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Barrimean Jungle Features Key:

  • New items, job quests, and monsters!
  • A rich, expanded storyline and other new content!
  • Class and power changes!
  • The time has come to put the four classes to the test. Select one of the four gods and guide them through this dark world!
  • Complete the story to progress to the next chapter!
  • All classes will be playable!
  • Rough fight and item designs!
  • New sprites and character designs!
  • Made in Unity, so you can play this on Windows, Mac, and Linux!


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Tales of Xillia takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have been forced to live in scattered communities hiding from flying monsters. This is a story where a young man’s journey begins…
Now that the young man was released from jail after serving his sentence, he embarks on a journey that will change the world he lives in.
Players can choose between Tsilla, a girl who is into cats, and Rikka, a boy with a streak of sadness. They will encounter new friends and enemies, and search the land for missing people.
-Two ideal protagonists with a variety of strengths and weaknesses
-8 main characters along with their allies and opponents
-Robust action battles
-Fluid, lively towns with quests
-Sharp graphics and audio
-Over 100 hours of gameplay
About the developer:
Tales of Xillia is developed by the Tales series creator inXile Entertainment, from the award-winning studio that brought you the role playing game series such as Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment and the award-winning
InXile Entertainment currently consists of only the core team of the award-winning developers that created the critically-acclaimed videogame titles, while a vast crowd of people supports the company with talent, passion and hard work.
The team is focused on bringing its highly anticipated and original game to life, aiming to show what can be achieved in the world of video games.
“Striking a balance between the new and the old, while creating a lasting game experience”
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Tumblr :
Don’t forget to join the official Tales of Xillia discord for exclusive monthly events and more:

Tales of Xillia Website:
Tales of Xillia Facebook:
Tales of Xillia Twitter:
Tales of Xillia Tumblr:


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Do not let the zombies get you, you’ll be gone in no time!

Notice : this game only for adult audience (18 years of age)

About This ContentThe MachiaVillain Original Digital Soundtrack includes every spine-tingling track from the game composed by Ilya Volkov & Chase Parker.Track Listing:From Chase Parker:01. Accosted02. Clumsy Dark Theme03. Dance with death04. Empty Fields05. Evil Twins06. Graveyard Gremlins07. Mischief Mansion08. Ominous Woods09. Sneaking through an abandoned manor10. Waltz SchmaltzFrom Ilya Volkov11. Cosa Monstra 12. Nice To Eat You 13. Scary Tale14. Good Mourning 15. Bat To The Bone16. Werewolf Among Us17. Mummy Track20. Vampire Strikes Back

Description: After the evil king was defeated, the only remaining dark creatures in this post apocalyptic world are his creations: ghouls. The player will have to make sure that these creatures are not released in order to save the town from an infestation of ghouls.This game is a horror-themed survival action game where you have to run and hide from the zombie hordes. Choose a path, solve some puzzles and survive in this perverted playground where no one can escape.
Features:Zombie Head Zombies:The player character is armed with a small single-shot handgun, and two knives, one is longer. The zombies have three attacks: they can walk, they can attack and jump. Different kinds of weapons and armor can be equipped on the player character.Inventory:The inventory is separated into two sections. The first section is the bag, which can contain different types of items like food, ammunition and tools. The second section is a backpack, which contains more food and supplies. Every item can be equipped, which changes the appearance of the character, depending on the type of equipment used. When you get better equipped, you will be able to attack faster and jump higher, and vice versa when you get worse.Lives:This is a survival game, so the player has a limited number of lives. If the player gets killed, the game ends.Gameplay:Some items are only accessible by the player character, others are in an area where they can be reached by the zombies. The zombies walk towards the player character until they get close enough, at which point they attack. The zombies are not visible on the HUD


What’s new:

Beglov Style is a book by Herbert Mamiga and was first published in 1968. In the book, two imaginary characters were described. They are described as “Fray Chico” and “Fray Jonas”.

