by salell
Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Crack Easy Word Recovery 2.0 [NEW]


Crack Easy Word Recovery 2.0

Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2 does the scanning for you, and gives you a snapshot of the files. Just look through the recovered files, and you will find out which files you need to recover. After selecting a needed file, you can restore it to the default location. You are just one click away from recovering deleted files!

To be more precise, Ashampoo Photo Recovery can recover: documents, presentations, images, spreadsheets, work history, e-mails, web bookmarks, and other data stored on different storage devices. This program is so smart that even deleted photos and videos can be recovered.

You can even preview the deleted files before recovery. It will be easy to find the needed files. You can recover files with any file extensions, like txt, docx, xlsx, xls, pdf, rtf, tif, png, mp3, wma, wav, avi, mov, mpeg, jpg, jpeg, gif, psd, ods, odt, odp, pdf, and more. Ashampoo Photo Recovery can recover lost photos from image, graphic, or sound files. It can even recover files from all common operating systems and from external drives, SD cards, USB flash disks, ZIP disks, mass storage devices, media cards, and hard drives.

The data recovery process is very simple: you can scan all available partitions and volumes by choosing Quick or Full scan. The program can scan partitions on hard drives, file systems on external and internal drives, and it can scan SD cards, iPod, Iphone, and other mass storage devices.

The recovered files are not only scanned for errors and other inconsistencies, but also under the hood. All files and files properties are checked for consistency and even the Windows Registry is scanned for any inconsistencies, which may indicate a security breach or potential virus infection. Keep your data safe and recover your files with Ashampoo Photo Recovery.

The second example demonstrates how the module can write out hashes by hashcat compatible formats, and contains a hash_to_crack (hashcat format) and hashcat.exe command that can be used to crack the hashes. Another example demonstrates how to write out hashes by the John the Ripper compatible format and contains a hashcat2.exe command that is used to crack the hashes.
It must be noted that the module only tries crack hashes that have a success probability of over 50%. If the module is searching a local database of passwords, hashes with over 95% success probability will also be attempted, but if the hashes are found in an external cracking program, then only the weakest 50% of hashes will be attempted.
The password_decode() function decodes a UTF-8 encoded CWE-68 encoded string into lowercase bytes and returns a clear text hash for the password. The function currently does not check for the total length of the encoded string, or the length of the decoded string. Please note that the function currently only works for local user accounts, and that it is the responsibility of the cracker to ensure the user who has the password provided to cracker has access to the actual password. It should also be noted that this function is useful in dictionary attacks only.
The password_get_passwords() function will retrieve user and group passwords for a list of user accounts. Users and groups are returned as a dictionary, where each string element of the dictionary is the user or group name, the clear-text password, and the hash of the password.