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AutoCAD is usually installed and used on a PC and is capable of creating and editing 2D and 3D drawings. It uses a raster graphics screen, which is a bitmap, to display and save 2D drawings. The 2D drawing functions are limited to viewing, drawing, and printing. However, by using the AutoCAD 3D Architectural Library, users can use the 3D solid modeling tool to model, visualize, and document parts of 3D designs.

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The AutoCAD mobile app allows users to view, make basic edits, and print files directly from their phones. AutoCAD also has a web-based app, which users can use to view and make edits on their desktops. This app is designed for schools, and its features are geared toward academics. AutoCAD users can use the AutoCAD web app to create and view 2D drawings, as well as share, print, and review 2D drawings.


The following are the features and capabilities of AutoCAD:

User Interface

If you are a novice user, AutoCAD provides a user interface that is easy to understand and use. The software includes a feature called the Run button, which allows users to launch a drawing or model without manually opening it.

Drawing tools include dimensioning, labeling, typing, geometric, and physics tools. The user interface shows each tool in its own window and can be used to navigate back and forth between multiple windows. The user can move tool windows around the screen, resize, and create a tabbed toolbar that contains the tools needed for a particular task.

The Quick Access toolbar can be used to quickly access commands that are frequently used and clickable. The toolbar is customizable. For example, the user can create a custom toolbar or simply display tools or tasks that are most often used or needed.

AutoCAD also includes a 2D drafting tool, a 3D modeling tool, an annotation tool, and a drawing manager tool. Each tool has its own toolbar, which is similar to the Quick Access toolbar.

Technical Support

AutoCAD offers technical support services, which include:

User forums

Live chat

Technical support

AutoCAD-related technology training

To access AutoCAD’s user forums, you must be signed in to The forum is divided into separate sections that are most

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ObjectARX is used for the interactive widgets that are included in AutoCAD Free Download. The ObjectARX commands are based on events, providing for a user interface to the commands. In AutoCAD 2010, the ObjectARX is replaced by Autodesk Application Framework (AAF) and Visual Studio integration with the 2010 SDK.

AutoCAD 3D drawing formats

AutoCAD supports CAD standards and various file formats. Its native 3D graphics format is the standard DWG (Drafting and Design), while XDWG (a subset of DWG) is a popular non-native 3D graphics format and is the native format of AutoCAD Architecture and ArchiCAD. Other formats include the native format of ArchiCAD (4DS), native format of Inventor, native format of Inventor for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), native format of Moldflow, native format of Nastran, native format of SolidWorks, native format of SolidWorks for PLM, native format of TrueSpace, native format of Solid Edge, native format of WiseTools, native format of Viso and native format of Visio for PLM.

As of AutoCAD 2018, AutoCAD supports 8D and 12D native format, native format of Revit, native format of OBJ, native format of BRL-CAD, native format of CGM, native format of NX, native format of Pro/ENGINEER, native format of VRML, native format of X3D, native format of KARNEL, native format of STL, native format of VRML-OCE, native format of OBJ, native format of STEP and native format of DGN.

In AutoCAD 2010, additional native formats were introduced, including: ACES, STEP, IGES, ABF, IGES/PDF, DGN, AMF, ARC/INFO, AVE, ASN, AML, DFF, EDA, VRML-4, OBJ, STL, STL-5, STL-6, STL-7, and STL-8.

DGN (digital graticule) is the native file format for many CAD software programs. This is a general standard for CAD programs. DGN files can contain blocks, dimensions, curves, splines, surface texturing, and 3D solids. In addition, DXF files can contain blocks, dimensions, curves, splines, surface texturing

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Simplify your workflows with the new collaboration tools:

The AutoCAD system is no longer primarily for the creation of 2D drawings. There are now tools and collaboration features that cover all three drawing dimensions: 2D, 3D and others that may come in the future. In the new project version, these applications are also available for more users. (video: 1:32 min.)

Advance project collaboration.

Wherever you are on the planet, you can now share your files and receive updates from other users instantly. You can also provide feedback to other users instantly and receive it back instantly. This speeds up the design process, saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors. (video: 1:28 min.)

Enjoy the new features!

Continue your journey with AutoCAD

AutoCADĀ® 2023 introduces many new features, as well as improved options and workflow improvements. The new version also offers new collaboration features that allow users to work together in real time, so that they can review and comment on design changes in the same way they review and comment on other documents.

Collaboration is an important part of a productive working environment. Now designers and CAD users can work together easily in the 3D, 2D and Open Architecture drawing environments. Get ready to unleash your creativity with AutoCAD 2023!

We have created a video that illustrates the new AutoCAD features that we think you will enjoy the most. (video: 1:36 min.)

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