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Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


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For example, if youre paying $40 each for your themes and many of them wont work, then its completely acceptable to ask your theme authors for a refund. The WordPress core team updates WordPress on a regular basis and often works on the very updated versions. These versions of WordPress are called “stable. You can learn more about those types of WordPress here –

Note – PHP5 is not a requirement for WordPress and can be safely removed from any themes PHP file, but if your theme is coded in PHP4 or older, then youll have to keep it in your theme file. If your theme wont install then this could be the issue. WordPress is also designed to be very modular so many of the necessary components can be easily removed if needed.

Themes are allowed to be sold individually or as a package. If youre buying a website package, then I personally would suggest grabbing the right theme first. Some packages are just not worth the money. This is a huge reason why certain WordPress themes go for $90 and $200 respectively. Once you get the original theme (generally from the theme authors website) then you have all of the necessary files ready to go. Once you know that its installed in a package, then you can test to see if that theme has all the necessary components (usually control panel, there is a wordpress controlled panel). If it doesnt have a control panel, then you can search for a free control panel. You should be able to find a suitable free control panel pretty easily on Google.

Most sites dont need a special theme. They follow the default WordPress theme to build their site. Of course, youll have to be somewhat aware of where your site is being hosted. If you purchase a webhost package, that should tell you where your files are. If your installing your own server, then thats the location youll need to know. Either way, youll need to keep tabs on where your files are in order to update themes.

It can be tempting to pirate a WordPress theme you dont want to pay for, but the negatives almost always outweigh the money youll save. More importantly, you can easily find outstanding themes that wont break the bank. While some premium options will set you back more than $70, themes such as Uncode can be bought at a very reasonable price.
However, if you cannot upgrade your theme it does not prevent you from updating the rest of WordPress. This means that you can update your theme to the latest version and if a new security issue in WordPress fixes the problem you can then update all the core WordPress files, plugins, and setting of your site.
Of course, if you need more comprehensive site support you can find paid WordPress theme support services that can address your needs and help you troubleshoot issues without you having to figure things out yourself. You can often find premium support packages including SEO and even turnkey solutions. More often than not you are able to find support that is more cost effective.
This places you at the mercy of the developer, its up to them to keep up with WordPress releases and put new features in the theme to address these changes. Often this can be a fun thing for someone, but often can be a nightmare for a business owner whose site may be profitable.
When updating your theme, you will often find that there are new features in WordPress as well as changes to the appearance of the interface. Some things will remain the same, like the logo, navigation, color schemes, but often there are updates to the code that will need to be retested before updating.