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Proteus is an ambient ‘survival game’ that forces you to solve its puzzles cooperatively, learning to track and hunt your way across a randomly generated island. The artwork is hand-crafted and the sound design is many years in the making. Proteus is an indy game with indie ambitions, made in Perth, WA.

A collection of ‘pool-spikers’, Miasmata, created by the original eXistenZ team (Mobygames link), is a lot of fun, and totally worth looking into. If you’re a fan of Myst – or Arkane and Arxan games as a whole – you’ll love it. If you’re new to the genre, look for the demonstration software on the eXistenZ page. The game is free to play. I’ll be posting a review shortly.


Featuring A.L.O.S. — A Laser Oscillator System — invented by early computer pioneer (and Howard Aiken’s academic advisor) John Atanasoff, the A.L.O.S. generated the world’s first practical digital electronic binary computer; calculations were performed based on binary hand-counting and a tape-driven magnetic drum memory.

Advanced Strategic Operations, an early state-of-the-art modelling and simulation game for the IBM PC, was a game that featured a machine generated world, for which a human player had to establish, manage and defend supply chains. To achieve this, the player had to handle any amount of resources that were available (oil, fuel, people, goods etc.), as well as allocate them to a myriad of logistical and military priorities. Obviously, the more complex a world is, the more difficult the game gets.

In 1992, a group of friends in the United States adopted a fan-inspired name — Atari Corporation — and created a new subsidiary company, Atari Games, Inc. Within a year, their first game was released, called, Commander Keen.

The wonderful dark-purple-haired teenage loner — uh, hero, we might say — Bill was drawn into a covert government-sponsored planetary defense campaign to save the human race (or just ‘the human’, in galactic civilization) from a mammoth alien attack force. Commander Keen and his hard-working assistant (the computer) guide Bill into the enemy’s territory, destroying innumerable


Features Key:

  • Brand new Diver DLC
  • Play as Dusk Diver 2, a brand-new diver that originally starred in the Sun & Moon DLC
  • If you purchase the dive DLC separately, it will also be discounted
  • The newest addition of Dusk Diver 2 DLC is set in the beautiful tropical Cebu!

    Exclusive Swimsuit Swimwear Set for Dusk Diver 2

    Victorious Collection of Swimsuits for Dusk Diver 2- PS4 and XboxOne

    The Summer Season is finally here!

    This set of exclusive summer swimwear was crafted exclusively for Dusk Diver 2!

    Set of 4 Swimsuits:

    • Spoiler Swimsuit x1
    • Luxury Spandex Lingerie Swimsuit x1
    • Cool Beach Paradise Lingerie Swimsuit x1
    • Elves Swimsuit x1

    Set of 6 Swimsuits:

    • Spoiler Swimsuit x1
    • Spice and Saree Lingerie Swimsuit x1
    • Cool Beach Paradise Lingerie Swimsuit x2
    • Cool Beach Paradise Shirt x1
    • Tropical Paradise Prom Dress x1

    Play as the girls with excellent fashion sense!

    Bonus: Once you beat the Aquarium, you will be rewarded!

    Now Available!

    Available to purchase:

    • PS4/XboxOne:
    • Dusk Diver 2- Diver 2 – 6,094 PL


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      Navy Seals are trained to kill, but, with the odds stacked against him, Navy Seal Billy Ford has just one goal: survive!
      Embark on a bloody, bullet-fast, third-person Shooting Gallery, that takes you through ultimate gunfights across various locations of the Wild West.
      Like the Old West, you’ll use a variety of weapons to dispatch the bandits, protect the citizens, and save Sunset Bluff from destruction.
      So strap on your six shooter, load your bullets, and let the action begin!Mentoring is one of the most important things you can do for children with disabilities. It can mean the world to kids with special needs. In this class we will teach you the importance of having a mentor. We will also teach you how to nurture and develop a child with a disability into adulthood. This course does not hold for adulthood only. This course will teach you how to handle disability issues with empathy and compassion.



      Sick of being made fun of? Welcome to this class. In this class we will teach you the fundamentals of being funny. From the first joke to the last, from the 1st joke to the last you will learn how to be funny. You will be engaged for hours!!!



      Entertaining and interesting for all age groups! Welcome to the main course for those with little ones. Entertaining and interesting for all age groups! From birth to 18th, teaching the art of being interesting.



      Entertaining and interesting for all age groups! Welcome to the main course for those with little ones. Entertaining and interesting for all age groups! From birth to 18th, teaching the art of being interesting.



      Unintentional Discrimination is something many of us face as humans. It is something we all have to deal with but we don’t always know how to take it on. This is a class designed to help you deal with and see the impact of this problem. We will be talking about adults with disabilities and the impact it has. We will discuss the legal aspects of the law as well. All of this will be done in a practical,


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      28-11-2018 – at east of Algoa Bay and Leniko, a GP60 loco will appear for a while. Click the loco to apply to it.
      26-11-2018 – at the route “Cape Town – Port Elizabeth – Cape Town”, a GP60 will appear in Frere.
      25-11-2018 – at the route “Cape Town – Richards Bay – Eastern Cape – Cape Town”, a GP60 will appear in Lekkerwater.
      26-11-2018 – at the route “Port Elizabeth – Richards Bay – Eastern Cape – Port Elizabeth”, a GP60 will appear in Nelspruit.
      22-11-2018 – at the route “East London – Northern Cape – Kimberley – Dordrecht – Cape Town – Port Elizabeth – Richards Bay – East London”, a GP60 will appear in Kimberley.
      21-11-2018 – at the route “Northern Cape – Kimberley – Dordrecht”, a GP60 will appear.

