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Wednesday, July 30, 2006

this is an awesome show that repeats every sunday night at 7:30 in the morning. each week the show is hosted by raphiel joseph, and each week it’s most likely a guest someone is touring the shores or on summer. The only other rule: unless otherwise noted, the show is NOT filmed live. which means it’s recorded. it’s also really fun to watch because there’s some very interesting exchanges between the guests. I can’t wait to hear this show.Most of us have seen those spy photos of the next G650, GS and GS1000 and wondered if it would make it to market or if it’s really Suzuki’s plans to make a GS successor to the 12-year old model. Well, it seems that what was once a mere rumor is fast becoming a reality; with Suzuki USA and India CEO, Steve Ettari, confirming the next generation of their dirt bike will debut in 2017.

It seems that Suzuki already has the GSV1000 on the design board, and Ettari confirmed that the next generation would make the bikes lighter, cleaner and more affordable. He also confirmed that Suzuki Japan plans to bring the 2019 motorcycle to market. He confirmed this while discussing the new 2019 lineup of Suzukis over lunch at the National Harbor in Maryland.

It is interesting to note that the Suzuki GSZ1000 was originally unveiled in 2016 with a base MSRP of $10,999 in the US and $11,499 in Australia. Since then, the MSRP has been reduced to $10,990 in the US and $11,299 for the Australian market. The price of the GSZ1000 is not expected to be reduced for the Australian market. A GSX1000 R model with ABS and TFT display is expected to debut in the US sometime in late 2018.

Ettari confirmed the launch of a 990cc engine in the 2019 lineup, and possibly the MSRP is also going down. The new 990cc is expected to bring about a 15% increase in power and an 8% increase in torque from the current Gs1000. It will also have

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