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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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AutoCAD is a popular CAD software used in both manufacturing and architectural industries. It is mainly used by engineers and architects for designing, producing and drawing technical drawings.

Though AutoCAD is considered to be a powerful computer graphics and drafting software, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes.

Despite the fact that AutoCAD is an expensive software, there are many free and open source alternatives like FreeCAD, JRA (J.A.G.E.N.U.M.AutoCAD), AutoNEC, R2, etc.

AutoCAD Architecture

Autodesk AutoCAD architecture can be broadly categorized into the following categories:

There are many more topics such as Autodesk MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) which can be read here.

Development and updates are planned regularly, so it is best to regularly check the official website to stay updated.

Download AutoCAD

If you are using Windows system, you can download AutoCAD from the official website by following the steps mentioned below:

Click on the “AutoCAD” logo at the top left of the browser.

At the top right, click on “AutoCAD” download link.

Once the download begins, follow the steps to install AutoCAD.

Get more interesting information about AutoCAD including the demo.

Now you are all set to enjoy free AutoCAD download and other features.

AutoCAD Quick Tour

Let us take a quick look at some features of AutoCAD 2016:

Create and edit geometry objects

Draw and annotate objects

Supports 2D and 3D drafting

Support multiple windows

Print and output files

Get started with AutoCAD

There are many more features like Drafting Area, Support for DWG and DXF files, Drafting tools, etc.

You can get started with the default Drafting Area settings.

Download Free AutoCAD 2017 Now

With the below instructions, you can download and install AutoCAD 2017.

Click on the AutoCAD logo at the top left of the browser.

From the menu, click on “AutoCAD 2017” download link.

Once the download begins, follow the steps to install AutoCAD 2017.

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AutoCAD Crack includes basic database features, including Autodesk Exchange/Catalog and Intercat.

A rendering engine is provided in AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Classic, with capabilities similar to those found in previous releases of AutoCAD. Rendering in AutoCAD LT requires the purchase of the ‘Visual Render’ add-on software.


AutoCAD 2012 introduced an updated WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get” graphical editing experience. Along with this, the preference screen was moved to a “browser-style” user interface that displays application preferences in a sidebar and allows the user to configure each preference. AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 2013 users can use the Classic WYSIWYG graphical user interface.

The WYSIWYG editing experience introduced by AutoCAD 2013 was criticized by reviewers for being “heavy” and “slow”, and for not having an undo feature as was found in previous versions. AutoCAD 2015 brought with it a new WYSIWYG experience, which was also criticized for lacking an undo function and felt to be slower than previous releases.

Graphical interface
AutoCAD introduced a new graphical interface in 2012. AutoCAD Classic has a “classic” user interface that displays the interface elements in a familiar WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get” fashion.

AutoCAD LT uses a browser-style interface.

Production phase

AutoCAD design for production includes establishing and managing the production data flow, release notes, file usage, product requirements, etc.

Production release workflow

In the product release workflow, a detailed set of interrelated methods and procedures exist for performing major stages of the release process. This process is divided into two major parts:

AutoCAD development
The process of creating, testing and finalizing the design for the release.

The release is the release of the final product to production.

A product release workflow manual exists for AutoCAD 2015 and 2016.

Bug fix and production release schedule
AutoCAD has a detailed procedure for testing bugs and releasing changes to the development team. AutoCAD is provided in both a “Windows” and “Mac” flavor, with different timelines for testing, review and release of the versions for each platform.

Version history

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Open the Settings window in Autocad by typing “Settings” into the Windows search box and click Settings.

Select the Account tab.
In the Autodesk Account section, enter your Autodesk ID into the text box and select OK.

In the Standard Text box, enter your email address in the “Your email” text box and select OK.

In the “Your password” text box, type your password in the “Your Password” text box and select OK.

Use the Autocad free registration

Visit the Autodesk website to download the free Autocad registration tool.

To use the registration tool, run the registration program and follow the prompts.

Select the Autodesk Account tab and then click the Edit button.

In the “Your Autodesk Account email address” text box, type your email address.

Select the “Sign-up for free” radio button.

In the “New Autodesk Account” section, type your Autocad ID in the “Your Autodesk ID” text box and select OK.

Select the “I’ve signed up for a free account” radio button.

Enter your Autocad password in the “Your Autodesk password” text box.

Select the OK button.

Use the Autocad website

Visit the Autodesk website to register for Autocad.

To use the Autocad website, first sign into your Autocad account.

Select Account from the Autocad website menu bar.

Select Create an Account or Register to use your Autocad registration number.

Enter your Autocad registration number and select Create Account.

If you registered using a free registration, enter your email address in the Your email text box and select the Create Account button.
If you registered without a free registration, enter your email address in the Your email text box and select Register.

If you registered for a free account, select the Register for a free account link and follow the prompts.

If you registered for a free account, select the “Set up your free account” link to the left of the Register for a free account link.

Enter your email address in the “Your email” text box and select the Set up your free account link to the right of the Email text box.

Enter your Autocad registration number and select Continue.

Enter your Autocad password in the “Your

What’s New In?

Block Recognition and Block Recognition History:

Add, reuse and manage custom blocks in your drawings, and browse block history to find the block you want to reuse in a drawing. (video: 1:47 min.)

AutoCAD 2023 introduces support for new industry standards, including Quad Pixel Binning (QPB) and DVI (digital video interface). This is an ideal solution for creating high quality models and print outputs, including screen rendering and film production, for example.

With AutoCAD’s new Print Driver for Windows 7, you can print in DPI settings you choose, provide multiple layers of information and control quality settings, and use those settings in other CAD software.

In AutoCAD you can now create new paths by filling or deleting items on existing paths. This can improve drawing efficiency because you don’t have to create paths for items that you’re likely to change.

Mobile printing for AutoCAD is now available. With this option, you can print drawings from your computer or mobile device using your mobile device’s built-in printer. This is a great feature for designers and technicians who are working in remote locations.

Today’s announcements represent the latest in AutoCAD’s set of enhancements. Additional information on these features and more is available in the related press release.

The media kit is available at

For more information on AutoCAD, go to

About Autodesk

Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better future. Autodesk’s flagship software, AutoCAD, is used by nearly all global architectural, engineering and construction companies for 2D and 3D design and manufacturing. With software for video game development, Internet of Things design and manufacturing, entertainment, consumer product design and 3D modeling, Autodesk provides the most comprehensive software for digital creativity from concept to completion of product manufacturing. Additional information is available at

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Flexible HDDs that can support 2GB or more of RAM are preferred.
DVD or CDROM drive, or a USB mass storage device.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (Home Edition) or Windows Vista.
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