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Name Bridge! 3
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– Developed by HanbitSoft: Weekly update game of Strategy game with 1 month interval
– Be reproduced from first person perspective
– Customize your hero with various weapons, armors, and runes
– Unique battle action
– Action is a significantly improved version of the game ELIOS
– Using the Elios experience system, can customize with different skills as you progress
About Hanbitsoft
Hanbitsoft Studio (H.S. Studio) is a development studio founded in 2014, established in Korea. HanbitSoft is aiming to provide the latest games and contents in the games industry and consumers with one of the best content experience.
HanbitSoft Studio is focusing on the adaptation to any kinds of new games or contents, and depending on the localized version, they are concentrating on improvement of game quality, providing consumers with the original games or contents of the best content experience.
Began to work
December 21, 2014
Elios: Gateway to a New World
Game mode: Elios
Game page:
We are developing various kinds of contents such as third-person games, side games, hybrid games, etc.
In addition, we are adapting strategy games with one of the fastest game development system.
We are developing various kinds of contents such as third-person games, side games, hybrid games, etc.
In addition, we are adapting strategy games with one of the fastest game development system.
See more…Ostara Preview

This moon just keeps getting busier and busier! And I don’t mean parking lots.

Ostara has so much to offer! There is a festival called Spring Equinox Faire. This is a full weekend celebration of pagan arts and spirituality. I’ve had a chance to attend some of this wonderful event and it reminds me of the seasons that I love.

There are live performances, crafts, food vendors and games. There are fun activities for kids, performance by the Amaranth Fraternity and the Floral Order of Gnomes.

There are decorations for your home that range from toasty to cozy.

And you can’t forget the food! There are going to be over a hundred food vendors that are selling so many goodies! I�


Features Key:

  • Persistent save game system
  • Attachement earn system
  • Friendly interface

    This is a stand-alone stand-alone open source game.


    Overture OST File Use Notes

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    Overall Gameplay:
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    The subject matter seems to be a bit dry, the gameplay


    What’s new in Bridge! 3:

    – 1s run

    A spherical USB device which sits in your Android smartphone and and is compatible with all of the multiplayer methods (such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and 3G). It also has skin support and an App which is required to use multiplayers such as in, Onslaught, Onslaught Gold, Immersion VR for Steam and the unlimited stand-alone Onslaught Deluxe experience.

    Next, you’ll require a device such as the Samsung VR headset (or version 1.0 of the Samsung Gear VR’s) and an HMD compatible Android smartphone or tablet. The device then sends video over HDMI to the smartphone/tablet.

    The Gear VR has the display integrated which allows you to see through the screen of your smartphone/tablet. The app uses what’s called the microUSB for power and data. (both need to be current to use the app, so supply these!)

    We found the Korean model, but have read that the HTC One and One Mini aren’t supported. It will also need Android 5 or higher.

    We’ve had to base most of this guide off of one which was given to us by the developer and didn’t take into account things that are going to change, such as an Android update changing things. All together, this is a work in progress guide.

    1) Install the software

    – Prepare your computer for the USB adaptor

    Connect the USB adaptor and set it up on your computer according to the manual

    – Connect the VR adaptor

    Plug the VR adaptor into the USB port on the computer. When it’s connected plug it into your computer via a combination of the USB, PC’s power supply and possibly an HDMI connector.

    – Download the software

    Sketchfab was the original provider, but they have now been bought out. The developer then released it for sale under his own name, which is the advantage of compiling community reviews – they have more knowledge than others! The developer then also built it’s own website up, which we used to get all the info you need.

    You can choose to either get an AUD$29.95, AUD$49.95 or AUD$99.95 package, which gives you the app plus one of the headset models.

    – Under the App menu, click

    2) Download the API Key

    Some apps still require an API Key, so update the information as your key gets rejected.

    – Find


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    5. When the game is complete, the player will be awarded with a gold medal.
    1. Story
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  • Overview
  • Before you start
  • Download & Information
  • Enjoy!
  • Tutorial by theCrazypenguin

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