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It’s the latest sequel to the hit Groove Coaster, a distinctive retro puzzle platformer.
Discover the latest release from the most influential retro indie game development studio, Arboreal!
VELVET is also a remake of the first game.
All new original songs and improved gameplay!
Also many new and improved features!
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It’s the latest sequel to the hit Groove Coaster, a distinctive retro puzzle platformer.

Discover the latest release from the most influential retro indie game development studio, Arboreal!

VELVET is also a remake of the first game.

All new original songs and improved gameplay!

Also many new and improved features!

Don’t wait any longer and download this new music DLC for free!


Original and exclusive music;

All new original songs from Massive New Krew, an indie indie music producer and 3D artist with a team of dreamers and musicians;

Engaging and challenging platformer gameplay with a focus on time and rhythm;

New and improved gameplay: more powerups and tracks, improved design and balance, and a few new features too;

Fresh new story and secret ending;

High Quality sound effects;

Original pixel graphics;

Beautiful original hand drawn 2D illustrations.

System Requirements


OS: PS4™ (PlayStation®4) 7.1.0 or higher

CPU: Dual Core 1 GHz or higher

Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher

GPU: GeForce GTX® 660 or higher / Radeon™ HD 7900 or higher

Hard Drive: (HDD) 500 MB or higher

Disc Drive: (DVD ROM)






Windows 7

CPU: Dual Core 1 GHz or higher

Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher

Graphics: GeForce GTX® 660 or higher / Radeon™ HD 7900 or higher

DirectX: Version 11

Hard Drive: (HDD) 500 MB or higher

Windows 8





Windows 7

CPU: Dual Core 1 GHz or higher

Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher

Graphics: GeForce GTX®


Capsa – Starter Pack Features Key:

  • Hundreds of challenging levels for every style of gamer! Enjoy the simple yet addictive gameplay and hours of entertainment!
  • Three difficulty levels: Learn to fly, fly away, fly right!
  • Boss battles with unique AI like never before. Can you defeat these evil flying battles?
  • Collectible items, medals, and unlockables! Defeat the enemies, collect the treasures and defeat the bosses to be the best in the game world!
  • Epic single-player and multiplayer difficulty! Participate in multi-player matches with your friends or join a community of players through the Send Games feature.
  • Online Leaderboard and Ranking! Why stay home? Play wherever you want to. Check out the Leaderboards and compare yourself to friends and players all around the globe!
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    Have you been stranded on an island with no food, water or shelter? You suddenly have an opportunity to live on a beautiful island, but only if you choose to catch a certain number of fish.
    The game offers you three different types of fishing games. No problem, you might say, how hard can it be to catch fish.
    Well, you’re in luck, because the fun and entertaining fishing games in the game don’t require any physical effort.
    With the help of our fish-catching motion capture technology, we were able to bring to life the unique character of these three unique plays.
    You can catch fish by simply tilting your device. The tilting movements correspond to the movements of an actual fish, allowing you to explore the underwater world as a fish yourself!
    Sticky flapping fish, fun and games—no more food-shortage or emergency-drinks-burning problems. No unnecessary effort: simply tilt your device like a fish to catch all the fish!
    Play the way you want and be a true master of the fish-catching game!
    ✓ Catch up to 250 fish on three different islands!
    ✓ See a diverse and colorful underwater world with an ocean full of fish!
    ✓ Catch new fish every time you play!
    ✓ Catching all the fish is fun with the tilting motion of your device!
    ✓ Earn all-new statues and prizes!
    ✓ Enjoy the game in 3D and 4D with your own life-size fish!
    ✓ Unlock the Tandem Fish and Fish-Hopping achievements!
    ✓ Play with only your device, or with your device and friends!
    What’s New:
    – New artwork
    – Sticker support for 4D
    * “World Record” title added
    You can also play the game without a controller! You can even play it in 2D if you want!
    Please leave feedback if you like the game! Thank you very much!

    Spotit Games is a mobile game developer founded in 2011 by a group of passionate gamers. We have all worked on AAA titles for companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.
    To date, we have developed some of the biggest hits on mobile and iPad and are looking to expand into the AAA gaming space.

    Ready for


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    If you are having trouble with the videos, please check out this FAQ:

    Don Flatus is a classic arcade game, but I wanted to make the game more than a simple game. I wanted to make the game a sandbox world where players could explore the world and interact with other people who also explore the world. The player must explore and earn money to buy things, but most importantly, to be able to poop. While pooping, the player will feel a certain energy boost and the poop can be used to upgrade the player. But the game can also be played in a single-player manner. The game also comes with various activities, such as leveling up your poop, using it to craft tools, and doing activities in the world like racing.

    This game includes 5 different modes: Poop Hunter, Survival, Events, Quest, and Crafting. The Poop Hunter Mode is the main game mode and in this mode, the player must hunt and collect poop. Survival is a mode where the player can live in the game world and level up. Events is a world-wide event, where the player will be able to challenge others in various ways. Crafting is where the player can craft things to improve their lives, from outfits to weapons. Also included is a Gallery Mode, which is a gallery of various stuff the player can view and download.

