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Published: July 19, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

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Name BorderCollie Game
Publisher gisyud
Format File
Rating 4.10 / 5 ( 3214 votes )
Update (7 days ago)




Remastered game for VR. Walk in the shoes of L’Archimede, a man from the 1840’s. Now, this man has the task of finding the important logs and find the puzzle box using the only working internet connection he has which is the trains.
Is your mind set for an escape the room game? Do you like playing with puzzles and using your brain skills? Let’s try Escape!VR: Trapped Above the Clouds.
It is based on the classic ‘Escape! Room’ game where you take the role of L’Archimede.
Solve puzzles, search for clues and find the right object to find the path to escape. Can you do it? You’ll have to use all your logic, your knowledge, as well as your brain to escape.
Escape!VR is the perfect VR game to enjoy, with an incredible atmosphere, with a great story and a mesmerizing soundtrack.
Start your adventure in a mysterious and realistic world, which, besides puzzles, provides a story with interesting characters.
The puzzles are a great part of Escape! VR: Trapped Above the Clouds, as they are adapted to the 360 degree world of VR.
You’ll have to play smartly and use the environment to your advantage, since it is a 3D space. Your tool is your brain, and therefore your intuition plays a very important role.

3D Space

The puzzles have been carefully adapted to the 360 degree space of VR.

Play Smartly

The puzzles will require your best thinking to solve them. Use your brain like a tool to solve them.

Great atmosphere

You will be able to explore a mysterious and realistic world. It’s an original journey, which will keep you involved.

Can you Escape?

It will be your task to escape from the cellar with the keys. If you like puzzles, escape the room games and solving puzzles in an adventurous way, then Escape!VR: Trapped Above the Clouds is the right game for you.




Escape VR: Trapped Above the Clouds [iOS]

March 31, 2017

Play Escape the Room! In this VR 360 escape the room game L’Archimede is trapped in an abandoned cellar full of puzzles. You have to use your brain to find the solution and escape, following the clues he’s given


Additional Information

Name BorderCollie Game
Publisher gisyud
Format File
Rating 4.10 / 5 ( 3214 votes )
Update (7 days ago)


BorderCollie Game Features Key:

  • X
  • A
  • Up arrow
  • Left arrow
  • Right arrow
  • Quick-jump
  • Once quick-jump return to normal

What’s New:

  • This version of game has been updated.
  • More function if player then see the next screen the motion mode of the ‘happy’
  • If player do not the next screen too happy the motion jump quickly move?
  • If players.
  • If player do the next screen too happy the screen will be need more motion?
  • Why you feel grateful to this game?
  • Changes now open your bookmark


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Welcome to the 1950s. By your 20th birthday, you’ll have spent 20 years living in a world where time moves much slower than it does today. But you haven’t lived enough yet… It’s time to journey back to a post-war world, but is it safe?
This is a game about time travel, suspension of disbelief, and having a good time.
This game has two main story arcs, with the second arc coming at the end of the first.
In the first arc, we follow the story of the adult Ernest. As he grows up, his teenage self takes him to see his future self. This manifests as his young adult self now living as a foster child, going by the nickname of D-22, but we don’t see Ernest’s younger self for most of the game. We experience Ernest’s life as his previous self, who is now his adult self as the game opens. We are then thrown into the second arc, where we follow the story of D-22 as he goes back in time to test if the return journey will be an improvement.
Before the first journey, Ernest lives his life with his foster parents, who are less than understanding. He picks up a few petty crimes and drugs to ease the boredom, but when the opportunity comes to travel through time, it comes with the discovery that time travel isn’t as simple as it seems. The problems start when he soon realizes he’s started out on a path of making a real difference to people’s lives, and that taking on such a daunting challenge is easier than it sounds. As he realizes the magnitude of the time travel he’s set out upon, he begins to worry. It’s then that he makes the decision to make the return trip; a decision that would dramatically alter the trajectory of his life.
The game can be played as a time-pass or end-game, but it’s recommended to play as a time-pass as you’ll want to explore and use all the game’s features. There are a few features to note:
1. Nothing is locked away at the start. All the items you acquire, items you find, items you discover and things you do can be used at any time. There are items that can be upgraded, but that’s not too difficult. Simply use the item until you get tired of using it, then upgrade it.
2. Everything goes for gold, so if you find something for its true value, then you can keep it. This


