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kad811 Check out what was just added to the Chromecast SDK! Then, you can get started building Google Cast
apps for iOS and Android tablets and
phones. The Data Source Interface (
also includes updates for Android 4.x to make your Data Source more broadly
compatible with various text-based programming languages.

What does this mean for Android N API developers? We’ve
updated the Data Source to support adding columns to the
RecordSet returned by the DataSource.

Some key changes for Android N include the following:

1. Adding a column to a RecordSet requires special
coding to concatenate the value onto the end of a String

2. If you have a RecordSet returned by the
DataSource, it will now return a new additional field
called RowId instead of the previous DataSource.RecordId.

3. Android N API objects will return a
Error Code along with the Record and RowId. This will
allow you to handle errors in a more robust way.

4. If you want to check whether a record exists in the DataSource, you will get a RecordNotFound Error
instead of a RecordNotFound Exception.

5. Android N will no longer support Record IDs or
Record Number fields, which were purely for internal

6. Android N will no longer support RecordPath or
Path fields, which were purely for internal

We are sure there are other changes in the
DataSource in N, which we’re unable to list, but
hopefully this is a good start to give you a
high level overview of the new API.

Let us know if you have any questions or run into
any issues!

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