    There are 3 main characters in Don Flatus: Poop Hunter, but there are also other characters in the game. The player will earn money by doing activities, such as finding poop, finishing the game and getting achievements. The player can also explore the world and interact with people around them. All of the features of the game are there in this mode.

    The Crafting feature in Don Flatus is pretty unique and unlike any other game. The player has the ability to craft things such as weapons and clothes for him/herself. If the player is happy with the crafting they can also buy things from other players. This allows the player to earn even more money in this mode.

    In the game, the player is going to be exploring and talking to people in the game world. All of the interactions are controlled by gestures, which are movements your camera. There are a lot of different gestures in the game and I have tested a lot of different combinations.


    What’s new:

      ang language

      Ponpuang, also known as Dusun (Dusun: “people of the uplands”) is a Southeast Negrito language of the Austronesian language family spoken by the Dusun people of the Derawan islands, off the north coast of Borneo, Indonesia. There are several geographic dialects of Ponpuang, including Central, East and West. Several other languages also share the same island, although they are not classified as related to Ponpuang.


      Ponpuang nouns and most verbs have a nominal 2 form, and there are 2 variants for each verb based on the location (oral or nasal) of the reflexive pronoun. An example is the following:

      təyi lə,
      təsa lə,
      pəlli lə,
      kiyo lə,
      pəyəyi lə,
      kət̲lau lə

      In the second person singular, the pronoun became a diminutive suffix (-əmi) in the East dialect. The general pronuixation for each variant is as follows:

      People in the Dusun language are like people everywhere, regardless of background, religion or race. Many contribute much of their talents and creativity to the furtherance of their town or social group. It is this creativity that is the main reason for this language’s survival and continued use after European colonization. Without a desire to adapt, the Dusun people were able to retain their language and culture, despite centuries of European colonisation, which left behind several new languages.

      The Dusun speech community makes no use of the writing system created by the Austronesian peoples, instead they use two complex traditional systems of tattoos and body painting. These symbols consist of at least 12 different body shapes or geometric patterns that correspond to basic meanings.

      Geographical and more generally social differences are often reflected in the gender markers of the language. For example, most nouns and verbs are of 2 grammatical genders, where the first person marker is exclusively male and the second person marker is exclusively female. This perspective is shared by the surrounding Javanese dialects, which is the most closely related language of Ponpuang.

      Most nouns consist of either single- or multiple-syllable words. The nouns and


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      The ACO Team is joining forces with fans to bring hidden-object mystery fans’ wishes into this latest expansion, a time-travel adventure set in past times.
      In this latest edition, Ester Ambrose is forced to challenge time itself in order to save the future she knows for herself, her family and all humanity.
      Help Ester save humanity from a world of troubles, together with her inner star and the tools of the past, present and future.
      Use the portals created by Viviana, the Star, to travel through time and meet key characters, but also investigate the time line for other dangers.
      Ester Ambrose:
      Meet the heiress to a line of long-forgotten noble families, and a living legend in the hidden object game industry. Ester Ambrose’s dream: a family line that will not die. But the past does not want to give up her secrets. A lifetime in troubled times, when the world was on the brink of another war, shaped the enigmatic young woman we know today.
      When someone as important as her birth mother, Viviana the Star, vanishes, Ester travels through space and time to solve the mystery and bring her mother back.
      A mystery that will take Ester on a great adventure of discovery, time travel and danger.
      Set in Venice, Florence, Rome, Spain, Greece and Scotland.
      When Time Travels
      When Time travels, you control Ester’s time-line and decide which objects to use to take her on her journey. And you decide which memories she should visit, and which doors to travel through, which adventure to lead her on. Even the order in which Ester takes things can change the story.
      Time means more than one place in Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma. Space and time are being distorted, and the time of change has begun.
      The precious time Ester spends on her quest is what gives rise to the final image on her Time Machine compass: the town gate of Venice.
      What lies beyond that gate?
      The decision is up to you!
      The hidden object scenes, the mini-games and the puzzles – all have one aim: to help Ester to solve the final time mystery of her quest, and save the world!
      Possible ways to play:
      The whole game can be played on one device. You can put the four game modes into your time line. Go back and forth between these four modes or use them all at once.


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    Main page
    a = this.href = chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage();


    • Play now

    • NOW!

    Then the game is loaded from the long url.

    <xs:schema xmlns:ds="" xmlns="" xmlns:


    System Requirements:

    Supported Platforms: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
    OS: Windows Vista SP2/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8/Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel GMA HD (or equivalent)
    Hard Drive: 30 GB free space
    Additional Notes: 2GB RAM required
    Attention, Capcom anti-piracy scheme stuff-ups. While you’re busy trying to sort out your Game of the Year award


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