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Name Conduct DELUXE!
Publisher Admin
Format File
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1) Story and theme: The main character Selena has been captured by a fiend, and she is being held in a castle. The witch must be freed.
2) Gameplay: This game is a roguelike platformer with RPG elements! Play through random worlds of dungeons and collect items, gold and skills.
3) Music: This game has two main sources of music: classical and chiptune! Classical music can be played from the beginning of the game to the end. You can also use the gamepad as a controller for your headphones if you do not want the game to be interrupted.
4) Graphics: This game is played from a side-view perspective. It is a platformer with a dark theme, but a twisted and absolutely extraordinary universe!
5) Leveling: With a leveling system there are many rewards to collect and unlock. Also, the enemies will follow a pattern and therefore, you will need to improve your skills to be able to play the game more easily.
6) Stats: There are many stats that you can collect and level up. Each of the skills has its own stat.
7) Store: There are many things to buy in stores. Some of them give you special bonuses, or helps you to reach your goals.
8) Free to play: You can play this game for free, without any limitations. You just need to buy the game once, or play from your steam cloud.
9) Items: You will have to look for many things in your journey to kill the demonic creature and be able to defend the earth. You will find many items that will help you to kill enemies, or to avoid them.
10) Difficulties: With the free version of the game, you can switch the difficulty of the game. There is also an option to change the length of the game.
11) Permadeath: Of course, this game has permadeath. If you die, it is GAME OVER, and you will need to start the game over again to make it to the end.
About The Music:
Title: Dialogues Etudes, Valse Caprice, Adagio
Title: Leonora No. 1, The Forsaken Bride, Part 2, Chasing the Sun
Title: Esfinge, the Flower of the Dance, Gnomen, The Hunt
Title: Andante, Elegy from The Past
TITLE: Concierto em favor de J.


Conduct DELUXE! Features Key:

  • Multiple roles;
  • Unique seasonal events;
  • Purchase new equipment;
  • Tailored clothing for all your characters;
  • Upgrade weapons and weapons racks;
  • Get the golden dagger, exclusive for the Tailor Pack.
  • Gameplay

    The Tailor Pack adds all playable characters from the existing Special Weapons and Tactics package to the current player class.

    This bundle includes all the existing weapon racks as well as a set of new weapons:

    PAYDAY 2 Tailor Pack Game Key Details

    Collaboration Armor set

    • Unique seasonal costume based on Platinum gear type.
    • Armored upright motion.
    • Cloak.

      Can be combined with the previously purchased Head Hair.

    Class exclusive Head Hair

    • Unique seasonal hair with hat animations.

    Class exclusive Microfiber Eyewear

    • Fifty per cent decrease in Refractive Index.
    • Dark amber color.

    Class exclusive Casual Wear

    • Negative Weight effect.

    Class exclusive Heavy Duty Pant

    • One of the warmest styles available.
    • Stretch material and added protection.

    Class exclusive Cape

    • Decoration based on the Native-American headdress.
    • Can be decorated with feathers.

    Class exclusive Wallet



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      Conduct DELUXE! Free X64 [Updated] 2022

      Single-Player Rework/Enhanced:
      Play Anywhere:
      Cross Play:
      Gran Vitreous:
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      My Opinion:
      So far I can say, that the game has its strengths and it’s weaknesses. The graphics and audio are rather good. Also the level design seems to be rather well done, and since you can change the screen res and even sync to your local music CDs it should be said that they did a good job there. But it’s hard to feel any excitement for the game because the story is weak. I just can’t see what is going on, I don’t care for the plot at all. So overall I have to say that it’s ok, if you’re looking for a fairly cheap shoot’em up without too much effort, but if you’re looking for a serious shoot’em up there are much better and cheaper games out there.

      i had a link to download it at some of the forums and as i was going through them it wasnt there, well i was looking at it at igameshop just click buy and download it at no extra charge, if this link ever goes dead you can also search for it on google, i’m not happy to report this. but its because of something i have to keep to myself, its not like i want to harm the game, but a few people i know keep trying to pirate it but not get it, well i have a feeling


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      The Game and the Book

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      The level determines the amount of bonuses: none, a single bonus, a minimum of 20% improvement on a stat, or a maximum of 30% improvement on a stat.

      The latest blessing gives you the limits: 10%, 10%, and 20%* of improvement on the Stat of the skill respectively.

      *The Scion bonus only applies to items that are used to buy it. At least two Blessings (in


      Free Conduct DELUXE! With License Code [Latest-2022]

      • IF YOU LIKE SPACE SHIP CRUSADER OR SPACE HANGAR CABINS type of games you might like this one too!
      • This game is designed to play in short sessions of 3 to 5 minutes and from time to time in longer sessions if you desire.
      • You can pause the game at any time and come back later on if you miss something.
      • The soundtrack was composed with the help of the fantastic glasswing7 on Soundcloud
      • To get more information about the game, its soundtrack and release date please feel free to follow me on twitter @trevstolper or to contact me directly via e-mail.
      • The original idea and concept for this game came from my love for video games and outer space, so I wanted to be inspired, be it directly or indirectly.
      • Please like the Facebook Page:
      • This is not an endless runner or a platform game.
      • I think it’s important to say this, because a lot of you might have fallen into the trap that it is.
      • It is not a blend of both.
      • Please like, follow and subscribe.
      • I hope you will enjoy this amazing experience.

      If you liked previous adventures, please share it with your friends:

      Rate your feedback or report any issues here:

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      How To Crack:

    • Prerequisites:
      • Load up the ‘games’ folder. It should be beside the exe on your desktop.
      • If you already have the game and its files downloaded or if you’ve
        downloaded the you should be good to go.
    • Download the file and open the file ‘game_exploit.reg’. This
      one’ll do.

    Download WPATOOL (Windows Patches and Tools)

    • Prerequisites:
      • Windows XP or 7 Professional.
      • A version of the game that supports patching.
    • Download WPATOOL:
      • Just run the exe file. You should then get a dialog box letting you know that this is a custom version of the game.
        This means the game is already patched and you don’t need to patch the game.


      • Setup the patch for an US keyboard:
        • Open ‘WPATOOL.ini’:
      • Determine your target audio/language and put a checkmark in ‘keyboard’:
      • Change keyboard in CORE conf and save. Make sure to save this to a
        different name than what it says on the file.

      • Exit WPATOOL


    Got Questions Or Need More Info?

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    System Requirements For Conduct DELUXE!:

    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 10
    Minimum specifications:
    CPU: Core i5
    RAM: 8 GB
    HDD: 25 GB
    GPU: Intel HD4000 ( integrated GPU )
    More recommended specs:
    CPU: Core i7
    RAM: 16 GB
    HDD: 30 GB
    GPU: NVIDIA GTX 870M or AMD HD7870M
    When you install this game, there will be a huge install size, so this game will require at least:
    CPU: Intel Core i