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Download ZIP »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



Hunt: Showdown is a PvP-focused, co-op experience in which you and your friends take to the rails to fight a never-ending war of survival for control of post-apocalyptic Huntsville. At the center of this struggle is a haunted town, and the character classes that will define your playstyle. Each class has its own skills, playstyle, weapon and aesthetics. Hunt: Showdown will take place in a persistent (non-sandbox) world in which players will be able to fully customize their experience.
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What’s New
1. New Model: Finally, it’s Llorona’s Time!
Llorona is a major update to Hunt: Showdown! Some of the major changes are:
– A new K-9 model.
– More Llorona masks.
– New animation for Llorona’s Quake weapon.
– New skirting particle effects for the Knife and Machine Gun.
– New weapon sound for the Machine Gun.
– New Llorona mask art.
– New descriptions and text for her different appearances.
– New Pickup Phrases.
– ‘Llorona’s Heir’ has been added as a perk for all of the bounties.
– Llorona’s Gloves, Knives, Machine Gun and Horn now have unique item slots.
– All of the new weapons’ sounds have been added.
– New items have been added to the world.
– New picking up sound effect for items.
– New Horn picking up sound effect.
– Llorona is now available to use at the start of the campaign.
– Increased the max number of objects a mergeable mesh can contain to 250.
– Fixed an issue that could cause players to start a server view with an invalid area.
– Improved the flare kick animations.
– Improved the pickup sounds.
– Improved the leaderboard UI.
– Displayed the maximum playtime on the in-game UI.
– Fixed an issue that could cause damage-debuffs to not be removed from a building.
– Fixed an issue that could cause a player to have a sword stuck to them while holding two weapons.
– Fixed an issue that


Autonauts Features Key:

  • Direct Download
    • Requirements:
    • Os: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
    • File Size:
    • 5.97 Mb
    • Play:
    • Action, Drama
    • Direct Download

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    “A reality-bending survival horror game that challenges the player to solve the mysteries of the island within.”

    LETTERS FROM THE DEAD is the survival horror game you’ve been waiting for. Players take on the role of John Doe, a young man on a post-apocalyptic island. You’re last known address was on a different, seemingly safe, island, but now you’re stuck on a toxic wasteland where it’s unclear what’s real and what’s not. Using the items you find in the mysterious “Help” sack, you must explore the island and solve its secrets. Even the environment seems to react to your actions, as are the series of nightmarish apparitions that appear.


    An immersive story with multiple endings

    An original music composition by composer Taro Oikawa of Fear Effect and Fear Effect 2

    Two never-before-seen characters to explore the world of LETTERS FROM THE DEAD

    Delve into a new take on the “island” concept

    A storyline based in reality, with a mixture of the paranormal

    All of this as you fight to stay alive on the toxic island



    User-friendly Survival

    Minimalistic Game Design

    How To Play:

    You play as John Doe, a young man who wakes up on a mysterious island after an accident. An accident that cost him his memory, but left him with a mysterious sack he now carries with him as he navigates the island. He begins his search for a way off the island, but needs to stay alive first.

    With almost no enemies, you must rely on your wits to survive. Your only teammate is a dog, seen briefly at the beginning of the game but later withdrawn. The dog can help you by following your scent and alerting you of danger, but it can do you no harm if you step on its paw.

    You’ll have to scavenge for items, solve the mysteries of the island, and keep yourself alive. You’ll need to keep careful track of the time, as your “day” is getting shorter, and every minute that passes without food is a minute you’re closer to dying.

    You’ll have to gather items from across the island to solve the mysteries of the island. Some of


    Autonauts For PC [2022]

    This is a turn based strategy game with addictive gameplay, stunning gameplay and a highly memorable storyline.
    In each game you will be able to play as Alex, the hero’s daughter, and as Chronos, the god who you’ll have to fight in order to stop him from completing his plan!
    The gameplay is simple enough, whilst still being a challenge for the more experienced players.
    As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock new items and also improve your character by purchasing upgrades!
    With over 70 levels and 70 fun puzzles to solve, the game will keep you entertained for a long time.
    Strategy and puzzles
    Inspiration for chess and classic games
    Beautiful graphics
    Unique gameplay
    Simple controls
    Fully voiced
    If you like games like Chess or Pawn Stars then definitely give this game a go!
    “Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules” is another game from the team, known for their games like ‘Chef Dames’ and ‘Alexandra’.
    So if you like games like these make sure you check out their other games and subscribe to their channel to keep up to date on their new releases and game updates.
    Thanks for watching and we hope you have fun playing this game!

    Join ALEXIS, along with a diverse range of his allies, and fight the cruel God of Time to stop him, once and for all.

    Alexis, a young girl and the daughter of the mighty hero Hercules, inherits all of the power of the mighty hero when he dies. She is forced to fight the Lord of Time. The High Priestess of God of Time casts a terrible spell on the girl, to make her a pawn in the battle between the two gods. The High Priestess is aware that, along with Hercules, no one is strong enough to defeat God of Time and takes measures to ensure that no one can. Her approach is to turn the girl to stone and then, utilizing the power of the Goddess Athena, casts a powerful spell that transforms the goddess to stone herself. The High Priestess plans to use Zeus as a pawn in her war with God of Time. She sends the God of Thunder to the mortal world and makes him conquer the girl and turn her into stone.
    In the mortal world, Alexis has developed miraculous powers and considers herself a true warrior. The God of Thunder is now more than a threat, he is a major obstacle to her goal. But the High Priestess still


    What’s new in Autonauts: