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Published: July 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago)


The legendary U-2 VTOL airplane has returned for a second flight in the game “IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad”. This is not just a new skin for the plane: it is a real flight experience as well! You will be able to fly and fight the U-2VS in all mission modes (Scenarios, Battle, Quick) and play with your friends!
This great plane will make an appearance for only one time in the history of “IL-2 Sturmovik”.
What is new:
– new U-2VS skin
– working electric lights and Pitot tube warmer
– all objectives, ramps, and some other features are now visible during dogfights
– new AI methods
– working of the engine nacelle
– working of the tail skid
– working of the landing light
– working of the radio transmitter RSI-4
What is improved:
– more accurate physics
– new sounds for the engine
– new sounds for the landing lights and radio
– new sounds for the tail skid
– improved the accuracy of the tail skid performance
– improved the accuracy of the rudder
– improved the AI of the AI
What is fixed:
– broken sounds for the engines and props
– wrong sounds for some objects and units
– damaged objects that were broken on other models of aircraft
– blue HUD
– ability to fly different U-2VS models in online mode
Enjoy flying the U-2!


The U-2 was armed with two 76.2mm Type 97 ShKAS machine guns, one in the nose and another one in the rear of the aircraft. They fired through the propeller, which provided protection against attacks from the rear. The two machine guns had 1,000 rounds and 1,200 rounds of ammunition in the two magazines and three drums.


The U-2 had good flight characteristics. It had a good maneuverability, and was reasonably maneuverable even at high angles of attack. However, the plane was not particularly fast, with its indicated top speed of 140–150 km/h being much lower than that of the majority of World War II fighters and very much behind the speed of its contemporaries. The climb rate of 2,300 meters per minute was only average for the time. It was armed with two 7.62mm machine guns, one of which was in the rear, making it very hard to


Azure Saga: Pathfinder Features Key:

  • Lots of fun for everyone, including the Loneliest Robot
  • Multiple levels of trick-play, plus a new type for turns-based game.
  • Play solo or competitively online.
  • Innovative, evocative map
  • In this turn-based game, you’ll be taking on the role of a creature that is stuck in a prison-like environment, with options to take specific actions on your turn. But it is up to your friends to rescue you when the time comes!

    You can be a valiant “animal hero”, or a cowardly coward. Will you help the rare and endangered animals you see, in secret, or will you take advantage of the opportunity to begin a daring robbery from your friends?

    Adventure What is the quest?

    You can be either an animal hero, a courageous robber or a cowardly coward. Can you complete multiple quests at once? How will you approach each turn?

    On any turn you can take a specific action or pass. On top of that you can choose a specific animal you want to help, and whether you’ll rob someone or not. On your turn you can choose to join an animal, rob someone, flee or attempt to escape, and also take an “action”.

    When an animal wishes to join, you’ll have to take a mark from him. If his mark has been stamped on your head, you’ll be searched, and he’ll start to look for you. If you happen to be seen, you’ll get a mark as well. On top of that, an animal can speak his opinion to an animal friend. But you don’t have to be friendly with him to be helped. Can you remember if your friends are robbers or not? How will you proceed?

    The actual game unfolds on a detailed 3D map. You’ll choose your area first, and then find various steps and creatures you can interact with. There are hints provided which will let you choose your options, and later you can switch to a different mood. But you can always try to change the situation by stealing or aid a friend.



    Azure Saga: Pathfinder

    Reverse Hyperdimension Neptunia/Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation is a third-person fighting game starring Neptune from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. The game was released for Microsoft Windows in April 2018 and was designed by Dimension Neptunia Produce studio, with music by series composer Kazuhiro Hara and character designs by gaming artist Megumi Toyoguchi.
    Players play as Neptunia from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, as she embarks on a task to seek revenge on her sister Gamindustri’s descendants, who have accumulated within the body of the goddess Gamindustri. The story follows the events that caused Gamindustri to lose her true form and how the subsequent project to resurrect it was begun.
    This game features a battle system similar to the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, where players select three girls from a pool of characters and then, depending on the stage, select a partner or the sub-weapon and fight with the other character.
    The game is set to be released for Sony’s PlayStation 4 on November 29, 2018.

    November 23, 2018

    Nintendo Switch

    UPC: 888738510871

    Wii U: 864455698825

    PS4: 825171503752

    PS Vita: 875817493543

    Xbox One: 825818398634

    Steam: 825117337636

    XBox One Indie game, developed by FourLetterStudio

    The last of the Mana series.

    Players control various heroes in a fantasy world. They can choose between either the default hero, or both of them with an extra ability. Different attacks are performed by pressing the shoulder buttons and combinations are made by pressing specific buttons. Cards are used to enhance the heroes’ abilities, with one turn per card. Each card has a set number of uses before it can be discarded. These cards can also be upgraded, increasing their number of uses and their effects.

    The game is over when one of the heroes loses all of their HP, in which case the gamer receives a score based on the hero’s level and attribute points.


    The Button Panel has been divided in the upper middle, the left, the right and at the bottom of the screen.

    At the top of the screen, four areas have been marked.

    The upper area: Use (yellow), Trigger (red), HP (blue


    Azure Saga: Pathfinder Full Version [Win/Mac]

    1. The game begins with a blindfolded woman sitting in the dungeon. This is the first rank in the game.
    2. The woman is captured by the monsters and she must escape the dungeon. To do this, you can try to get away from the monsters using the different ways.
    3. The best way to get away is running to the exit.
    4. Wherever you go, you must pass through obstacles and monsters.
    5. You can find a weapon in some places.
    6. You can kill the evil monsters, for instance, the boss.
    7. You can go to the next rank by not passing the initial tests.

    Chaplins – new great RPG game. Make your way in the world of the mythical creatures, fight with your enemies, search for treasures and have fun, while having a great time.
    Main hero – boy from the fallen kingdom, cursed by the terrible witch. Her magic has given him the heart of a stone, which is why he is both small and stone. So, he gets dragged here and there, surrounded by his jealous enemies. Although he has not passed through every trials, he has become the person he is, and now he is trying to prove himself worthy of the legend, like any other mythological character.Features:* Fantastic graphics.* Rich soundtrack.* Inventory with various weapons, magical items, food.* Fight with your enemies, including bosses.* Make your way in the game, although the quests are not long – 12 missions.* Lots of items from a variety of locations.* Character background is created on the basis of the famous fairy tales.* Pass through the dungeons and complete them.* Have fun, because the game is light and wonderful.* Easy to use interface, no downloads required.

    Rule of Law – game about the same name character.
    In the game you are a strong warrior, and try to save a girl from the evil sorcerer. Story of the game is pretty simple – you have to take revenge for the death of your friends. There are two kinds of enemies – the evil sorcerer and the ugly man, which you have to defeat.
    Features:* Nice graphics.* Good AI* Light and funny theme.* A variety of weapons for you and your enemies.
    Game “Rule of Law” Gameplay:
    1. The hero is arrested by the evil sorcerer.
    2. He has to escape the prison, on his way, fighting with various opponents.
    3. The best way to escape is running to


    What’s new in Azure Saga: Pathfinder: