by rechan
Published: November 20, 2022 (1 week ago)

Dell Inspiron One W01b Sound Drivers [PORTABLE]


Dell Inspiron One W01b Sound Drivers

Hook up a little sd card onto the Inspiron and its read and write speeds are slightly faster than those of a similar 1gb card. Over time however the write speeds on the sd card eventually drop to a bit over double the read speeds. Same amount of gig for the same amount of time. Anyone got any tips on this?

I hear 3 yr old speakers can be repaired for like 2 bucks (?). I hate to see that they can be repaired so cheap for such a mass produced product. Does anyone know what the components are that make a speaker sound good? Also, if i upgrade to the 1tb ssd can i still use the optical drive?

I bought a new netbook with a 1.3ghz atom CPU, 1gb of memory and a 500gb hard disk and i experienced a problem and was told by the laptop technician in the shops that its the ram and the CPU not working. So when i bought a new 2gb ram and a giga of other ram with the same CPU on a different brand, the problem disappeard. The only problem i had was with the sound card, this is because the sound card was only a 256mb. After replacing the sound card and the ram the sound on the netbook is fine. The same computer with the same ram and different sound card stops working sometimes. I think its a problem with the sound card maybe? If somebody knows what the problem with this netbook is, please help me!

If you work in the tech field, you may know the feeling when you have problems with a particular piece of equipment, and you call the support line and no one ever answers. The worst case is when you call support and a representative tells you its a software or hardware issue. If its a hardware issue it sounds like that the technician in the shop is qualified to perform the repair.

When I upgraded to Windows 7 my sound stopped working. I tried replacing the new sound card with my old one and I still had the same problem. A test on the forums that I did found that my laptop still had a driver from Windows XP called Intel HD Audio. So I tried to install that and that did nothing. I then tried to change the driver and nothing happened. I tried removing the driver and everything that said it was removed re ran the audio test and still got no sound. I then booted into Windows XP and tried to use the troubleshooting option and I got the same message that the sound card was not plugged in.
2 months ago, my wife purchased a new dell inspiron one with windows 7 operating system. It had no problem playing video, but no sound. So I checked the sound settings, and found that the ‘enable audio output devices’ was checked, and the output was set to integrated audio. I un-checked it, rebooted, and it worked again. I am glad that all this was quick and easy, because my wife was about to kill me!
I just upgraded to windows 7 and the internal speakers/headphones arent working. I have the part numbers for my motherboard and asus g23u, and cant find any sound driver to install for them, anyone help please?
I have an dell inspiron one laptop that I upgraded to windows 7. There are no sound drivers installed and I am having trouble finding them. Do you know of any that I could download and install? My laptop is fairly new.
While, at first glance, the Inspiron 3000 Series notebook may appear and function as a single processor notebook computer with only one battery, all such computers include a Dual Channel Technology (DCT) battery which provides two batteries. With DCT, your notebook will continue to operate on the second battery for up to 15 minutes while the first battery dies or is removed from the notebook. Therefore, the same charge that would have taken about 10 minutes to charge the battery alone will now take only 10 minutes to charge both batteries, which is twice as fast, This is a world-first technology and has set the standard for fast battery recharge rate for notebook computers and makes the Inspiron 3000 Series the first notebook to offer what is often referred to as the “best of both worlds” When used in conjunction with the Dell Power Manager suite of power management software, DCT provides maximum battery life up to ten times more than the average notebook computer. For more information on Dell Dual Channel Technology (DCT) please refer to this link