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Name Bloody trains – Faces Faces Choo Choo Choo
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Metropolis Lux Obscura is like your personal playground, completely controlled by you. You are the one who will decide how to organize the party, how to spend it and how to spend the time between parties.
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Features of Metropolis Lux Obscura comic book:
– The world famous club is in town
– Only on Metropolis Lux Obscura your name is of prime importance
– No specific date
– Full control of you party
– Several endings
– Try new games, meet new people and experience new sensations and desires
– 100% Original graphic novel.
– Draw your own comic strip
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    Bloody Trains – Faces Faces Choo Choo Choo [Mac/Win]

    ■ NOT EVERYONE HAS A WALLPHONEThis game is focused on a very core experience. To get the full benefit, we recommend using a modern smartphone. Not everyone has one. We know that. And with thousands of phones and app stores, there is the possibility that our experience may not be possible on every device. If you want to be able to play this game, please: ■ Download it and play it only on phones. ■ Don’t save progress. If your phone crashes, your progress gets lost forever.If you still want to play, download a different type of phone. App store for phones: Gapps Market ■ Download it and play it only on the Samsung Galaxy S II. ■ Don’t save progress. If your phone crashes, your progress gets lost forever. If you want to play, download the app store for the Galaxy S II.



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    ● Do not sacrifice your life!

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    What’s new in Bloody Trains – Faces Faces Choo Choo Choo:

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    System Requirements For Bloody Trains – Faces Faces Choo Choo Choo:

    PC: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP or MacOS 10.9
    RAM: 1GB is optimal for the most of the world
    video card: 256MB recommended
    DirectX: Version 11
    HD video: 1280 x 720 resolution
    Hard drive space: 30MB
    Prefer to play in windowed mode? Play the game in windowed mode by setting the game’s resolution to 1280×720 and turning off vsync.
    Mouse: Any kind of mouse will do


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