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“At times during the journey we got lost and we weren’t sure what the next step was. Even though we could still sense the path, we didn’t know how to read the map anymore. But even in these moments we understood that we were on the right path, as we felt our feet walk the very same path as the heroes before us. The game is not about the journeys, but about the sight-seeing. The game is about the path, not the destination.”

—Asa Mona, Megatect co-founder and game director

“The use of teleportation has been a centerpiece of storytelling in fiction for a long time. In games, it’s usually a last resort at best, a crutch instead of a storytelling tool. But in Megatect, this tool becomes the story itself.”

“The foundation of the game is about recreating the story of a destroyed civilisation of a lost world, but by standing on the shoulders of giants, seamlessly blending in with their experiences, forging a new narrative.”

—Asa Mona, Megatect co-founder and game director

“Megatect is more than just a game, it’s a game engine that gives us a very low-poly style game engine to make use of the freedom of teleportation within a larger, more epic scale.”

—Asa Mona, Megatect co-founder and game director

“More than exploring the world of an unknown civilisation, I want to go to the depths of the human soul. To help us reach that further than ever.”

—Asa Mona, Megatect co-founder and game director

About The Workmen:

“You are the workmen. You will explore a world that has lost all ties to humanity. You are left alone, alone on a planet with no other connection to the outside world. In the dark night you will sleep. In the deep that the dying planet needs. In the daylight you will hunt.”

“We didn’t want to do the normal fantasy hero thing where you hunt monsters and save the city.”

—Asa Mona, Megatect co-founder and game director

“You don’t run through the corridors, you walk through them. They have all been destroyed and when you


Features Key:

  • Can even be used by kids to self-amusement.
  • Providing 8 different challenges for you. To free your nerves and to enjoy the game.
  • Touch is easy to operate, and your senses are not touched, but it’s not for music lovers.
  • A game mode for players over many skill levels.
  • FAQs:

    • Can the game be used with the Mac
    • Your feedback is very important to us. Please contact us if you do not get the response you like. Although it is not the first game, which was supported within months after it is first published, but still without any infringing. Please kindly do not send us any DMCA notices because as you can see, we have taken complete intellectual property protection.
    • How many opponents are we provided in the game
    • How to play the game
    • How long is it going to take to train your skill
    • Can I cancel the game if I do not want to play
    • The number one scoring question
    • We have generated several of the advantages of our experience to the game, you have created a score after training in each game mode.

    App Screenshots

    App Store Description

    Road Rage is a driving game that requires you to be alert in a real racing car. No punking around, cause this is a real action game. Grab the steering wheel and start the engine to get the adrenaline rushing.

    Turn on the ignition, press the gas, and thrill around a race track. You can handle all the different events depending on the way you want to play. Are you patient to come in first, or are you


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    Proving on-road and off-road riding on your Husqvarna FC 350 MT, you’ll surely enjoy the exceptional riding experience! See the local sights from a whole new perspective – the saddle-jumping feature is there to boost the fun!
    A vibrant recreation of the real Husqvarna FC 350 MT
    On-road riding, off-road riding, off-road stunt riding, and the signature saddle-jumping feature are all recreated in this game
    Enjoy riding with your friends in the high-res, real time gameplay and have fun!
    The game uses a realistic avatar with a believable world
    The terrain is modeled from real-world locations
    Wide variety of terrain features and landscapes
    Climbing over rocks, bridges, underpasses, and more
    Take your ride to the next level by upgrading your experience by riding more efficiently and mastering special skills
    Experience the thrill of riding your FC 350 MT on a challenging off-road course, over surfaces that are never created on-screen!
    Stunt tricks, stunts, and loads of off-road driving fun
    Saddle-jumping to change the game’s perspective and see the landscape from a whole new point of view!
    Fun and exciting game play that you can enjoy with friends!
    Experience the thrill of riding your Husqvarna FC 350 MT and appreciate the unique detail of the saddle-jumping effect!
    Explore a wide variety of terrain landscapes in a realistic setting, and experience the thrill of off-road riding!
    Experience different riding conditions and come face to face with obstacles.
    The atmosphere of the bike in this game is just like in real life!
    Watch the scenery change as you are riding your bike!
    Capture your own off-road shots on your Husqvarna FC 350 MT and share them online
    Load and control your ride in real-time, as if you are riding on a real Husqvarna FC 350 MT!

    Additional Notes:
    Pre-purchased content can only be redeemed on one platform at a time, but the additional content can be used on all other platforms.
    When you purchase the DLC via PlayStation®Network, a message will appear on your PlayStation®Network account, asking you to confirm your purchase of the DLC. This confirmation can be completed by going to your “My Downloads & Streaming” section on your PlayStation®Network account. After the purchase is complete, your DLC will be added to your “My Download List” within 24 hours of purchase. Your DLC will


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    published:13 May 2018


    This video shows how to perform a basics surface search for a lost or missing aircraft in a 2D environment…

    published:22 Apr 2013


    My recent trip to Hawaii was a beautiful escape, but being a coastie I couldn’t wait to get back in the water. Lying out there in the ocean just watching beautiful skies and watching my drone go by was just breathtaking. It’s a skill that is difficult to find at an affordable price. This is a must have for all RC models. I can’t wait to go back to the water in the LHSD after taking a couple days off.

