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AutoCAD offers two primary tools to create drawings:

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools:

Draw: Draws the current geometry, creating it when first created and updating it when modified. Textures are automatically applied when shapes are created or edited.

Texts: Assign labels, dimensions, text properties, and text frames to selected objects, either at creation or after an edit.

Edits: Edit the currently selected object.

Layout: Assigns a unit of length (such as a centimeter) to the current viewport.


Project: Performs feature-based drawing creation and editing based on drawings in a project file.

Drafting tools:

Grids: Manage and assign grid lines to sections and objects. Each grid can be independently created and edited, allowing grids to be applied and removed as needed.

Dimensions: Define and assign dimensions to selected objects.

Master drawing: Create a drawing by editing the contents of a master drawing.

In addition to the above, AutoCAD includes the following tools:

General Utilities:

Format Utilities:

Ribbon: Provides a number of tools for working with and editing templates.

Customize: Customize toolbars and the Ribbon.

Viewer: Shows the current drawing while retaining the view from a previous creation or from the last saved drawing.

Properties: Provides tools for working with object properties.


Axes: Easily create two- and three-dimensional axes.

Chart: Add, change, delete, and rotate axes and other chart objects.


Keyboard shortcuts:

Main menus:

Toggle: Toggle between a small and large main menu.

Choose: Choose the current main menu item.

Close: Close the main menu.

Automatically open the next level of submenus if there is not a submenu open.

Context-sensitive shortcuts:


Select: Select a range of objects.

Create: Create a new object or layer.

Add: Add an existing object to the selection.

Delete: Delete selected objects.

Select all: Select all objects.

Existing layers:

Layer: Select a layer.

Lock: Lock

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Bitmap (.bmp) files store bitmap data directly, and contain an image. This file format was created by Microsoft and is not file format independent.

Database exchange format (.dwg) is a computer aided drafting exchange format, supporting the exchange of the information needed to create and modify a drawing, such as changes to objects, attribute values, and text. This format is based on the U.S. Department of Defense Common Data Format (CDF). Autodesk releases Data Linkages for the CATIA, Maya, Inventor, and 3D Studio MAX formats.

Audio Format (.au) file is a container format for storing multimedia information. It stores sound or music information.

CADGML. This is an OLE format for writing geometry, drawing, and marking information into a drawing file. CADGML files are sometimes also called “CAD Drawing Markup Language”. CADGML is supported by AutoCAD Download With Full Crack and AutoCAD Download With Full Crack LT.

Raster formats
Raster format (.ras) stores bitmap data directly. Some raster formats use compression to reduce data size.
Vector format (.vpl) stores vector data directly and is used in many graphics applications. The following vector formats are supported in AutoCAD:

AutoCAD Drawing (.dwg) is a scalable vector graphics standard. It is a file format for storing vector and path information in CAD applications.

AutoCAD Image File Format (.dwg) is a binary file format used to store all the geometric information in a model in a DWG-CAM file format. The specifications for the DWG-CAM format were published in 1989 by Hewlett-Packard. The format was originally created by the same engineering group that created the AutoCAD application itself.

AutoCAD File Format (.cdr) is a computer graphics file format.

AutoCAD File Format (.ctg) is a computer graphics file format.

AutoCAD Layered File Format (.lay) is a file format used to store an image of a layered model. It is usually used to store the layers information and the stacking order.

AutoCAD Line Drawing Format (.lin) is a file format used to store line data in a drawing.

AutoCAD Page Setup Format (.pst) is a file format used to specify the paper size, margins, scale, and other print settings for a drawing.

AutoCAD Print Setup Format (.dwg) is a file

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Then, you can create a new project using the autocad converter.


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What’s New in the?

Multi-field commands for working with multi-valued variables:

Use a single command to work with multiple values of a single variable, for example, one field is a start point and another field is an end point. This command is available when working with 3D model entities.

Improved support for reading text files (pdfs):

File Open dialog is updated with improved handling of opening text files in.txt or.rtf format. If the original text file is not available, AutoCAD will try to detect the file type and open it.

Open CAD Files dialog:

Added a new option to the “Save” drop down list, allowing you to store files in the.cad subfolder.


Create a subtype that inherits from its parent, by associating the inherited command with its parent and setting the Inherit command field on the new command.


Work with 3D visualizations and drawings including real-time motion visualization.

Sketch tools:

Navigate the shape properties using two pointers.


Define chart type properties, axis types, and relative axes.

New features on the Surface Designer:

Use controls to map a relative coordinate system to a known world coordinate system. You can use this feature to define a world coordinate system on top of a CAD drawing, which you can use for surface editing and 3D modeling.

Multi-axis timeline:

Work in a larger drawing area, allowing you to zoom out and view the whole drawing at once. (video: 1:35 min.)

Nested objects:

You can define two or more objects within one shape, for example, define a section and a profile within it.

Axis options:

Choose which side of an axis to draw with, draw an axis based on the drawing area, or draw it based on a fixed length from the start or end of the drawing area. (video: 1:50 min.)

Surface editing:

You can define the depth of a new plane at a specific position on a curve.

CAD Keyboards:

You can select the active command by pressing the command key while the command is selected. You can also use this keyboard shortcut to toggle between the command selection mode and the non-selection mode

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

You need to have a minimum resolution of 320×240, with OpenGL 2.0
You need to have a minimum resolution of 320×240, with OpenGL 2.0 Core Profile
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