by trirey
Published: November 21, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Eboot Cfw 3.55 Ps3 _BEST_

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Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Eboot Cfw 3.55 Ps3

1. rename all files in [usrdir] into [bcus98298] then copy the [eboot.bin] from the retail disc [bcus99134] then paste them into [bcus98298] and rename it [eboot.bin] (this is needed by hack ps3 cfw 4.0)
2. edit param.sfo of [bcus98298] and change ‘title id’ and ‘ps3 system’ into [bcus98298] then save,
3. rename ps3_game folder into npua72074,
4. copy npua72074 folder into [npua72074] then rename it [ps3_game],
5. copy [eboot.bin] from the retail disc [bcus99134] into [ps3_game] folder,
6. copy [param.sfo] from the retail disc [bcus99134] into [ps3_game] folder,
7. rename sfxdesc and waves_ps3 from content_eng into content_rus, and remove content_eng and rename the following:
– content_rus to content_eng,
– content_rus.000.xtc to content_eng.xtc, and
– stringtable_rus.xcr in stringtable_eng.xcr.
8. for dtu: transfer npua72074, [eboot.bin] and param.sfo into cfw ps3 then dtu to ofw ps3, and then play online via fckpsn. done.

1. rename [ps3_game] folder into [ps3_game],
2. copy [param.sfo] from the retail disc [bcus99134] into [ps3_game] folder,
3. copy [eboot.bin] from the retail disc [bcus99134] into [ps3_game] folder,
4. rename param.sfo as [param.sfo.patch] and then copy it into [ps3_game] folder,
5. rename [usrdir] into [usrdir.split],
6. rename [ps3_game] folder into [usrdir.split] then move [usrdir] folder into [ps3_game] folder,
7. rename [ps3_game] into [usrdir.split]/[ps3_game],
8. unpack the update [v1.01] from where you downloaded it into [usrdir.split]/[ps3_game]/[v1.01] then copy [ps3_game] folder into the same folder [usrdir.split],
9. for han: move npua72074, [eboot.bin] and param.sfo into [usrdir.split]/[ps3_game] then run [].

You play as Kyle but also roles as a Hong Kong native who has came back after investing time in the usa. Befuddled with a need to avenge his forefathers dying, he accepts a dangerous assignment to infiltrate the us organizations On Yee triad and aid bring them lower from inside. Opening on the cheapest steps from the criminal ladder, he quickly increases up with the ranks, playing with techniques that typically make his triad cohorts suspect hes a cop and lots of his police superiors think hes getting too high. This is a typical tale of the undercover cop possibly getting into to deep, and also the story does not have surprises available for you personally. But outstanding voice acting and writing that well blends British and Cantonese turn it out into a tale thats far more than able to provide you with a great time.
After the yearlong downtime, the 1st and also the most recent Modern Warfare debuted with a huge bang. The words ended up being true. The game performed better than the 24 hour launch of Ghostbusters by a wide margin. The multiplayer could keep pace with the console along with the players, and also the content design was on par with each other. Alas, the masses didnt stay long. Thats a shame, as being a sequel is usually a less difficult option than starting out from ground zero. For the 1st time within the series, content campaign and also the multiplayer are both totally developed from the ground up. Thus, theres no set of prebuilt strategies to support your products from the game. This game doesnt want to be any simple game. It loves being clever, but doesnt take the time to be funny. It also has a solid military setting, but it can be witty along the route. Theres just a slight nugget of something for the player to take pleasure in. Thats especially true for the multiplayer. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare v3.55 PS3