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This article explains how to use the drawing commands in AutoCAD. In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

How to enter a drawing in AutoCAD

How to use the commands

How to use the editing commands

How to draw using objects

How to draw using the Dimension feature

How to draw using the line feature

How to draw using the drawing feature

How to enter a drawing in AutoCAD

To enter a drawing in AutoCAD, follow these steps:

Open AutoCAD, and choose the Drafting tab

Choose a new or existing drawing

Enter the name and save path of the drawing

Enter a drawing name

How to use the commands

Commands are the actions you can use to perform a specific task. There are different types of commands in AutoCAD that enable you to perform specific functions. Here are the most common commands:

Some commands are customizable, meaning that you can change their behavior. The commands that are not customizable can perform the same function in different ways. To learn more about configuring commands, see Commands: Set Up Commands.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are important for operating AutoCAD, but you should also learn the commands for designing efficiently. You can use keyboard shortcuts to switch between views or to zoom in or out. For example, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

View Command

keyboard shortcut Zoom In

Zoom Out 1 2 3

On the Home tab, choose View, and then choose the desired view. The following view options are available:





Object Snap

Lock Axis

After choosing a view, you can click the Enter key.

After you choose a view, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Next page

Previous page

Zoom In

Zoom Out

Zoom Extents

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Autocad Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoCAD provides the following keyboard shortcuts on the Home tab:

Editor Commands

You can choose which commands are displayed on the Editor tab. The following Editor commands are available:

Add Diments

Add Line

Arrange Dimension

Close Path

Clear Dimensions


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Additionally, a paper version of AutoCAD LT has been released for Pocket PC.

AutoCAD DXF supports import of drawings from other programs such as ConceptDraw.

AutoCAD LT for Windows and AutoCAD LT for iOS are available for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.


AutoCAD LT is part of Autodesk’s Forge platform. AutoCAD LT is available in both free and paid versions.


Since AutoCAD 2009, AutoCAD LT is part of Autodesk’s Compose product suite.


AutoCAD LT is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. AutoCAD LT was formerly released as a free download, but has been discontinued.

A full-featured PC app for iPad, AutoCAD LT is available from the App Store for $19.99. The iPad’s Retina display is used for both viewing and editing the drawings.

AutoCAD LT for iOS is an iPad-optimized version of AutoCAD LT. It is available as a free download, but requires the full version of AutoCAD LT for Windows or AutoCAD LT for PC.

In the Windows version of Auto

AutoCAD For Windows

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The keygen will open and ask you to fill in the information.
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Python – Loop through files, if there is a match, print file name and line number

I’m trying to loop through a directory and print out the file name and line number where a specific string is found. I’ve looked into, but I can’t figure out how to make this work. I’m trying to find a specific string of text and then print out the full file name and line number where that string is found in the file.
Here is what I have so far:
files = glob.glob(‘/path/to/folder’)
for file in files:
for line in file:
print file,line

I think the reason it isn’t working is because the for loop will loop through the file (I think?) before it prints out. I just want to print out the file name and line number where that string is found. Thanks.


Look into the filelib module instead of using glob. It has search() and readlines() functions. Using those functions is easier, and you don’t have to worry about matching lines, rather you can find the exact location of the string, like so:
import filelib

for file in filelib.glob(“/path/to/folder”):
contents = file.readlines()
for line in contents:
if’string’ in line:
print file, line

This will print the files that contain the string and the lines of the file that contain it, respectively.


What’s New in the?

Get started in AutoCAD in minutes. Create and edit drawings for the first time with a new, easy-to-use user interface and more intuitive tools. AutoCAD: The Fast, User-Friendly CAD Software! (video: 1:47 min.)

Working with PDFs:

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Watch a whole lot more video demonstrations of AutoCAD 2023 and other new features at CAD|DotCom:

What’s New in AutoCAD 2134

Move and Rotate Objects With a Tap

Eliminate the tedium of moving and rotating objects by letting your fingertip do the work. With a single tap, you can animate and rotate a 3D object without performing tedious axis commands.

Add and Edit Wall Patterns With a Snap

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Transfer Files Between Any Platforms

With its native import and export of 3D geometry, AutoCAD is widely used by engineers, architects, and designers in a variety of industries.

With this release, you can also share files with 3D applications from a variety of operating systems.

Take Full Advantage of the Touch Interface

Get Started with AutoCAD

Making it easier to get started with AutoCAD is a top priority for us at Autodesk. It’s why we’ve improved how you get started with AutoCAD, making it easier to get started in minutes and learn how to use it.

An intuitive new start screen makes it easy to navigate and learn the basics. The Start screen features a refined design, interface, and tools that let you easily navigate and get started.

A new Help panel provides step-by-step instruction and helpful tips.

Improved 3D tools in the 3D panel let you work faster and easier in 3D. They include:

Geometry view with simplified coordinate system and new wall snap tools

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

– Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit and 64bit)
– Intel® Core 2 Duo CPU or better
– 2 GB of RAM
– 4 GB of free space on the hard drive
– Enhanced Netrunner®: Android Edition is supported by the Android™ 4.4 system.
System Requirements: