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AutoCAD has also been a popular tool in the fields of map making, engineering, manufacturing and modeling.

AutoCAD® R13 combines advanced drafting and design functions with an intuitive user interface. AutoCAD® is a powerful, interactive platform that gives users the ability to perform a wide variety of sophisticated design and drafting tasks. AutoCAD® includes an array of features that let you take creative control of your design and production process, including advanced drawing, drafting, annotation and model-making tools, eDrawings™, BIM design and drafting, data management, connectivity, and a state-of-the-art user interface. It lets you bring ideas to life, plan and direct projects, document and communicate complex information, and streamline your workflow. AutoCAD® helps you:

Facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration using the BIM ecosystem

Build geospatial data models, design digital maps and GIS applications

Empower your team with the benefits of model-based design and digital twinning

Improve real estate development and management

Transform print and digital manufacturing processes

Streamline project management with new project integration options

Productivity and collaboration

Take advantage of a new paradigm of design, engineering and project management by integrating CAD, BIM and GIS, and improving design efficiency, asset performance and operational efficiency.

Enables cross-disciplinary collaboration

You can get the best performance from a design task with AutoCAD® by working with team members on separate computers, or from different locations. You can also work on the same model at the same time using the new multi-view technology in AutoCAD® R13. Share your eDrawings™ across groups of users using the Collaborate Online service.

Design to a model-based workflow

Turn your existing legacy design into a model-based environment using the new in-place model technology that lets you start a project at any level of detail and manage projects and models across the entire design life cycle.

Map it with CAD

Prepare accurate maps to illustrate your designs or analyze a project plan in a digital map.

Empower your team

Empower your team members with a new set of intuitive tools that let you efficiently share your design work and collaborate on a single model.

Enhance your workflow

With automation and new features, you can speed up your workflow and improve efficiency. AutoCAD® R

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The API is used by external software products.

The ObjectARX library is an enhanced version of Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2009 Class Library for ObjectARX (also referred to as the 2005 version) and the first version of Autodesk Architectural Desktop SDK for ObjectARX (also referred to as the 2006 version). The Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2010 Class Library for ObjectARX (also referred to as the 2009 version) is based on the ObjectARX library of the earlier versions.

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From Autodesk Autocad, go to:
File>Import > From File >… > Project Information > Import >… > Material

Once done, make sure you select the “Project material” tab as shown below:

Include Project Material Tab

And then just click next and follow the steps.

Note: This keygen works for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT

You can add this tool in User Preferences.


It’s actually not a keygen, but you can import the file using a Project Material file.
The key to an AutoCAD project is to create a Project Material file that contains an object and style.
So, the other approach is to make a.PAG file which you can place in a folder that contains the AutoCAD project files. Then you use the Import command from the File menu with the.PAG file.
You can find more information on using.PAG files in this short tutorial.


Unfortunately the keygen tool is broken for 2019. The same applies to the other methods described above.
I’ve been searching on Google for years now and didn’t found anything useful. Finally I’ve started a Github repo called AutoCAD/ Material Importer and created a solution.
It works with a source file that contains geometry, a single- or multi-object material. The idea is, to create a mesh that contains the geometry and replace the material with the material from the source file. This is done by solving the normal flow of the graph.

All you need to do is make a copy of the source file and rename it.mat. It will then work.
There is an additional tool that is working fine:

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Find the details of any text or symbol in your drawing with the Text Search tool, and mark text or symbols to easily turn them into text labels, dimensions, or other elements.

Draw, edit, annotate, and release your drawings with any CAD application or mobile device.

Search for parts in your drawings or a specific file quickly and easily with the Search tool.

CAD Warehouse: A new warehouse application that enables users to browse and search for drawings and other content from the Autodesk Warehouse. (video: 1:20 min.)

More C++ Class Libraries for U3D Apps:

The Autodesk U3D and U3D Viewport toolkit now includes more C++ class libraries (CDLs) for your U3D apps. Get access to all of the U3D Viewport components in the toolkit for easy UI building.

Autodesk Infrastructure v20:

Autodesk Infrastructure v20 helps you easily manage changes in your Autodesk product. Instantly see changes to your files from other Autodesk users, view email notifications, and collaborate with team members.

With Autodesk Infrastructure v20, the Autodesk Product Performance Management tool enables you to monitor changes in your files and automatically update key configurations, like drive types and file locations, within your deployment of Autodesk products.

Autodesk Publish and Publish 2D – New Features:

Publish 2D toolset offers the ability to save drawings in 2D (single sheets) or multiple 2D sheets in a single PDF file.

Publish 2D toolset now enables simple insert of 2D sheets into a PDF or HTML file, as well as the ability to create multiple PDF or HTML files with multiple 2D sheets.

Publish 2D feature now enables single-sheet sharing with a private link, which provides security and allows you to keep sensitive information private. You can also turn off 2D sheet sharing for the link.

View drawings by drawing name or owner in Publish 2D.

New 2D sheets in PDF files have a drop-down navigation area in the drawing toolbar.

Publish 2D toolset can generate a 2D PDF from AutoCAD drawings directly.

Publish 2D now offers advanced 2D features such as Alignment and Navigate 2D tools.

New 2D

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Windows 10, 8, 8.1, or 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
1 GHz or faster processor
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1280 x 800 or higher resolution display
DirectX® 9 graphics card
Web browser for Microsoft Windows (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, or Chrome)
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Additional Storage:
C:Program FilesSteam