      To do & Ideas

      This is an early pass to how it might work.A series of minor additions, data tweaks and enhancements during the initial development stages will create a complete product that will remain popular for years to come. These additions will focus on the Northern Transvaal and Cape Fold mountains areas of the North Eastern Transvaal, making it easier for simmers to access that area.

      Added a smaller Durban depot and a smaller coastal town (Kalk Bay) just outside Cape Town to compensate for a lower population in the Western Cape.

      Trains are the heart of any large-scale train simulation. They are more difficult and complex to create and maintain than a factory, or the railway infrastructure. If you want your game to stay alive for years, then invest in a number of high-quality locos.

      An additional design element is the lack of schedules. Train depots are busy at night, and that schedule is left to the programmers. Depots won’t have an allocated timetable – you can access them at any time. Locos themselves are subject to these rules and work under strict time constraints. This is how it should be.

      All in all, we are getting a much better value for money than before. I am looking forward to your comments and suggestions. If you find this content helpful, please share it and encourage others to join us for a great time of learning and fun train simulation.

      Thanks for visiting


      What’s new in Death: The Ascension Soundtrack:

      The Highland Warriors are a Scottish professional basketball team. They play in the Scottish National Basketball League (SNBA), which is the highest tier of basketball in Scotland, having moved up from the Scottish National League (SNL).

      The Warriors are based at the Drill Hall in Inverness, and they also make regular appearances in London. They are the reigning National League champions.


      Before the inception of the modern Scottish game the majority of clubs played what was then referred to as ‘hard ball’ and played against the other members of the ‘League of Scotland’ in the Scottish Cup competition. To keep the title of winner at the end of the season, to add some spice, as they were also members of the International Amateur League, which means they did not have to play in the few more recent years during and after World War II, they played exhibition matches to other nations. Games against such opponents include an encounter against the South Koreans in 1952 and the British Lions in 1956. Clubs which did not return to the Scottish League in the 1970s, were replaced by what was then known as the SNL.

      The first championships for the successful Veteran teams began in 1972, when the SNBA and Fife District entered 8 teams from their respective leagues in the Scottish Knockout, this was a feature of the League of years 1972–76.
      1971–72 Veteran League Champion: Aberdeen Eagles [21]
      1972–73 Veteran League: Aboyne Leopards [22]
      1973–74 Veteran League Champion: Aberdeen Eagles [21]
      1974–75 Veteran League: Edinburgh Celts [20]
      1975–76 Veteran League Champion: Grangemouth Saints [18]
      1976–77 Veteran League Champion: Aberdeen Eagles [11]
      A handful of other teams played in the 1972–76 season. These included Gartshore.
      The early years seen a hard contest for the top honours as the Veteran League Champion was often decided on a single game final.

      The eight teams contested the league championship in 1982.
      1979–80 Veteran League Champion: Elgin Eagles [23]
      1981–82 Veteran League Champion: Fort William Leopards [24]
      1982–83 Veteran League Champions: Aboyne Leopards [15]
      1983–84 Veteran League Champion: Elgin Eagles [13]
      1984–85 Veteran League Champion: Fort William Leopards [19]
      1985–86 Veteran League Champion


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      Slash up and battle your way to freedom with a massive arsenal of weapons and awesome enemies.
      The blade is in your hand, you’re ready to adventure.
      – Advanced story driven game –
      In a world ravaged by wars and monsters, humanity has found a new hope: a powerful sacred sword.
      This hope could be the last to defend mankind from the horrors that surround them, because as the world is torn apart, the population of humanity dwindles, and the fates of the races diverge.
      The human race turn to science to make the sword, and weaponized it is unleashed on the world.
      – High quality art design: Weapons & monsters –
      With its shiny blade and bone bonanza, this sword will enthrall you.
      Weapons and monster have been hand-painted in vivid colors, they are all designed to be easily recognizable and look awesome.
      The world of Ivalice, where the story takes place, has been completely redesigned and redesigned with dazzling sophistication.
      Special high-quality animation and detailed graphics have been captured to bring you the splendors of this world of magic.
      – Styles of combat –
      Choose from a plethora of weapons, from battle axes to holy blades, and switch between them as you fight.
      Each weapon has its own individual style, and each style of weapon allows you to play the combat in a different way.
      Characters all have their own idiosyncrasies, and these will change dynamically depending on your weapons.
      – Brutal combat system, with the power of magic –
      This is a hack ‘n’ slash game where you always fight on your feet.
      Whether you are fighting for your life, in pursuit of a girl, or pursuing a goal, the combat system in this game has an intense feel.
      At the beginning of the battle, you will be able to use the (default) cast spell, but you won’t be able to find other spells until your weapon level improves.
      There is no such thing as a weak spot in this game, so there is no point in using a weapon with a low level.
      You must keep your weapon at a high level so that you can cast its magic weapon of light.
      Even when fighting with the hand-to-hand combat skill, you can prevent the enemy from casting spells or getting off a hit and use them to your advantage.
      If you can’t hit, you die.
      There are various monsters with unique abilities, but


      How To Install and Crack Death: The Ascension Soundtrack:

      • How To Install The Game.

      • How To Use Game Hacks.

      • Game Downloaded From Official Website:

      • Requires.Net Framework 4.0, you must read notes, I have tested on my Windows 10 :D

      • Product Link:

      • How To Install:

      • Game Features :

      • Brief Description :


      System Requirements For Death: The Ascension Soundtrack:

      The minimum requirements are:
      CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3GHz
      RAM: 8GB
      GPU: GTX 660
      DVD-R or USB Stick: 8GB
      HDD: 5GB
      Time to complete a tutorial: 12 – 16 hours
      To be as future-proof as possible the game uses DirectX11, therefore you should be able to run the game with any DirectX 11 compatible graphics card and be able to play it for years.
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