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Treasures of the Aegean is a sumptuous puzzle adventure game set on a Greek Island that thrives on dreams and myths.
Stripped of the modern distractions you find in the world today, you’ll embark on the journey of your life, enjoying the tranquility of nature and the romance of woodlands and seaside scenery.
Treasures of the Aegean is the first game from Company of Heroes studio, Ukraine.
Taking inspiration from the alluring mechanics of classic puzzle games, Treasures of the Aegean tries to convey the feeling of exploration through a beautiful environment. Solving puzzles, exploring caves, interacting with characters, and uncovering ancient secrets await you in a mysterious village of the Aegean. You will get lost in the stories of an island with a dark and fascinating past.
With its intricate puzzles, sound design, and tranquil music, Treasures of the Aegean is a timeless and musical adventure of discovery.
Release Date & Pricing
Treasures of the Aegean is currently in development and expected to release on early 2018. Pricing is expected to be TBD.

Key Features

Beautiful original soundtrack

anatomical character animations

interactive storybook

colourful and varied caves

multiple endings

original on-screen text and voiceovers




Interactive FictionPuzzlePoint & ClickDetectiveAction






Treasures of the Aegean Info

Treasures of the Aegean Info

Gather gems and discover secrets as you start your journey. It takes a hero, a heart, and a soul.

Lose yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of a Mediterranean island in this adventure. The village of Valamidas will take you on a journey through an enchanting fairy-tale.

Discover your adventure with a captivating tale. Discover the secrets of the island with the help of the player hints and mini-games.

Get lost in the atmosphere of this mystical world. Relax as you experience the calm of nature and wonder at the charms of a mythical world.

Think for yourself. Challenge yourself in puzzle and find-a-treasure games.

A world in your hands.

See the world from a new angle. When you open the map you can access the environments from


Community College Hero: Trial By Fire Features Key:

  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer – Local Game – up to 4 players
  • Online – up to 8 players – de facto standard
  • Graphical – ultra clear resolution and detailed terrain with lots of details
  • Easy to use with intuitive as well as powerful controls. No need for a manual
  • CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTOPAINT included
  • "The Big Cheese"
  • We believe that the player who gets to the end of the game first is the player with the best average results

  • Game Information

    • Developer – Kalypso Media
    • Publisher – Circle of Games
    • Platform – Windows PC
    • Genre – Simulation game
    • Goal – The Big Cheese contest

    How to get the key?

    Send an email containing the following information to to get your key!

    • Your name
    • Personal information (Name, address, date of birth, date of registration etc.)
    • A check
    • Please be sure to clearly indicate whether you wish a personalised key or not for the key
    • Good luck!

    Region Restrictions

    The game is available in several regions. You will have to enable local playback before you can download the game. Only after that you will be able to enter the download web portal.
    To download the game, you have to change your region in your browser to Region and Language > Region and Language Settings.

    <img src="


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    The Fabled Woods was always going to be a frantic adventure with a frightening twist. I wanted to present a world so heavy with atmosphere that it would scare even seasoned players and I want to keep that in mind when playing The Fabled Woods.
    The goal of The Fabled Woods is to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Fabled Woods, an abandoned forest situated in the middle of a rural village. Players can go exploring the world of The Fabled Woods with any type of character from a scholar to a homeless person, and with or without a companion. At the same time, we are creating a fully immersive and atmospheric experience with the game so that players can still be immersed in the world even when not interacting with it.
    How do you get to the bottom of the mystery? By throwing yourself in the world and exploring all the mysteries of this forest!
    Mage, loremaster, ranger, scholar… the choice is up to you!
    Who knows what’s waiting for you in the dark when you finally enter the abandoned forest?
    No loading screen, menus, or dialogues
    Classic FPS controls (Arrow keys to move, Space to shoot, Mouse buttons for alternate actions)
    Single player: customize your character, explore the Fabled Woods, and fight along the way!
    Multiplayer: support for up to 4 players!
    Player-made stories with custom endings!
    7 original tracks from a mix of Mexican and Argentinian musicians!
    Discover the “Fabled Woods” (2 different maps)
    Explore the forest, mountains, and deep caverns! (map screenshot below)
    Teach and fight! (depending on your class)
    Find useful and valuable resources
    Equip your character with whatever you want!
    Bonus: two other map layouts for the second dimension! (screenshot below)
    The following tips might help you in your quest:
    -There are a lot of items that can be picked up throughout the forest
    -If you don’t equip your weapon and you run out of ammo, you can use the butt of your gun to use as a melee weapon!
    -The “Arrow Keys” menu gives you access to all sorts of different actions (like using the left mouse button as a wrench to open lids, or right click to change weapons)
    -You can activate the “character menu” to change your character
    -You can find out how to access all these special features in the manual
    This is


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    Author’s Notes:The story is set in a fictionalized Germany of late 19th and early 20th century. It takes place in a milieu of things that are near-future like central heating, outdoor toilets and bicycles for daily transport, as well as more distant like burning oil as energy source. The characters can be classified as late 19th century but the story takes place in the years of World War I, so some of the cultural attitudes are different. On the other hand, though there are references to the later 20th century, many of them are fairly outdated, e.g. characters take cigarettes for granted.

    A lot of references and specific details in this story refer to things that have happened to the author in real life.

