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AutoCAD has traditionally been used in the design of a wide range of objects, including both mechanical and non-mechanical. However, the main use of AutoCAD is as a drafting or design application. Today, several other CAD programs exist to provide an alternative to AutoCAD, and several CAD programs have AutoCAD-compatible features.

Technical information

The AutoCAD data file is a special type of file, not a conventional document or file format. Any document type such as Microsoft Word or PDF files can be used for editing AutoCAD drawings. Any application that can open files and view pages (in PDF format for example) can open an AutoCAD drawing. Additionally, AutoCAD has support for the newer features of the AutoCAD graphics (called 2D) such as Text, Path, Line, Polyline and Polygons.

AutoCAD has extensive engineering drawing capabilities. It can handle drawings of a wide range of engineering, architectural, and architectural-related styles. However, the fastest growth of this market is in the addition of 2D features.

AutoCAD is used in many fields including mechanical, architecture, electrical, civil, and construction. It is particularly suited to drafting and modeling for architectural, mechanical, structural, or architectural systems.

Autodesk has released three new AutoCAD products in 2018. Autodesk Revit is a total package of software that combines CAD design with building information modeling (BIM) data, which was first released in 2008. Autodesk Fusion 360 is a web-based 3D modeler with built-in 2D CAD features. Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2019 is a version of AutoCAD that allows PC-based drawing to be stored and shared among different users. These three products are available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 is a 3D CAD drawing software application for producing 2D and 3D drawings, such as technical and design drawings. It also has features for creating 2D drawings, such as grids, scales, rules, dimension styles and 2D annotation.

Key features

An area of AutoCAD software called Content Catalog contains files of various available parts that are available on AutoCAD’s website. AutoCAD 2018 requires a content catalog; it can be downloaded from the Autodesk website.

The simplest way to view an AutoCAD drawing is

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AutoCAD was originally developed by Andrew Slavitt and Bill Smith, two brothers who worked together at Digital Equipment Corporation in the 1970s. Slavitt had previously worked for Data Management Systems Corporation, the company that developed TRANSAT, a predecessor to AutoCAD. Slavitt left DEC after its acquisition of Data Management Systems, and the two brothers created a company called Soft Image, to market AutoCAD. Slavitt and Smith set up a “virtual company” in Austin, Texas, U.S. and started working on AutoCAD. Slavitt was the chief engineer, while Smith was a business development executive. Slavitt, Smith, and the rest of the company’s staff worked out of a new facility in Austin, Texas, near the University of Texas at Austin, and Slavitt was in charge of sales and marketing. The software was released in 1979.


AutoCAD is a feature-rich program, incorporating many drawing, drafting, and sketching functions as well as a group of other functions including windowing, text editing, 3D/computer-aided design (CAD), engineering and mechanical design, data management, rendering and printing, parametric modeling and prototyping, animation, editing and viewing. It is also used to create 2D and 3D visualizations for data visualization, reporting, and presentation.

AutoCAD’s interface is split into a user interface, which is the front-end, and a drawing/model-making environment. At the heart of the AutoCAD design suite is a sophisticated native programming environment with many powerful tools, and many thousands of lines of embedded (or non-embedded) programming code.

AutoCAD provides functionality for:

advanced editing and/or converting to parametric modeling
auto-calculating in some drawing objects
advanced drawing, sketching, and layout functions
file handling
object tracking and annotation
data exchange
collaboration between users

These features enable users to create a wide range of drawings and designs. They are delivered through the use of native commands, and through the use of

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Monday November 12, 2001 [IMAGE]





What’s New In AutoCAD?


Don’t waste time creating markup, with the AutoCAD 2023 new Markup command you can quickly create annotations, text objects, and comments and place them on any drawing. Create predefined annotations, such as “Tripod,” “Significant” or “Reduced scale” or use an external markup application to define the annotations and place them on your drawings. (video: 3:15 min.)

Support for other markup languages:

Configure markup languages to be used when a user creates annotations.

Powerful 2D and 3D Markup command are now available on the new Markup command line:

Markup ByLayer Create annotations on layers

Markup ForOverlays Create annotations on existing polylines, polylines, splines, and path objects

New annotations are added to your drawing without using manual drawing steps.

User Interface:

User interface elements:

Enhanced Help and reference commands

Improved Jumping to Help options to increase the frequency of Help topics accessed

New colored Help topics to help you find and access Help topics more easily

User commands:

Column View and All Columns command are now available in AutoCAD LT

Markup+ command for updating existing annotations on text, color objects, and text styles

User-defined annotation properties:

Use new annotation properties to define the size, position, color, and font of your annotations

AutoCAD 2023 features:

4D Topology:

4D topology in AutoCAD is used to plan, document, simulate, analyze, and visualize complex geometries. 4D topology is a powerful tool that provides the ability to view, analyze, design and analyze topologically complex parts of a project. 4D topology is now available in AutoCAD LT, providing the ability to view, analyze and design parts of a project.

Raster Preview:

Scan to paper is now called Raster Preview, and supports the Full-Page preview in the new 2D printing/print preview tools. The new Raster Preview feature can be used when raster (bitmap) data is being used to display the view.

2D Printing and Print Preview Tools:

2D printing is now supported in AutoCAD LT. The new 2D printing and print preview tools in the Drawing toolbar

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