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Is there any way to do this using javascript?


Not sure what you mean by what you want to be done here and what you have so far. However if you were doing this in a form then the answer is yes you can do this with the correct client side JavaScript in the form’s onKeyPress event. You can also read more about this in this question.
My advice to you would be to read the link above, understand the questions and answers better, then try and implement that in your context. You may also have to use Client Scripting as you have said you might be doing this with embedded flash (please explain your context).

As for using hidden fields to store the data or a session ID or other user specific data I’d suggest that this isn’t a good idea. The form submitted values are typically sent to a server for processing. If you do it like this it’s quite simple to cheat using a tool like Fiddler and testing the site. If you store the data in a server side variable I’d suggest that the data will be limited to the current session that is why I would suggest storing the data in a form field.


That depends on whether it is talking about normal HTML form submission or if it is talking about what would be considered cross-domain Javascript to manipulate the form in this way.

Cross-Domain Javascript
If I wanted to use javascript to do