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Welcome to Krystopia, a world you’ve never seen before. There is more to explore than meets the eye. But first we need to unravel the mystery of the planet’s sudden total silence.
From a small science vessel, there is no response when Nova Dune calls for help. Despite this critical situation, Nova believes that there is a way to save the ship and she volunteers to investigate the unknown area.
She finds herself upon a mysterious planet and must discover the reason behind this quiet world and the need for assistance. Can she find the solution to save the ship?
The puzzles are ingenious, the game is challenging and above all fun.
We hope you like Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey!
– See you onboard in space!
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Talvez você precisou de um tempo para descobrir seu próprio estilo.
Por um tempo, acreditamos que você descobriria quando achar, mas você não está lá.
Este não é o fim do mundo.
Receba a nossa empresa e outros estúdios e jogos quando sair a política de privacidade.
Um jogo que nos adoramos.
Hoje a Nova Dune leva a sua corajosa abordagem ao ponto de descoberta, onde encontrará a nossa propriedade com base no livro do planeta opaco.
E, finalmente, nasce Krystopia, um cenário para o jogo.
O arquétipo mais longínquo da humanidade, Nova Dune adormeceu quando recebeu a mensagem de alerta estranho em seu navio.
Ela resolve se desvendar o mistério por trás daquelas terríveis terríveis locais de futuro.
A Nova busca a resposta para salvar o navio.
Nova, um explorador espacial em sua busca pela ignorância do sinal de distúrbio recebido no navio.


Features Key:

  • BiG Toy Story World, Golden Apple Games
  • Upgrade into combat-ready™ ninjas with awesome costumes and special powers
  • A variety of themes, from Africa to Eastern and Western Europe
  • Combat monsters in the digital environment of Blendo Studio™
  • Get the Blendo Toybox Workshop with many new objects and displays, including Breakthrough Items and a Comix Revolution.

Total Carnage 2

Total Carnage 2 Review Version:1.3.0 Game key features:

  • Download Total Carnage 2 for free. Develop new pain-imposing vehicles, such as the HP Bomber, as you conquer the Earth.
  • Build or destroy remote bases. Defend them against all enemy attacks.
  • Destroy everything to build more powerful vehicles.
  • New ‘Science’ upgrade system™: master the enemy’s weaknesses to save the planet from doom.


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Welcome to Blobworld!
Your body… sealed inside,
bursting from your stomach!
Choose your stage to begin the adventure.
The Invasion has begun!
Commence the boss battle for ultimate power!
“Meow, who dares to start a fight with the Queen?”
Dodge, shoot, and blast your way through alien hordes of germ-bots!
Your brain will keep you alive.
Fully-lit, high-res graphics with 3D models.
Listen for the intro song and dance!
(Only available for devices with a headphone jack.)
Team up with your friends!
Recommended: 4-6 players!
Cures and upgrades are scarce.
Upgrade your units to fight in large-scale, multi-stage battles.
Supports the 2.3.7 version of the Unity engine.

Thanks for playing – we hope you enjoyed it!

For any bugs or suggestions, please email Rob, Jonathan, or Rob’s sister (Jenny) at: jnk[!at]

1.0.1 – Added Pre-Cast Letters – added skull, for users with the Amnesia (Netherworld) mod installed.

1.0.1 – Fixed a bug on MacOSX where a plugin would make a game crash.

1.0 – Initial release of the standalone game.


Note that this is a work in progress, and we are looking for feedback on whether the game plays “funny” or “fun”. If you are a Blobhead you will probably enjoy this game, but if you hate Blobheads you may not like this, so please give us a chance!

Note that the quests are disabled until we add something similar for the sequel.

We hope you enjoy this game, and we have more planned for the future! We would also like to thank wierdling for hosting the project on github (particularly for the nice sprites he made).

1.0.3 – Fixed a couple of kinks with the movement code – particularly things with sliding should work better.

1.0.4 – Fixed a crash bug on startup when the SimUi option was not enabled in the prefs screen.

1.0.5 – Fixed a bug with the delay between user control and shooting.

1.1 – The game now supports the Amnesia (Nether


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It’s a Yahtzee-like game with a little twist! Eat all your way to the top in the Di-Da-Dobble leaderboard ranking.
Castles, Worms, Snacks, Presents, etc.
– Collect various orbs on your way up.
– Open Presents in special areas to get special orbs.
– Eat as many fruits as possible.

Di-Da-Dobble Pre-Order now and get high-quality items like early access, the main game (est. v1.9.5) or even a art pack!
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If you don’t have a Di-Da-Dobble account yet, create one (it takes just 2 minutes) and get ready for the new adventure!
Step by step Tutorial to play :

Love spending time playing puzzle games? Sometimes, those puzzle games with cute and relaxing graphics are exactly the best, so a game like that could be perfect. As we just recently had a double issue, we decided to send out a small surprise to our lucky players!
We are happy to inform you that we have reached the silver supporter badge on our patreon page.
This is a small reward, but it’s a great thing!
You have reached the silver supporter badge on our patreon page!
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Part 2 of the tiny destroyer arcades series from Retro Game Arcade.
This time, you get to play as Sybyl from Contra, one of the original platformer legends and super star!

