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Deep below the Volcano of Phaestus lies the Hades Dungeon.
Despite being at the bottom of the volcano, it is only minutes away from the Surface by swift Drop-Ship. The Dungeon Theme is a fast-paced, make-or-break, snowball-style battle between your faction’s units and their antagonists’ units.
Unit Powers in the Overworld include:

Building constructions such as walls, towers and harbours

“Castrate” enemies so that they cannot fight back

“Projectile: Yes” units can shoot missiles at enemy units

“Cloning” units to gain more

“Accelerate” units to run faster

Faction track events such as turrets, projectiles and other buffs/debuffs

Events like Bravery and Toughness boost

Future Plans for War for the Overworld – Heart of Gold Expansion:
The Heart of Gold project began with the release of the original War for the Overworld base game in early 2018. In this standalone expansion for players of the base game we offered a smattering of new units, spells and gameplay enhancements to the Underworld. We have continued with this project by making significant improvements and reworking a number of core gameplay systems.
As part of our continued development of the game we will eventually release a second standalone expansion for War for the Overworld – Heart of Gold. This is currently scheduled for release in Q3 2020.
Please note that the War for the Overworld base game is not required to play Heart of Gold.

Features – War for the Overworld – Heart of Gold:

Four new Campaign levels

New starting units, troops, spells and upgrades

New Dungeon Theme with complete customization – new wall, tile, skin and worker skins

Added custom, hand-crafted Factions Deck

New system for deploying player-controlled units – supporting simultaneous local and network play

Improved Health Points system – no more instant death

Improved unit difficulty balancing – a refactored unit combat system with more challenge

Significant system tweaks to speed up gameplay and reduce lag

Much improved AI which makes use of Titans and Artefacts properly

Easter egg for all players

War for the Overworld – Heart of Gold is free to players who own the base game. Click here to find out more!
Additional information regarding all expansions – and updates to the base game will be announced on the official website and social media in due course.


Features Key:

  • Go to country
  • Improve your stamina
  • Get rich, go to club and have fun.


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The Creature Collection 5e presents more than 175 creatures from the scarred lands and the world of the 5th Edition system.
Discover your favorites anew in this hand-picked selection of creatures from the storied history of the Creature Collection and the Scarred Lands.
The Creature Collection 5e features a host of tools to help you find the perfect creature for the encounter you’re building. Also included are an appendix of battle maps, encounter seeds and a Challenge Rating index.
While the monsters herein are taken from the various Scarred Lands supplements released down the years, they can easily enhance any setting or campaign.

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Travis Legge, Fran Stewart, Sarah Stewart, and Mike Bell

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and the included 5E Compatible ruleset.

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extension and ruleset you have loaded and if you are running Fantasy Grounds or Fantasy Grounds Unity.

■ Modules Included:

– 5E Compatible Rulesets: Over 100 weapons, armor and feats.

– A Collection of the 75+ adversaries from the Creature Collection supplements.

– Creatures from the Scarred Lands.

– A GM toolbox

– A collection of short monster write ups

– A collection of encounter seeds

– A collection of battle maps


– Blog post by Travis Legge

– Website

– Facebook Page

– Twitter

– Twitch

© 2014 All rights reserved.


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This is an action puzzle game! Solve puzzles with zup! and other zup!s.
Appears in:
1. First level (Search for a single door)
2. Airplane
3. The Riddles Game(Begin)
4.Riddles Game (End)
5. The Riddles Game (Middle)
“Music 2″
1. End of the game
Music 3”
1.Hanging Game
4.The Game has ended
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* Soundtrack of film “Zup!”
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“I call this technique’seeing’ because it’s exactly what it sounds like: an interpretation of the underlying image. By’seeing’, I mean not by looking at the image, but by’seeing’ the image. This is a visual alchemy that takes place in the mind.”

(Peter Mayer)

I created this piece to explore the fascination of the human body, and to convey the thought that we are all one. I draw on my work in medicine and the natural sciences to


What’s new:

    Periodically I’ll be writing short articles about strategies or techniques used in Command & Conquer 3. This is the third in a series of articles and will go into how to customize your units. In the following, I’ll cover the changes for your Unit Customization screen.

