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U.S. wine prices saw their biggest yearly jump in five years in 2015, driven mostly by the steepest rise in imported wine prices in nearly a decade. But with sales down, consumer groups and some in the industry are expressing concern that U.S. wine prices are a “death spiral,” as the heavy price increases mean fewer consumers buy domestic wines.

The average price of all wines sold domestically rose 9 percent in 2015 — the biggest year-over-year increase since 2009, according to the Wine Institute. All wine imports, domestic and foreign, saw prices rise 16.4 percent, according to the institute, which conducts a survey of wholesale prices at its monthly meetings for winemakers and retailers.

The figures don’t include many lower-priced wines. Wine industry spokesman Andrew MacLean says more wines are being priced below $10 a bottle, making the price increases at the higher end hard to discern.

Last year saw a 23.9 percent rise in wine prices; the increases were the same at the high and low ends of the price spectrum, leading to the average price hike of 9 percent.

All told, U.S. wine sales fell 5.6 percent in 2015 to $25.6 billion, according to the U.S. Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Association. Imported wine sales, at $5.9 billion, rose 14.1 percent, driven by higher prices, said the wine institute. Domestic wine sales fell 3.3 percent. The decline was in line with overall wine consumption, which fell for the seventh straight year.

“The increase in prices at the wholesale level can be considered as a manifestation of a larger phenomenon: the lack of volume growth, or even declines

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