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Name DCS: P-51D Mustang
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Chapter 1: Crash Landing
The heroine of the game, Sylvia, was traveling on a plane to a faraway destination. Suddenly the aircraft crashed and Sylvia was thrown out, and now she is on the lonely island. In her bag the heroine has nothing – only her cell phone. As soon as the emergency call is answered, everybody understands immediately that the plane has crashed, and some help has to be requested. But where is Sylvia? Now she is on a dangerous island…Chapter 2: Making a fire
Do you know that on an island no one can eat? You have to hunt and collect firewood to create a fire.The zone of fire is a place where the game is much more interesting and exciting. It is impossible to live there. To find firewood you can use a shovel, a pickaxe or even a mallet. In the zone of fire you have to use all the time. And the firewood is useful for making a fire, cooking and cleaning.Chapter 3: Hunting
Is it not so, heroes? We have to find game for food on the island. But it is not easy to find food. The hero has only her cell phone with her. If you have found a place near your footsteps where a rustling sound can be heard, then it is a perfect place for dinner. On this place you can find many different animals. And if you are lucky, you will find food.You have to hunt animals: rabbits, frogs, lizards and more. You can use spears, knives, swords and clubs. The more animal you kill, the more money you will get.Chapter 4: Water problems
The hero has to find water on the island. But that is a very difficult process. There are some springs which are located in the wilderness, but they are hard to find. Finding the spring is very difficult. Make the game more difficult by yourself, and do not be afraid of being caught by the enemy. But you should be ready, because that may affect your survival. Do not let the enemy capture you, and try not to get caught by bears or a fox.Chapter 5: Searching a place for shelter
Do you know how to find a place for shelter? In this game you have to explore the whole map to find a place where you can not be discovered by enemies.So, go exploring the area where all the indicators are red. Try to find other survivors. They will help you a lot.Chapter 6: Defending a shelter
Are you a great


Features Key:

  • Five mini games:
    • Interactive 3-D Rally Championship Auto Drift
    • Interactive Nascar Bomber/Car
    • Moto GP
    • Shark Jumping
    • Super Sonic Car Race
  • Classic wooden track racing
    • Arcade genre
    • Very high-class graphics, 720p quality

Platform has been updated for 2013!


  • Five mini games:
    • Interactive 3-D Rally Championship Auto Drift
      • One of the fastest cars in the world on the beach!
      • Crazy way to take corners on the track!
    • Interactive Nascar Bomber/Car
      • Take off in your dream supercar!
  • Moto GP
  • Shark Jumping
  • Super Sonic Car Race
  • Classic wooden track racing
    • Arcade genre
    • Very high-class graphics, 720p quality


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    This is a top-down style first person shooter game. You are in a randomly generated city.
    You can explore through the city, find supplies, enter houses with interior for keep yourself warm, and fight zombies with your weapons.
    Find what you need and fight against zombies.
    How to Play:
    Press A and W, D and S, A and Z, and Arrow Keys and use mouse to control your character. Aim and shoot the zombie with your weapons. Collect weapons and supplies.
    Arrow Keys: move your character
    A: look around and move your character
    S: move to the left side, fire your weapons
    D: look to the right side, fire your weapons
    W: jump
    Z: attack
    How to start:
    Press Shift + Enter to start the game.
    The game end if you die 3 times
    Help & Tutorial

    Zombie Hunt, A Top Down Game

    33,033 total views, 4 views today

    Last updated on: May 4th, 2017 at 10:25 am

    Tired of zombie games with static start points, searching the nearest houses with interior, or simply throw zombies on you in a given area and kill them one by one?

    Zombie Hunt is a new game that lets you explore a randomly generated city and make a great zombie hunting at night.

    There are many free-roam action games on the App Store like the game Earth Defense Force, which is similar to this game. This game is more similar to the retro-game of Pac Man, where you hunt zombies with guns. You can challenge the level of difficulty by collecting more weapons and supplies.

    In the game, you will be hunting zombies with your weapons at night, during the day time, and during the rainy time. The weather patterns can affect the zombies, so try to plan well your hunting strategy.

    There are many weapons to help you fight against zombies. Some of the weapons have their own unique feature, that let you handle zombies in a better way.

    Find enough weapons and supplies to survive on your hunting missions.

    About this Game

    Zombie Hunt is a top down action game, where you need to fight against zombies and collect weapons and supplies during the night.

    Your zombie hunting mission will be randomly generated, you need to find what you need while hunting zombies, and plan your hunting strategy in advance.

    In the game, you will


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    The background is made to be used in games that are in an urban environment.Game playable at:

    Story of the setting:The place we call present is the star-crossed world that Haldar, who controlled the world, and his people rule over.The posterity of Haldar have resisted to the world, hoping to reach the mythical “realm” in the heavens, but the world changed and now, the world is awash in blood.The celestial realm in the heavens is as desolate as the world below, and none have eyes to see.So the people of the world call it “the darkness”, “the sky” or simply “sky”.But for those who know, it is the “Celestial Realm”.The people born in this age are the descendants of Haldar, and there are those who see “the world” as their own, and those who are indifferent to the fate of the human.To the people who have lost, the celestial realm was a great paradise.There is a legend that in the beginning, the world was born in the heavens, and only those who have attained the primordial buddha-like stature could see it, but Haldar took control over it and ceased the world from spreading.Then, only those who have reached the “Celestial Realm” could see the world.However, there are those who have not reached.Furthermore, the world has been engulfed by the darkness.At that time, a boy who had been separated from the Celestial Realm and was wandering in the darkness for a long time decided to return home in the end. That day, he grew up near the star we call “Haldar” in the celestial realm.In order to fight the darkness, he gathered the descendants of Haldar, and formed a group that has been named the “Celestial Realm Guardians”.Then, the fate of the world was changed and a new era for the people began.Omaeha’s story……Omaeha is Haldar’s descendant.Haldar, the Celestial Realm.Haldar, the Celestial Realm.Haldar’s descendantOmaeha, Haldar’s descendantSo, the story of the world continues, with the


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