    Option 1: Create Your Own Unit
    If you want to create your own unique model for your unit, the first thing to do is use this modifier. Once you have it set up, all you have to do is simply load the unit into editor and tinker with its original appearance. This is good because you can adjust it and stuff to make things look a bit better. For example, here is a sample layout with the mod applied.

    Notice that all of the unit’s stats are grayed out. As of now, any changes to this portion of the screen can only be performed by editing the unit’s individual stats file, so in the case of the above example, you’d need to edit stats.txt for it to make any difference.

    If you want to create custom animations for your units, the control modifier of the above mod can be used.

    Options 2: Use Unit Customization Modifier with Custom Animation
    Here is a sample layout with the mod applied to it:

    The only difference between this and the previous example is that all of the unit’s stats can be easily changed to fit your needs, while also playing custom animations. In the case of the above example, I made the 6 scientists change their loot outputs. Also notice that the set speed has been set to 0, meaning that unit cannot move at all until manually placed by the player.

    The Control Modifier
    The control modifier allows units to use the same commandmodes as their human counterparts, but with several restrictions.

    These modifiers only exist on the Infantry, Marine and BattleMech. On all of the other units in the game, you will only have access to the command modifiers that are associated with all of the units, meaning that you will have to make your own button mappings.

    General Controls

    Controls a specific unit’s weapon mode.

    Control Accelerates movement.

    Control Decelerates movement.

    Set Accelerates destination.

    Set Decelerates destination.

    Control Turns.

    Control Toggles position indicators on and off.

    Attack and Turn on : Starts an automatic movement.

    Attack and Turn off: Stops movement.


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    Wolf’s Vale is a single-player, action-adventure first person RPG game with story elements. This game combines RPG mechanics such as experience points, loot, and items that grant character customization with fast paced action and puzzles.
    The town of Wolfvale is not your typical place of refuge. The people hide secrets behind closed doors. The city has grown a little too much. The Monster’s playground of Wolfvale has seen many changes. From the citizens, to the monsters to the architecture. The world is not what it seems.
    In Wolf’s Vale, your character is a young girl named Lily. Lily has always had a rough life, and her family is always on the edge. Her father used to travel around the country, and his job gave him interesting adventures. Now, he teaches at a local school and keeps a close eye on his daughter. He doesn’t want her to grow up like he did.
    In a lonely mountain road, a group of people are gathering. The people are not what they seem, and little did Lily know, she was being watched.
    1. Alternate Playstyle :
    The alternate gameplay is a story-driven RPG with combat focusing on swift and deadly action and puzzles that require swift reaction and thinking on the fly.
    2. Character Customization:
    Character customization is optional in the alternate version, with player’s picking from two different faces (Lily the person and Lily the monster). Character customization allows Lily to be over 300 different monsters in one playthrough.
    3. Combat Mechanics:
    Combining tactical elements such as RPG combat with fast-paced action provides for tactical and brutal combat.

    I had been working on two projects. One of which was a labor of love. I’m completely satisfied with the result and I’m proud of it.
    The other game, which was more of a professional effort, was something I worked on for a while and at which point I felt more was needed than what was in it. I lost track of the project for a while and did other things.
    Then I thought about it again. I knew I wanted to make a game with all of the design and attention to detail that I put into the first game, with a completely different style. I wanted to see how far I could take the game. I was thinking in terms of hardcore elements of gaming, simulating a combat scene in a deep, virtual reality type atmosphere. I wanted to put a lot of work into each and every aspect of the game. I


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    System Requirements For BFF Or Die:

    OS: Windows 7
    CPU: Intel i5 or equivalent
    Supported screen resolutions:
    Mac: 1280×1024
    DPI: 160
    Xbox One: 1280×720
    PS4: 720×480
    Mac: 1920×1080
    DPI: 300
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    PS4: 1080×1920
    Drivers: Windows 10