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Batman Arkham Asylum – Crack (fix All The Problems) – I Already Finish The Game With It

Batman is an orphan who is forced to abandon his friends and family as they suffer a massive loss due to his own actions. He must now contend with hallucinations of his old friend, Harvey Dent, which cloud his judgment, as well as his driving desire to avenge the death of his parents. When the Joker first appears in the game, the story flashes back to 1 year prior to the game’s events. Bruce Wayne’s parents are gunned down in the streets by Two-Face. While taking a drive in his baby blue sports car, Wayne comes across a distraught Alfred Pennyworth, who tells him that Two-Face has killed his parents and that he is on his way to Gotham city to bring Harvey Dent back from the edge. He, then, leaves to fight Two-Face. However, Alfred is waylaid and held at gunpoint by Joker, who is being pursued by Two-Face. After being struck by a car and knocked unconscious, Alfred is taken into the sewers where Two-Face tortures and nearly kills him. As Alfred is about to die, he conjures up the image of Bruce Wayne and releases a powerful “Dent” gas. Alfred regains consciousness, and, after being patched up, he aids Batman as he meets up with Two-Face, who is in the middle of torturing his mentor, Dr. Jonathan Crane. Two-Face stabs Batman in the gut as Crane is forced to call in an ambulance to help save his life. As a result, the criminals believe that Batman is dead. Batman survives, but with the Joker’s drug to blame. With his parents dead, he leaves Gotham city to create a new life for himself.

Rocksteady’s final third in development was split over two studios: Rocksteady Montreal, responsible for creating the atmosphere and environment, and Rocksteady Austin, responsible for designing the combat and Arkham City’s gameplay mechanics. For the main city of Arkham, Rocksteady completed the design before they began to build out the buildings, and by the time construction was completed, the team had already designed other prominent parts of the city. Rocksteady also developed a plan to use the tools of advanced level geometry and photogrammetry to generate each building’s textures and textures, and they had already experimented with this for the Batman: Arkham Asylum bonus levels.

While the city of Arkham City is huge, the game also attempts to be more realistic than its predecessor, although in order to achieve this a large portion of the city’s services (such as the utility company) are absent. Instead, there is a Disruptor-10 electric grid, which can be accessed to recharge the Batmobile. Metropolis was planned to feature in the game, but was cut for reasons of runtime or to allow for a better experience. In lieu of this, the player may simply travel to Gotham City, which changes its landmarks from other games. Within the city are many other districts, each one populated by gangs with their own hierarchy and various factions. Many gangs and villains in the city are from Arkham Asylum, such as Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, Two-Face, the Joker, Two-Eyes, Firefly, Killer Croc, Queen Bee, Victor Zsasz, Bane, Firefly, Brimstone, Bloodshot, Golden Glider, and the Pyromaniac, with some new characters such as Dark Knight Detective Jim Gordon, Poison Ivy, Alfred Pennyworth, and Scarecrow.
Arkham City features numerous side-missions, including ones done solo, co-op (with split-screen or online) and versus, where the player has to battle other Arkham City inmates or asylum inmates. Most of them are optional and are used to make the game feel longer than its predecessors. Other side-missions include fetching quotes from Batman’s notebook, doing business with the Arkham City tax-collecting organization, breaking into prisons, turning evil for reward, and the treasure map quest. There are also other perks, such as the ability to purchase items using the exo-suit, during a boss battle, with Joker’s money.