Set in an alternate universe where superheroes have been outlawed and are hunted down, Two-Brass-Boys is a first-person survival horror game that is heavily inspired by hyper-violence of the classic Commando and Duke Nukem games. Players will be able to develop their own superpowers to fight the enemies throughout the game.

All you need to do is download “Digital Combat Simulator 2.0”, install it and then run the game.
After downloading


What’s new:


Echoes in Whitechapel is a hardboiled detective story written by Walter Mosley and illustrated by Ben Baldwin. First published in Black Mask Magazine in 1971, the novel was later expanded into the 1973 film of the same name and adapted as a second-season episode of The Wire. Echoes is loosely based on the infamous Jack the Ripper murders of the late-19th century, featuring characters that Mosley and Baldwin adapted from Victorian sensational novels and newspaper accounts. The story also features a gangster named Razor Simon who was a character introduced by Black Mask for Mosley, and who would return in Mosley’s later novels Devil in a Blue Dress (1984) and Brother Westenra (1995). Echoes is Mosley’s second published work, first being the novel Devil in a Blue Dress (1965). The work inspired director Alexandre Rockwell to direct the 1973 murder-mystery thriller, and it was also referenced in the 1973 blaxploitation film Blacula by director William F. Claxton. Echoes in Whitechapel became one of the first works of media to utilize the “U.K.” time setting.

Plot summary
In 1870 London, murderer Jack the Ripper is rearrested on the eve of his conviction and execution, after police accidentally kill a woman who was involved in the Jack the Ripper murders. During this time, a young Philadelphia Black man named Devil begins to seek revenge on the white people responsible for his imprisonment and being killed.

At the end of the book, Lucille Brown, plays the character of the Polly Chapman, who is part of a romantic triangle with Devil and Camden “Cammy” Graham, Jr. Detective Cyrus Somerset of Scotland Yard is also a candidate in the elections of the fictional Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, which leads to the murder of his associate, Inspector Ladislas Grimes. While patrolling during an election rally, Somerset happens upon Devil and a “little girl and some meat”, being dragged off-roading by two Black men: Razor Simon, as his henchmen, and Cyrus’s daughter Beatrice. While the little girl and some meat in Razor’s car is washed away, the men are startled by Mrs. Margaret Graham, a member of the Graham clan, whose husband is Mayor of Philadelphia, and who has recently been widowed; Beatrice recognizes the girl as the daughter of Camden Graham (whom she saw at the British Museum) with whom she has been acquainted since childhood.


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Life in the aftermath of the Great Dungeon War is difficult. In the capital, the king’s advisors accuse two factions of hiding the tomes of the elements from the imperial city. Two groups attempt to save the empire and unify the country, but their rivalry and deep personal differences threaten to tear them apart. You, as a royal alchemist, choose sides, influence the power struggle, and gain the reward of your choosing – by making a different choice each time you replay the game.Your Role:First you build up your crew, take on quests, and slowly forge bonds with characters in the capital. As you visit each major capital, your ability and influence is raised, allowing you to do more and gain more options.
Your Goals:You work towards completing the secondary goals you set out for yourself at the start of the game. Whether it’s to complete quests or certain levelups, you can choose to instead collect something – either material, reputation or chance cards. You must also reach the level cap to unlock new crafting abilities.
The Great Dungeon War:The Great Dungeon War was a series of battles that occurred on the outskirts of the capital between two main factions: the Guardians, who wished to put an end to the centuries of strife between the lowland kingdoms, and the Mages, who wished to reignite the war so they could enrich themselves with the artifacts of the pre-Dungeon War Era. Though the country was split apart, the capital city of Taverley was protected and fully equipped to continue being a major city of trade and culture.
The Dungeon War was the basis for most of the battles that went on in the capital. A freeform battle system would result in a chaotic mess, but the battle system we created is designed specifically to let you fight a large battle in a way that makes sense.

1 Year, 250 pages of in-depth information!

A detailed in-game guidebook with multiple playthroughs

Detailed character info for all crew members and each of the 64 factions in the game

All of the hand-drawn concept art for the characters, enemies, items, and bosses in the game

An all-new intro cinematic (concluding with the all-new ending scene), making it literally the only thing you’ll need to unlock after the final quest is done

Source Code now lets you customize the perfect version of Royal Alchemist! Experience the game in any order you want, select any dialogue choices, and see the story from any character’


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    System Requirements:

    Minimum Recommended Requirements:
    OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1
    Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K
    Memory: 6 GB RAM
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD HD 7970
    DirectX: Version 11
    Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
    Input: Keyboard and Mouse
    If you have any questions or problems regarding this release of X Rebirth, feel free to contact us via our forum, our Facebook page, or our Gitter.


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