Beglov Style was first published in 1968 on 16 pages. In 1971, it was published as “A Fraction of a ‘Begin’ng”, which consisted of 25 pages. In 1979, the book was published again and published as “A Commence Rendezvous”, which consisted of 50 pages. In 1989, it was published as a cdrom and had a 70-page booklet with the book titled ”Fray Chico! Peter the Wise”. The author claimed that it was his most well-known book. In 2001, it was published as “What Is a Writer? A Beginner’s Guide”. The year 2013 has had an 80-page paperback reprint of the original anthology, the original ”Fray Chico! Peter the Wise”. In 2015, it was reprinted again, this time as a loose book edition.

“Beglov Style” was an interdisciplinary approach and a book that was written by a group of writers and poets, in the same time, it included a great deal of commercial and industrial items. “Beglov Style” is an imagined story that is told by a writer. There is a dual narration of the characters. The “Fray Chico” (“Peter the Wise”) and “Fray Jonas” (“Fray Chico”), the thinker and the speaker of lyricism, are two different people. “Fray Chico” was implied to be Fra Michelangelo. His work was “El Maestro” and his companion was “El Maestro” (“The Master”). They are the same person. “Fray Chico” is a human and a logoic character.

Other delights
“Beglov Style” begins with a quotation from “The Prince” by Macpherson: “The Delight Is in the Journey.”

Fray Chico
Chico was “From Ermelo.” In 1595, he was 26 years old and he had good luck in his hand. He had been appointed to the office of Grand Mathematician of the Tongue of His Majesty on the surety of the said nouns. At the tender of the Sire of the Serene Qing the new language was being prepared, which


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My last project was a game that wasn’t very popular. Since then, I’ve been spending the better part of my time trying to make a sequel to that game that people will actually like. The deadline for this project is very soon, so I’m feeling pressured.
I’m doing this music project to try to create a different type of music than I’ve been making. My style’s been leaning towards minimal techno a lot, but I’m hoping to throw in more guitar-related tracks in here, as well. I don’t know exactly how much time I’ll be able to work on this project, so please understand if you see my post title being signed like “Kyouen”.
I hope to upload more music as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions for songs or musical styles, please email me. I will respond.
The music is featured in this game. If you want to enjoy the tune I wrote, you can obtain it for free by simply playing this game. (It’s a free download.)
However, if you really like my music, please consider buying the game with DLC that includes the song!
The game has an awesome theme song that makes for a really good starting point, if you’re interested.
The bonus that comes with the game is a song of the same name that takes place during the game’s story. Unfortunately, I don’t own the composition, so this song is only available for free in the Japanese version. I included the name of the song so that you can watch the Touhou Project series and find it (there’s also a website where you can hear the song, too.)
If you don’t own the game, please consider buying it and playing the game, even if you don’t want to buy the music.
I’ve written a few other songs besides this one. They might be available for the two other songs. You can look at the list of songs, and you can also listen to them through this game’s website.
I have a few songs coming out soon. I will probably have one song for every Touhou Project title released within the next year. Please look for other songs coming out, too.
Have fun with this game. I hope it gets popular!

Sonic Rush (known as VS Rush in Europe) is a single player racing game that takes a ton of inspiration from space racing games. There’s a lot of diverse content, from a top-down, free-moving spaceship to a first-person first


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        You play in a park that has become a slave to cruel industry, as fairies threaten to take over. The only way to free the park from their dark magic is to hurry through the different game locations and race on the thrilling rollercoasters; trigger stunts, handle the thrilling collisions, avoid pitfalls and stay alive as long as possible. Follow the clues to discover


    System Requirements For Barrimean Jungle:

    Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows
    Memory: 2 GB
    HDD: 5 GB
    Processor: 2.5 GHz
    Operating System: MAC OSX 10.8 or higher and the Windows 7 or higher
    Controller: 2 x 360 pads
    Additional Notes: Oculus Rift support available on the HTC Vive
    Select the I Tunes store button, and search for “Dominion VR: The Card Game”. Select the “Get” button to begin downloading the game to your computer.
    Select the “Open