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Name Behind Closed Doors: A Developer’s Tale
Publisher Admin
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This is the story of the fight against the undead.
You will control a survivor who fights alone against hundreds of zombies.
Your task is to escape alive.
◎ Unbelievable graphics
◎ A brand new gameplay mechanic
◎ An original story.
◎ 5 different environments
◎ Loadout option.
◎ Low system requirements.
◎ Play worldwide in English and German.
◎ Multiple player option.
◎ Experience the heart beating action of this zombie shooter.
◎ Realistic settings.
◎ Huge zombies.
◎ Fun game.
Since the most popular viral video about zombies is made in 2009, the zombie game industry has flourished.
Tons of different zombie games has been developed, and with the majority of games you are fighting against more zombies than you can shoot.
Cry Baby brings a new gameplay mechanic for the zombie game genre with a fun and big story.
I’ll try to make the best of it.
Follow me on this crazy adventure!
CRY BABY in German


The zombie shooter genre is extremely popular in some parts of the world and can be considered one of the more popular genres of mobile video games.
There are several survival zombie games like this that you will find on Google Play, such as Under the Graves and Zombie Outpost. And there are additional marketplaces that allow you to browse and buy almost any type of mobile game, including the Android marketplace.
There are also a couple YouTube channels that will have you up and running with no apps to purchase.

Zombie Finest
Zombie City

You can also try this:

Zombie Civil War on Google Play

Caveman: Unlimited Survival on Google Play


Behind Closed Doors: A Developer’s Tale Features Key:

  • The 1st game in the “The Legend of Heroes” series starts a new fantasy adventure!
  • Evade and counter enemies!
  • Be prepared of unimaginably tough enemy attacks!
  • Hone your sword skills!
  • PS3 Storage Game Key Features:

    • Playstation 3 system is required

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    Behind Closed Doors: A Developer’s Tale [32|64bit] [Latest]

    We will release this game for you via the game ‘Sji Fans’ for the following platforms:iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone.
    Ari’s Journey (ミトラ)は、“色あせのバード”を生きるオモチャの記録となるシミュレーションゲームです。
    GameplayAri’s Journey:
    Ari’s Journey is a simulation game where you are the only monster in an era of peace. Don’t get too comfortable because a full-fledged monster appears and claims the world as its own.
    While exploration is the game’s key point, you can expect to find plenty of hidden items and secrets as you delve deeper into this action adventure. Enjoy the striking scenes and reveal all the secret of Ari’s Journey.
    Key FeaturesAri’s Journey •
    Step into the shoes of a legendary monster. The monster rises to fight humanity in an era of peace.
    • You must decide the history of the world with various items, and face various situations using these items.
    • Various characters appear as the scenes unfold, and the NPCs talk to you.
    • The details of the events of Ari’s Journey are not found in the story.
    • Search for the hidden items.
    • Experience Ari’s Journey.
    • The action adventure is easy to play even for young children.
    Game Box
    ・Play Station™Network: 32bit PS2 game
    ・Standard case
    ・Play Station™Network Game Guide
    ・USB flash drive with update
    ・12-inch papercraft figure
    ・A doll that resembles Ari.
    ・Play Station™Network Compatible
    ・Game can be played on PS3.
    ・Play Station™Network: 32bit
    Software that is designated as “Play Station™Network” (compatible with the PS3™) is subject to additional terms and conditions as set forth in the User Agreement and Product License Agreement of the software.
    【PlayStation™Network Version Information】
    ・Software Title: Ari’s Journey
    ・Game Genre: Simulation
    ・Platform: PS3™
    ・Publisher: Bossa Studios Ltd.
    ・Release Date: December 8, 2012
    【PlayStation™Network Price Information】
    ・Software Title: Ari’s Journey
    ・Game Genre: Simulation
    ・Platform: PS3™
    ・Publisher: Bossa Studios Ltd.
    ・Launch Date:


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