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Amazon India – 5,99, Used and Refurbished (Amazon India) · ­ Amazon (India) · zillow (US) · ­ Apple · PC Mag (US) · BenQ (US) · Braud · Dell ·.In the waning hours of the 2012 Republican presidential primary, Newt Gingrich called President Obama’s re-election “an act of, you know, high treason.”

The Republican front-runner had spent the previous month attacking the president and his allies as “un-American.”

Gingrich was calling the shots for the angry, anti-Obama base of the Republican Party.

But even with a large lead, he underestimated the strength of that base’s beliefs.

In the two years since the Republicans’ stunning loss to Obama in the 2012 general election, that insurgency has only grown in intensity — in some cases, even expanding into the minority party.

The GOP establishment has largely ceded the insurgent movement to the right, but just not on some of its key issues, and certainly not in the presidential primary.

GOP establishment figures like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan have been forced to work with President Obama on a few measures, including the current bipartisan budget deal, and those initiatives have still generated a lot of heat in conservative media.

But a few issues have now become touchstones for the very conservative activists who’d been part of the tea party movement that drove Republican opposition to Obama and other Democrats.

The debt ceiling

For example, the issue of the national debt has become a rallying cry — especially in the religious right — for the GOP’s conservative base.

A number of groups, notably the Club for Growth, are backing Ohio congressman Jim Jordan, who announced his run for the Republican nomination on Tuesday, and have been building up grassroots campaigns across the country.

The Club for Growth’s focus in the debt ceiling fight is getting rid of Obamacare, on which it has become a leader in the anti-Obamacare movement.

The religious right has also come around to the idea that it has to accept a new school of thought on economics.

In the last year, as the battle over the debt ceiling became a flashpoint in the GOP primary, dozens of new religious groups have been created in the name of eliminating what they see as the government’s interference in personal liberty.