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– Bullet damage (obstacles, targets)
– Bullet health decrease with the health of the target hit (obstacles have no effect)
– Bullet path (initial and final position in the game)
– Bullet momentum and elasticity
– Accuracy and impact point
– Game loading speed
– Game speed (fps)
– Scores and lives
– Levels of difficulty and enemies
– Bonus points for quickly getting the big target
– Bonus points for the most “minimal” kills
Gears of War 2 (Top game in the genre) is the only sniper simulator that will match with this game.I recently went on a trip to Portugal to help make my new acquaintance’s wedding cake (and I stayed for the weekend!). Every time I go back, I try to do some cooking, baking, or crafting at home. While there, I bought some lovely dried figs and decided to use them in my oatmeal raisin cookies (which is actually a Portuguese favorite, apparently). I had a go at making some marmalade from the figs and fig paste, which you may use in the cookies or as the basis for a cake. It also keeps well in the fridge for a week or so.

Fig paste:

2 lbs dried figs

1/2 cup sugar

juice of 1/2 lemon

boiling water

heat oven to 200 degrees

sieve dry ingredients


grate (not grate through)

mix and cool

spread on a jelly-roll pan (sprayed with non-stick spray) and put in oven (this keeps it from drying out)

just before they come out, remove them and pull them apart

put them in a bowl (with an assortment of other dried fruits to create a fruit & nut bagel, like the ones I made in this recent post)

put them in a jar (like the ones I used for my specialty cookies)

put in the fridge to keep a couple of weeks


The Very Best of Fig Marmalade

servings: 10

prep time: 10 mins

cook time: 1 hr 20 mins

total time: 1 hr 30 mins


10 lbs of dried figs

1/2 cup sugar

juice of 1/2 lemon

(a tea/cookie scoop for evenly sized balls)


Capto: Capture Your Gameplay Features Key:

  • Gorgeous HD Graphics
  • Hand-drawn Graphics
  • Finely crafted Storyline
  • Epic levels
  • Unique new items
  • Action packed mechanics
  • A variety of weapons and equipment
  • Difficult to master mechanics
  • Game full of surprises
  • Strategic Inventory Management
  • How To Install

    1. Download the game from
    2. Run the setup file
    3. Play


    Looks like Lineage 2 is getting a prequel.The game will be based on the folklore of the Pre-Columbus America of the Indian & White tribes.The game promises to have a huge storyline in which will have many characters such as Redskins Indians and more. The prequel names the young America as Tequila Zombies. The game will be mind blowing for its beauty & realism. It will leave you spell bound that you know the likes of hollywood blockbuster movies like James Cameron’s epic diving flick ALIEN VS. PREDATORZ and ALIEN ARE YOU INSANE flick. It’s really hard to be just like this game & game key from the people who have created Red October, Shadow Warrior 2 & & Black Mirror: Ten Thousand Emojis. Lineage 2 is the prequel to the legendary Clash of Clans. The game starts in the land of hunters full of very intelligent people. The game looks really good & seems complicated. It will obviously include a lot of weapons and ammunition to combat the endless waves of zombies. With the help of loot boxes (in game currency), you can unlock a variety of weapons, armors, potable & ammo. This game is believed to be the # 1 best Zombie game in all the App store. This game takes the players to a pre-history where the game introduces the player to a young America where epic battles are waiting to happen. The game promises to be full of unique and mind boggling battles featuring incredible characters. You can collect many different items like potions, ammo & weapons among many more


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    Lady Gaga has released an exclusive, limited-edition collaboration with Ariana Grande entitled ‘Rain on Me (with Ariana Grande)’. Download the amazing new song, and listen to the Ariana Grande vocals: ‘‘rain on me and feel my love rain down on me’’.
    In this art and sound installation featuring the music of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, not only will you get to witness these two divas on stage with their talented collaborators but you will also have the opportunity to listen to the amazing music that was produced for the show! Through the use of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headset you will be able to immerse yourself in the surroundings of the performance and the unique audio-visual experience of the concert.
    Players can look around at everything happening around them during the performance and even look around the artists’ dressing rooms. All this will be possible thanks to the use of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.
    You can also talk to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande and get their view on the show as they explain to you about their live presentation.
    The scene was designed and produced by renowned German designer Sarah-Verena Pohle.
    The last time these two artists were on stage together was for their sold-out show in New York at Madison Square Garden, hence you can also hear some of the songs featured in that show!
    The show features a great variety of different musical instruments, including the Air Slot Machine, the Super Luge and the Super Splurge.
    Each ticket gives you access to two characters and two mini-games.
    The first game you will get to play is the famous Slot Machine game.
    There are ten levels, each one containing a sequence of cards, which you will have to rotate with the stylus to try to guess the combination! If you get it right, you will get to play the next level of the slot game.
    The second game will require some serious skill.
    You will get to play the Super Luge game.
    But beware: it is much more complicated than you think!
    The goal is to guess correctly the combination, like in the slot game, but you will also need to avoid hitting other luge cars, in order to reach the finish line at the end of the level.
    So, if you are the racer who can achieve this amazing feat, you’ll be rewarded with two new characters, in the shape of a lady


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    You are “Seeker Master”. The world is filled with beautiful things, which are hidden in grids. You always need to find them out. The game is amazing! You have to find objects in grids while the clock is ticking. And the process is like a real life challenge of logical reasoning, and you have to be very cunning and swift to find objects.
    The motive of the game is to have the most fun playing Fantasy Match Puzzle, and the most interesting thing is that you don’t have any time limit in the game.
    The fun in the game is in how well you can guess all the objects in the grids. It is a test of your mental capacity and visual skill that requires you to think and use your imagination to find all the objects.
    There are three game modes in Fantasy Match Puzzle: Easy, Normal, and Hard. In Easy mode, you have 30 seconds to find all objects in the grids. In Normal mode, you have 60 seconds to find all objects in the grids.
    In Hard mode, you have 90 seconds to find all the objects in the grids. When you have found all the objects, you can use bonus to get more points. As you play, you will be tested in several skills such as logical reasoning, visual perception, pattern recognition, etc. Fantasy Match Puzzle is a good game to test your visual ability.
    Its objective is to have a good time and improve the concentration power and your stealth and logical thinking. Your enemies in this game are powerful and invisible. They are of different shapes and sizes so you have to use your brain power to guess their most appropriate shapes.
    Enjoy this awesome brain training games.
    Please Give us your valuable feedback on our games. Your feedback is very important for us. Thank you very much!
    This game is designed for entertainment only and is not responsible for any damage to your eyes, hands, or brain.
    To see user’s rating and comments click on the “See More” button at the bottom of the application.
    Fantasy Match Puzzle for iPhone is a free to play, offline game by iGameApps, please download Fantasy Match Puzzle now from the link below. Click on “See more” at the bottom of the application to see user’s rating and comments.
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