    Dragon Leg Diving 北京话语字幕(非官方高清字幕)

    Set on the remote island of Bali, Indonesia, a handful of religious divers from opposing sides had been living peacefully, for years, in harmony, despite their persisting differences. When a great spiritual leader, a fish shaman, vanished without a trace, the global non-government organization (NGO), “CESNUR” agreed to help the investigating team examine the island’s caves. Together, the team discovered a hidden evil, poised to destroy mankind. Written by The Co.Exist

    In Atlantis Rising, instead of the Atlantis legend, you take on the role of a treasure hunter. The player dives to the ocean floor and uncovers large ancient artifacts they must dive with as they journey through the series of sunken ships.

    Deep ocean exploration to locate a sunken treasure ship in the ocean (oil rig). The old oil rig at the bottom of the ocean has been sitting in one piece for close to a decade…So why is the government afraid of this sinking ship?

    You may also enjoy watching this video back-to-back:

    World’s Largest IndoorUnderwaterDivingScience Museum:


    What’s new:

    ” mod, would like all the information to be easily discovered. This includes recent comments, setting information, and links, as well as the latest server load for the realm, amazing items, recent events, etc. For all of the following information and content, please update it via in-client tooling to separate its footer and then by sending a blank email to the server team, at:

    If you don’t have the time or don’t feel like hunting for the information yourself, don’t worry. The server team is always here to help you, and the following step-by-step guide will help you look for and make use of all the information that you need to make this the best realm ever:

    Right click on “seacreature” and click “Mods/Repairs”

    If this is the first mod/repair you’ve opened in the client, you will be taken to a messy backlog of mods/repairs. You want to search through this backlog to find all new essential data.

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and look for the heading “Recent Changes” and then the list of mods/repairs. Find the mods/repairs from your organization. Some organization names have more than one category, such as “Sosaria Battlefields” or “Ravenholdt.” You want to look for any that have been submitted within the last week to give us time to look into them before the server actually releases.

    If you see one you’re unhappy with, you should click on the “Close tab” on the right side of that mod’s name, and then delete it. If you simply go on to the next one, you’ll be missing out on important information.

    Find the names for your “Mighty Gemstones” mod. You will see the name of your realm’s search and server page.

    [screenshot=5] Find the results where it says “Search for servers.” Just click on the link and search using any name. It should pull up the server’s MP settings and rank if it’s a new server.

    Once you’ve found the search you wish to use on the server, you want to click on the name on “Search for


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    Behind the Horizon is a story driven role playing game with farming, living and working in a 3D open world environment. The game uses real world mechanics and is inspired by natural phenomena and biomes to create a living, organic world.
    The story is told over 5 chapters, each one of them containing 2-4 hours of gameplay. The game has more than 50 hours of gameplay (more than 24 hours of storyline, around 30 hours of grinding and testing and 10 hours of exploration). The world constantly changes, producing new events and quests as it goes.
    The gameplay is mostly based on survival and crafting. At home on the farm, you can grow crops, raise animals and cook food. In your travels you can find new crops and animals, make potions, potions and even new spells.
    Your role is to explore the world, learn new skills and search for items.
    This game is not a mindless simulator, but a role-playing game. It also does not have just entertainment and idle time, there are huge dangers in the world and the main goal of the game is to survive and become a strong, independent farmer.
    As the atmosphere is reminiscent of RuneScape, the game mechanics are based on the Worms series.
    • Farm / Explore / Survive
    • Masterful crafting
    • Three different types of gun
    • Equip different weapons
    • Distinct 3D farms
    • Customizable animals
    • Find new plants
    • Learn many different skills
    • Explore the caves and dungeons
    • Try to survive in the dangerous wild areas
    • Decorate your farm
    • Grow crops
    • Raise animals
    • Cook
    • Make potions
    • Trade
    • Build new furniture
    • Cook food
    • Create alchemy objects
    • Speak to characters
    • Talk to people
    • Make group decisions
    • Fight together or against each other
    • Find a way to survive
    • Take your time and enjoy the story
    • New technologies, quests, regions and many more secrets to discover
    The Game World:
    The World of Behind the Horizon is a living place. It is the first open world game set in a living nature simulation. The Biomes in which you will fight for survival are dynamic, changing over time and presenting you with a completely different world every day. Some biomes can be explored with unique challenges, others are barely accessible to you. Some biomes are filled with creatures, others are home to no life whatsoever.
    Each biome has its own storyline, and the world


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  • Download the setup file of “Zen Chess: Mate in Two” from .
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  • Open the setup file to install it.
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to install the program.
  • It’s the decision of the users themselves to select an output folder. To keep it as default, please don’t bother here.
  • Restart your PC for using this program.
  • Enjoy it!
  • Zen Chess: Mate in Two

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    System Requirements:

    Win 7 64bit
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Processor: 2 GHz dual core processor or equivalent
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Video: DirectX 9 Compatible
    OS: Windows 8 or later
    How to Install – Free Download
    PATTERN 2:
    How to Install