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Autodesk began life in the 1930s as the government of the United Kingdom’s Inland Revenue’s 2D (two-dimensional) Mechanical Inventor. They called it Inland Revenue and Taxation. Then, after World War II, they wanted to make 2D drawings.

Initially, they only wanted to make road plans for cars, but it evolved and became a tool for engineers and architects. It was so successful that the company, Autodesk, was named after it.

Currently, AutoCAD is a market leader and is one of the most used design tools in the world.

This article introduces AutoCAD and offers a simple primer on CAD in general.

An AutoCAD Catalog

An AutoCAD Catalog is a collection of “cards,” or CAD drawings. These CAD drawings include drafting, annotation, engineering, and architectural drawings.

The number of AutoCAD drawing cards included in the catalog depends on the version of AutoCAD you’re using. With AutoCAD 2018, there are more than 2,000 CAD drawing cards available. These cards are organized by type, such as architecture, electrical, and mechanical.

Each card is stored in a separate file, usually in.dwg format. Some CAD programs can read the AutoCAD drawing cards, while others require you to create your own text and annotations.

Creating a Drawing Card

To create a new drawing card, you start the drawing by choosing “Make New,” as shown in the image below.

You’ll be asked whether you want to make a new drawing card or open an existing drawing card.

A New AutoCAD Drawing Card

If you want to create a new drawing card, then a new empty drawing can be created. The following window will appear.

Click the button below the file name. Select the option for Create New Drawing.

You’ll be prompted to enter the name of the new drawing. The name can be the full path to the file, such as C:UsersusernameDownloadssample.dwg. The name can also include the project name, such as Sample Project. Or, you can use the Catalog Number. You can also use the name of an existing drawing.

This can be helpful when you want to create a new drawing in a series of drawings, such as a sequence of schematics. For example, you could create

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Design history
The first drawings using AutoCAD Free Download were made in 1987 by Martin Ericson, a former civil engineer and real estate developer.

The first commercially available AutoCAD, version 1.0, was released in 1991. The initial release was for the Apple Macintosh, which accounted for the first large scale implementation of AutoCAD.

With the release of AutoCAD 7, the MS-DOS platform gained support and the first version of AutoCAD was available for the IBM PC platform. In 1995, Microsoft added their own Windows version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD became the first 3D-modeling application to be widely adopted by industry, and for its quality and capability, became a core part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Versions 8 and 9 were made available on Windows and AutoLISP was added to the Mac version. In 1995, Autodesk added “Microsoft Windows Professional” for the first time to the product name, indicating the product had a wide target audience.

AutoCAD v10 was the first product that included BIM functionality. This version added a number of options to the modeling tools to assist the construction industry. In 1997, v10 introduced the first support for two-dimensional objects on the three-dimensional drawing canvas.

AutoCAD v11 was released in 1998, which introduced the “UVW” coordinate system, similar to the IEC 60793-2 standard. This allowed two-dimensional objects to be converted into three-dimensional. The following year, AutoCAD added two-dimensional features that were specific to the architectural field. In 2000, AutoCAD introduced a Windows interface, which added many features from the Mac version, including the ability to use multiple monitor setups.

In 2000, the industry-wide implementation of AutoCAD changed, with more CAD-based products becoming available from other vendors. There was a move from professional and technical users to a wider base of general business users. In 2002, v12 was released, which added the ability to read and write Revit files. In 2003, v13 was released. The addition of DWGx files allowed the use of existing files with v12.

Starting in 2006, AutoCAD released updates at a faster rate. A new release in 2006 included a new design tool, which allowed the users to design with a pencil, write notes directly in the drawing, and change the design after the drawing was finished.


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