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If your beard has stopped growing in size or shape for whatever reason you will need to alter the ways you look after it in order to get back to an ideal beard growth state. When your beard is growing normally you know exactly what needs to happen, the beard growth will keep at a steady pace and there will be little to worry about and no direction to alter. When it slows down it is time to read up on everything to find out what is going wrong and how you can remedy it.

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If the beard does seem to be growing in uneven patches you will need to use a beard comb to straighten it out. Once you have combed it out you will need to make sure it is very well conditioned. Beards can get dry and hard if neglected. This will cause itching and rashes under the face. Use plenty of moisturizing cream to help keep the beard soft and to prevent dehydration.

A very common problem is that the beard is not growing anywhere near fast enough. When this is the case you will notice bald spots growing between the beard hair, this is because the hair follicles are not producing enough hair. If this is happening you will need to adjust your diet and exercise routine in order to get things moving. Eating healthily by avoiding junk food and more vegetables and exercising by walking regularly will help to keep

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