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We’ve compiled the top five features of AutoCAD that you should know about for design and drafting purposes.

Basic Features of AutoCAD

1. Drawing Tools

This is the basis of all the things you can do with AutoCAD. As you can see, you have many tools like move, rotate, copy, cut, scale, mirror, blend, and so on.


2. Parameteric Support

Parameteric Support (or Parametric) is the ability to use parameters. Parameteric Parameters are AutoCAD’s way of letting you define something while drawing. And this tool is a key to the

Examples of Parameteric Parameter Examples:

Adding a simple front view of a 2-Dimensional structure Parameteric Parameters allow you to build the front view of a structure in 3 dimensions. You can make a building, a wall, a tower, or a tunnel, by using this parameter.

Elevation Specification with Parameteric Parameter Examples:

Creating the second floor of a building with Parameteric Parameters:

De-creasing a 3-Dimensional wall using Parameteric Parameters:

3. Dimensions

These are pre-set values you can use for the width, height, and other dimensions of a structure.

Using dimensions

Using Dimensions in Custom Dimensions

5. Plotting Options

Here are different types of plots in AutoCAD.

Scatter Plots

Scatter Plots

Parametric Plots

Plotting options

Plot Types

Chart Types

Plot Types Chart Types Combination You can use up to three types of plots in a single chart.

6. Database Connectivity

AutoCAD is well-known for its advanced feature of data connectivity. It is also possible to transfer data from one AutoCAD file to another, or from one AutoCAD application to another.

AutoCAD database connectivity with other applications

7. Drawing Tool Tips

8. 3D Printing Support

With the help of AutoCAD, you can easily 3D print an architectural model, and hence save the time of building the model.

9. 3D Object Printing

AutoCAD gives a way to export your 3D files into.stl and

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Data link packages (DXP)

Autodesk also has a number of Data Link packages (DXP) that use the DXF file format. Each contains AutoCAD data that is already formatted and ready for use in AutoCAD software. The DXPs are published in the following categories:

AutoCAD Design 2010 DXPs: The following DXPs are available:
•Plant CAM (former: Architecture 2012)
•Space Connection
•Space Connection with 3D Views
•Visio 3D CAD 2011
•View Builder
•Vista 3D
•Vista Architectural
•Vista Building
•Vista Building 3D
•Vista Engineering
•Vista Mechanical
•Vista Site
•Vista Site 3D
•Vista Space
•Visio 3D Builder
•Visio 3D Librarian
•Xport 3D
•Xport Architectural
•Xport Building
•Xport Engineering
•Xport Mechanical
•Xport Site
•Xport Space
•Xport Visio
•Xport View Builder
•Xport Vista
•Xport Vista 3D
•Xport Vista Space
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3D
•Xport Vista Site 3D
•Xport Vista Space 3

AutoCAD 23.0

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

AI-assisted rendering:

When you close a door, push a button, or switch off a light, a robot will automatically measure the scene to detect and create shadows in your drawings.

Shading improved and expanded with new tool sets:

The 2D Shading feature now includes 4 tool sets: Shade, Shade Smoothing, Shade Points, and Shade Variants.

A New Shade tool enables you to create a variety of different shadings for 2D drawings, including the automatic creation of feathered textures.

New tool sets in the AI Tools: AutoComplete and AutoAssist expand the functionality of the AI tools for 2D drawings. AutoComplete now also automatically detects and colors 2D objects.

The AutoAssist and Coats tools have been enhanced to automatically surface larger or more objects, making them easier to create.

A New Tools tool enables you to create sophisticated graphics and shading for 3D drawings, including the creation of complex shapes, the extraction of natural light, the automatic creation of lighting effects, and the automatic calculation of shadow cast, as well as automatic shading, highlights, and reflection effects.

New tool sets in the Metadata tool: The new Metadata tool now provides new functions and capabilities, including the automatic creation of metadata for projects.

Automatic addition of 3D annotations: The annotation of 3D drawings is now made simpler with new tool sets in the Annotations tool. The new tools include new functionality for standard 3D annotations, including a parameter to enable or disable textured stickers.

The New 3D Annotations tool enables you to draw 3D annotations to 3D drawings more easily.

The new tool sets in the Chalk and Marker tools extend the capabilities of the Chalk tools for 3D drawings and ensure that your 3D annotations are treated as metadata.

New dimension tools in the Dimensioning tool: The new tool sets in the Dimensioning tool enable you to convert dimensions from one drawing to another drawing, even when the drawings use different styles.

New coats tool in the Drawings tool: The new Coats tool in the Drawings tool makes it easier to create coats for 3D drawings.

New features for color:

Create color schemes and custom palettes to quickly identify colors in your drawings, and save color schemes as palette files.

Import and export color schemes in the Color Options dialog box.

Identify and annot

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum specs recommended:
CPU: 2.8 GHz Dual-Core Processor, Quad-Core processor with Hyper Threading support
Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, AMD Radeon HD 7970 or higher
OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit
HDD: 32GB available space
Recommended specs:
CPU: 3.8 GHz Quad-Core Processor with Hyper Threading support
Graphic: NVIDIA