    The story begins with the main character of the prologue getting a terrible and painful wound. He is being hospitalized and luckily is not completely insane. He starts having visions of his family, both dead and alive. He is able to identify the very last living member of the family, his mother, and he starts following a neuroscientist trying to discover the reason for the schizophrenia that is befalling the main character. While they are at it, they study the causes, effects and therapy of schizophrenia and try to prepare for an upcoming experiment, the Sigmund Model. The main character eventually becomes an unwitting test subject for this experiment.

    Sigmund Model:

    Schizophrenic characters are genetically altered by a special virus that is designed to create a few dozen schizophrenic super-soldiers. The virus is transmitted through skin contact, and only schizophrenics who have a blood type A can accept it. As the virus is hereditary, the subjects are born schizophrenic, but not before the symptoms are almost perfectly controlled by the doctors for several years. After a few years, the subjects develop some secondary problems. They have some memory loss due to the constant contact with the stimulus the virus causes, and their immune system is no longer capable of fighting viral infections, which are rife in the population. The citizens are not infected with the virus, but they’re treated with the same treatments the subjects get, as well as similar tests and analyses, but on a smaller scale, in order to protect their citizens from the unnecessary mental manipulation of the government. The subjects are really dangerous, the soldiers are not so, but a lot of them are abused and feel unworthy. Since the subjects have been genetically altered, they never stop being schizophrenic, and become dangerous when they get out


    What’s new:

    South Ural Mountains comprises different separately public terrain expansions. After a lot of work and testing of later releases I’ve found this release to be a carefully measured quality level. In a nutshell you will have to drop your 3 cameras onto the exact point and as much people as they can.

    About the South Ural Mountains DLC: “This DLC gives you the opportunity to transport more people than you think you could in a single spirit world!”

    After you installed the South Ural Mountains DLC you should connect to a multiplayer game. If you have not yet created an account then please register. The game starts without an informed players, but yet again after a few seconds a die roll has arisen and so have your computers HCD (Host Control Device). The MMD will activate and very shortly you are presented the high chance to choose who your connection partner is among the millions of players already active. I encourage you to play the whole map with a friend here. Experienced players will notice that there is a risk of disconnection because of high requirements, don’t hesitate to contact me via Steam which my contact info is in the description.

    The HCD is integrated in the game, but if it´s not running yet you will see the following message:

    So please restart your HCD if it´s running and start the game. After a few seconds your host (MMD) should be fully operational!


    First of all setup your 3 cameras on the exact point given by your host (MMD) by stopping/highlighting them and rotate them until completely aligned. You need to look right and left in the direction of west and southeast respectively. If you skip this step the map layout will be as pictured in the second image but with the three cameras misaligned.

    If the coordinates are right in the game there should be no LOS issues at least according to this screenshot taken with a 90cm lens on a 30cm zoom:


    Transporting single people:

    When a host places a person to an area then teleport at the first point where the person is invisible. If you explore the location as is it might appear to be completely empty. But as soon as you teleport to the first LOS sight of a person you will get an icon in the middle of your minimap indicating a person.

    If you want to move a single person use the character control key (~). If you want to re-center the camera


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    – No Gameplay Limitations: Make your character as tall as you want, or as short as you want; drape yourself over a vehicle or fight off deadly creatures from all angles, be it in first or VR.
    – Explore Far and Wide: 16km² of a beautiful island to travel across, with a deep, rich story and a main quest line.
    – Deep Submersible and Helicopter: Use submarines and helicopters to explore the ocean, and dive for the expedition. Work as a team to access areas normally unreachable, or go off on your own to find the pieces to restore the sensors.
    – Drive Out in Style: Explore the rough and rocky coast of the island, and unlock and customize the vehicles to fit your style and play style.
    – And More!
    Follow the story with a rich and lush storybook, learn the mysteries of the island through the island guides’ information, see different endings to the story through the research data, and get some useful hints on the back of the game’s box.

    This game features a “buy-to-own” activation code (provided in some pre-orders) that allows you to unlock online-play and be able to move forward in the story at any time.

    Thrown into the
    Mysteries of Isle Vatra, you take control of Kelly Cator as she tries to find a way to
    rescue her missing friends. Armed with her trusty metal suit and knowledge of the
    mysterious world around her, she has an insurmountable challenge to survive and
    defeat. Explore the beautiful island and collect useful items to restore your metal
    suit. Can you beat the villain, discover the missing and fight the madness long enough
    to save the day?

    Key Features:
    •Explore an unusual world, find useful items, solve puzzles and find the answers to
    the island’s mysterious past.
    •High-resolution graphics and awesome physics based gameplay.
    •Fight monsters, solve puzzles and unlock hidden secrets.
    •Experience an action packed adventure.
    •Try the different endings by unlocking the different parts of the story and explore
    the island.
    •Solve puzzles to unlock items and continue the story.
    •Forge your metal suit to craft items and upgrade the suit to help you defeat the
    •Battle monsters and take them down with any kind of weapon.
    •Unlock the different areas of the island


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    System Requirements:

    * Dual core processor
    * 1GB RAM
    * 3GB free space
    * OS: Android 4.2.2 and up
    * Transfer speeds and data rates may vary based on device, plan, location, browser and connection speed. Some features may not be available. Data charges may apply. Available in the US only.
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