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Published: July 20, 2022 (4 weeks ago)


Name Con Amore
Publisher quinkar
Format File
Rating 4.65 / 5 ( 6459 votes )
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In the year 1989 an ancient evil rose from the ninjas’ tombs in Japan.
In its wake the legendary ninjas went into hiding, but one of them, Joe Kage, who was known as the Ninja Specialist, refused to fade away.

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Name Con Amore
Publisher quinkar
Format File
Rating 4.65 / 5 ( 6459 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Ability to use your own data and use your own research.
  • Auto-generation of missions.
  • Easy research for “Items” (including specific weapons), weapons technology and expertises.
  • Detailed description for every weapon and technology.
  • More than 140 missions to choose from.
  • More than 100 challenges to create (Covers single objectives, multiple objectives and various missions challenges).
  • Fluid GameFlow: After choosing a challenge you are presented with a number of options:
    • Choose your own team members
    • Choose your own mission type
    • Full details on the challange
    • Choose if you need to be “friendly” or “hostile” for the mission.
  • Current 4 major and minor factions are fully useable.
  • Cutscene animations like in a role playing game.
  • Localisation in 35 languages
  • Easy to create and use
  • Rewards are all using Token system.
  • Automatically save after loading.
  • Modern “RPG” GameFlow.
  • Better graphics with hand-drawn sprites and more intense action.
  • More free time to create more interesting challenges.
  • No long loading times.
  • No cutscenes.
  • No “DM” like stories.
  • General notes:

    • No


      Con Amore Torrent For Windows

      After your training in one of three branches of the British Armed Forces, you received orders for Special Forces duty, based in the Middle East.
      You were assigned to the 22 Special Air Service to join a team that specialises in reconnaissance and counter-terrorism. In the quiet of the mountains, you hunkered down until the order came: “Get off your asses and let’s go”.
      Once you had been designated the “One” and chosen to take part in the mission in Africa, you found yourself at the epicentre of the action. You left the “very busy” operations room of the PMU and stepped onto a Libyan airfield. It was a balmy night and you looked down at the Hercules transport aircraft, readied for its next mission.
      With confidence from your training, your role here was to shore up the front-line troops. You were ordered to reinforce a small British-led force, but you found yourself looking at the main (Somali) battle, 30 miles from Mogadishu. The officer in charge of the battle seemed reluctant to let you join them but you’d soon see why.
      Your Mission:
      On one of the most sensitive missions ever known, you were going on a mission that is believed to have influenced events around the world. The US and the UK were walking on a knife edge of conflict in the strategically vital region of the Persian Gulf, with a hotly-contested election in the Gulf states and the Iranian government facing growing unrest. With a mission to “Set the Scales Straight” you will be an aid to coalition forces, and make the right decision at the right time.
      Based on the real-life events of Operation Barbarossa, based on the historical periods of the “Scramble for the Persian Gulf” the Sandbox series pits you in the cockpit of a diverse set of military aircraft. As an exchange pilot you are offered the chance to pilot the best of Britain’s Air Forces as well as the best of the US 7th Air Force. You will be able to choose the best of each branch of warfare to fulfill your role, while fighting alongside and against enemies who use the same tactics.
      Here is a glimpse at the key missions in the Campaign:
      You are on a mission to clear mines from the Persian Gulf oil wells.
      The helicopter is painted bright yellow and features an array of landing lights around the entire machine.
      You step out of the helicopter and make your way


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      What’s new in Con Amore:


        Product Info

        Product Description

        Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt 3 by The Phoenix Foundation

        In the future, girls are bred for one thing: breeding. Their mothers are either dead or murdered before they have a chance at life. Their fathers are often murderers, rapists or overthrown military leaders. Only a few are given the chance to lead a life as a princess, because the system is dying, and they deserve a world full of new life. Luci & Lillia are sisters, the only innocent friends to each other’s sides, but have lived a lifetime of pain together. They are the Princess Remedy girls. And, now, with the dark wrath of the Phoenix Foundation in their backs, they must fight to lead their lives to their fullest potential.

        Ripped from their own past, one light and one dark, Luci and Lillia are thrust into a future from which neither have ever had a dream. A world of misery, danger and danger, and from this world, Luci, Lillia and their friends make a choice. Will they save the world they’ve always known, or save themselves?

        If you like my work, please consider purchasing my books. I’d greatly appreciate that, and can tell you are supporting someone who’d like to support me. :)

        Two of their closest friends, Sin and Casper are taken away from them. They have a mission to fulfill, and no one can see what it really is. Is this the end of their journey?

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        New Content!!



        *FINALE* Chapter 22

        Luci sighed. After school had just finished, all the kids ran to the parking lot to start their shuttles. The milk truck would be arriving


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        Kobojo’s action-adventure puzzle platformer Wisdom Quest: The Lost Tales (世界に求める知恵:シドゥアの軌跡 /Wisdom Quest: The Stolen Destiny of Sidualu) was released in Japan on May 21st, 2018, but even though it didn’t release in North America or Europe until this month, it has already made a huge splash on Steam, where it’s achieved some great sales numbers.

        Now, that fast-paced action platformer full of puzzles, hand-drawn art and ridiculous tunes is finally available to play on your Switch system!
        You play the role of Waluigi as he dodges and dashes through the game, often using mushrooms and mines to destroy most of the architecture and monsters in his path. Along the way, he encounters lots of puzzles that involve him extracting items from his enemies, like mushrooms, boats, ghosts and cars, or even forcing entire floors of the buildings to fall on top of enemies. It’s all very funny and light hearted, with some weird and wonderful twists thrown in for good measure.
        There are also a number of great tracks that have been made specifically for this game’s soundtrack. This includes a cover of the cult classic theme song from Pac-Man, made famous by the Persona series, the World Famous Luigi theme song and a track from the anime series ‘Overlord’ – the theme song for this particular anime series also incorporates other vocal elements from the show that make for a fantastic listen!
        Your beloved id Tech 5 engine powers this game as it did a million other games made in Japan before – so if that’s your cup of tea, then you’ll have a lot to love here!
        But if you want an adventure in the Lupin III universe, then this game is for you too! These adventures feature some of the most famous Lupin III characters, like Lupin III, Goemon and Fujiko Mine, but they all have their own personalities and there are even some ‘winking’ moments as you’re having to solve a challenge!
        If you’re looking for a great action platformer to keep you entertained on the long commute, then this game is perfect for you!
        It’s been years since we’ve seen a good action-platformer released in Japan,


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