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Published: July 21, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

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This is an addictive cubing game. Cubit is one of the hardest game in the world. In this game, you have to dodge cubes to clear them and earn as many points as you can.
As the game is powered with a draggy action gameplay, I hope that you will enjoy it. Cubit will not break your fingers but it will definitely make them sweat.
Set yourself in a high yielding environment, because you’re here to battle it out. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be courageous. Just be SLOW. Slowly but surely, you will be winning.
In cubit, you will be dodging the cubes by moving your keyboard and mouse to avoid the cubes in a given space. So try and use keyboard and mouse to dodge the cubes as much as you can.
As you play, the cubes will be giving you more and more points. It will start at the bottom of the screen, and it will increase speed as it comes to the top of the screen.
Challenge Modes and random levels:
If you are a cubing noob or experienced player, you will be glad to know that there are many modes.
Challenge mode: This mode is unlocked after you have played with the random levels for about 6 games.
Easy mode: This mode is for the fresh noobs.
Easy mode is for users who are still getting used to cubing.
High score mode: You can try to beat your own high score.
Level Unlocked: You will have to try to beat all the level unlocked. All the levels have different theme and theme colors, so try to enjoy the game.
ENDLESS mode: You can play indefinitely without the restrictions of time.
Points Modifier: You can change the game setting to customize your playing environment and enjoy a more positive experience.
Lifetime Upgrade: Upgrade this game to make it better.
Global leaderboards: Get in a group of players from around the world and compete for the best high score.
You can ask me anything. I am always online. All the Cubit related questions will be answered in this comment section.
Just DOWNLOAD and ENJOY this game.
January 23, 2018


Bang Bang Fruit 3 Features Key:

  • Beautiful side-scrolling Metroidvania-style exploration
  • Hidden Stars
  • Colourful, detailed backgrounds
  • Easy access to Miiverse
  • Challenging gameplay
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    – Experience a significant shift in the narrative.
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    App Screenshots

    App Reviews

    Amazingly detailed and very fun


    By FunkManZ4

    This game has turned me into a fan of survival games. I don’t play as much as I should but I will definitely be picking up a few more titles from this developer.

    LOVED it


    By hwreguez81

    Oh man this game is amazing. I finally finished it and i loved it. I love the system of character creation and the storyline is great. There are a lot of upgrades you can make, so if you want more customization (more survival focused) this is the game for you.

    Worth the wait


    By M.B.V.

    It took the game company time to deliver the game. Some glitches and bugs here and there but overall, very good game.



    By 1feems

    Very good game with little glitches but not expensive

    An amazing game!


    By Long8eyes

    This game is by far my favorite of the current survival genre. It is a very well crafted game and has a lot of positive qualities that make it worth playing. I’d recommend it to anyone.

    Impossible to win!


    By Kepo

    I don’t understand how this game has a high rating, it’s just like virtually every other survival game I’ve played. You basically get a single weapon and die. After a few hours of playing, I’ve died at least a hundred times. So why do people like this game? You can’t win!

    Good Game


    By PooPah4

    I have played this game for about a week now and just hit the boss or max level just now. It is a new game for me since I have mainly played survival games with a first person view. This game allows you to play from a third person view like other survival games I have played. I have to say it is a fun game that I am having a good time with so far. I will try to play it a bit more as the days progress and see how long I can last. Good luck to all


    Bang Bang Fruit 3 X64

    The introduction of the game was honest and likable. At any rate, the tone and the presentation of the game made me want to become glued to the game immediately.

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    What’s new in Bang Bang Fruit 3:


    Welcome to the Pixel Puzzles Ultimate: Macro Maniacs log! Your homepage with the latest experiences, finish times, and game stats. Go ahead and click into the challenges for the previous week and keep bouncing from community to community in Pursuit of Macro.


    Hi, I’m new to this puzzle game, just to say I love it! Its much more enjoyable then I remember it being as a kid. As for the puzzles is beyond good, some weeks its difficult and others its a piece of cake. I’m trying to do as many as I can, outside of playing without the limit this is the best so far. Keep up the good work!

    Anon on

    One of my favorite MacPuzzle things to write is: “THANKYOU FOR READING this blog!”.

    I post as many puzzles as I can, usually several times. In one of my blogs I will write a’solution’, perhaps two or three, give some hints, and another puzzle will pop up. That one can take anywhere from a few days, like I did last year’s, to a few weeks, like I did a couple of years ago. Sometimes I can get up to 3 of those, one solution followed by two puzzles in a row that are posed as being relatively easy compared to the solution.

    I’ve gotten a few solvers to write the solutions to these puzzles, for their coworkers, for friends, even for strangers online (yes, that’s possible!), because those other people get a good idea of what the puzzle is, and I plan on writing the solutions anyway. One known solver looked at the first blog posting and found the answer after under 1 minute. The puzzle was “He Sees The Moon The First Time”. I posted a few days later, and this guy, to his credit, got the solution in 6 minutes (though he used a one word line instead of grammar check).

    Please know, this isn’t my only blog, and I’m not running a ‘race’. I consider each one to be an achievement in it’s own right, especially since I didn’t get the comments on this puzzle. I really appreciate when someone else reads what I’ve written and gets something out of it, so with that I say: thank you to those who got this.

    By the way, I have relatively short hair, or not very much hair at all, but I’m thinking of growing it. If you have any


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    Choco Pixel 6 is a minimalist puzzle game which goal is to get the toy car to the finish using 4 directions in space avoiding traps and choosing the right directions to avoid dead ends.
    There are hundreds of traps and sweets to avoid, more and more you will have to choose the right direction to avoid dead ends.
    Choco Pixel 6 is a match 3 puzzle game, beautiful and colorful, the objective is to connect as many of the same sweets or traps as possible to progress through the levels of the game.
    In Choco Pixel 6:
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