employees/staff:
This game uses a fairly old version of Steam. As such, we recommend you use at least version 1.6.33 (i