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The game features 29 artists in all, with new ones added along the
way. There are 21 rounds of gameplay with the goal of winning the game
by winning 2 of the 3 stages. Time codes are not seeded so all games
are done at the same pace. There is a rule that forbids multiple wins
in each stage. There is also a bonus stage for the player who goes into
the bonus stage first or second place.
*NOTE* While there are a few tiebreakers, they are rarely used
so most of the time the winner of the race is declared as the winner.
The first stage is a quick dash through the game. Each team has 3
graders (3 zones that the grader controls) that they are racing to.
When a team gets to a zone they must either get a coin or take that
grade. After 3 rounds each team must get their coin. Each team gets
to try their coin. The team with the highest grade wins the round.
Once every team has the same coin, the race is over and the player
will move on to the next stage.
The player must choose which grader he would like to get the coin
from. The grader has a different ranking from the others and a specific
risk. From Highest to lowest, they are:
1) Alphas: They are the fastest grader and the safest. They are the
best for doing short cuts.
2) Speeds: They are the slowest grader and risk more time. They are
the best for graders through the forest.
3) Survival: They are the slowest grader and have the lowest risk
4) Snares: They are the slowest grader and have the lowest risk
Your Grader has 2 ways to go; Normal and Super. It is based on how
long that grade is done. Alphas gets only 1 minute, Speeds get 15
minutes, Survival get 20 minutes, Snares get 35 minutes.
Super Grade = Your Grader’s max time for that grade
The Super Grade wins if your grader does not finish their grade.
Once every grader has their Super Grade, they move on to the bonus
*NOTE* You can’t force a


What’s new:

    /Urquhart Castle Set Mod – MZ Christian – 30/03/2005 16 comments File list; Note that this is currently in Japanese only format! Tips and observations; -Rivers and Waters have trees for scenery edges. They are different from the ones you would find in a game like Metroid or Metroid Prime, for example. Instead of typical blocky trees, they are detailed, with warps enabled and will actually add foliage to them if you include some. -There is a special area of the map that only shows a single piece of environment art with trees. It shows a greenwood, which is a sort of forest. They are the real tough monsters. In this zoomed out version of the map, it’s easy to get lost in the trees without being able to see what’s at the edge of the forest. -The water (but only the placid water) on the map contains splashes of sound effects. -There are animated blue pipes near the center of the map (Port Harbor (Center)), which have voice samples with a hint of Japanese sense of humor. -In the Graveyard, there is a pond with a statue (Blue) with a voice. He/She will say “Tama-ga.” (Talk to, or say to Tama). -In the Graveyard, there is a pond with a huge “Koi” fish statue, followed by another blue statue (Standing still). In the Pool, there are 2 green statues with an Icy waterfall, followed by a red and green statue with a blue Icy waterfall. -There are 2 pools of water on the map that contain a number of other, smaller water features. -Several trees line the map (thick, small trees – little mica horses trotting in the wind – at the edge of Grassland and Mushroom). -If you walk near a watercourse, you’ll go to the River. As you walk along the watercourse, there are many different water values. One of the most subtle is when you walk near the pitch black water until you can no longer see the lily pads anymore. -If you walk on a bridge or old river stone, you’ll go to the pool. If you walk near the pool, there are 2 statue guardians with a green/red spell. Then you’ll find some waterfalls, complete with actual flow underwater. The one with green water/light makes rain, but you could change it to Red or Blue by excluding the light. The one with green/red water


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